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Brondes Ford on Secor     I had a rather unpleasant experience with the Service Department last week. Anyone else have a bad experience with Brondes? Just Curious.
created by stooks on Sep 02, 2014     comments: 3

Looking for regional vacation options for a friend     Hey all A friend is looking to give her husband a very specific gift for his birthday, but she's having a hard time finding it. He has expressed that his perfect vacation would recreate what it was like as a kid to stay at a cabin in the woods on a ... more>>
created by upso on Sep 01, 2014     comments: 3

Petoskey Gaylord Getaway, need advice     I'm cross-eyed from looking at hotel websites. Some of the customer reviews are so demoralizing! I'd like to visit Petoskey, MI this fall, go elk watching in Gaylord for part of the time. Interested in scenic drives, lake views, looking at rocks, eating where the locals do ... any advice ... more>>
created by viola on Aug 30, 2014     comments: 4

Catacombs at Toledo Memorial Park ?     Does anyone know about the catacombs ? And no, I'm not talking about the Catacombs coffee house/teen hang out (wink wink) that was on Main Street in Sylvania in the 1970's. (For those of you like myself who remember that place, you will know why I say wink wink, it ... more>>
created by foodie88 on Aug 29, 2014     comments: 6

Why Toledo Blade?     Since when is discipline automatically a news item? I have no clue who this lady is but this seems really dumb that The Blade feels they should right an article on this. I am not sure what is worse. The Blade for writing this or Perrysburg for reprimanding her. ... more>>
created by Molsonator on Aug 29, 2014     comments: 13

Toledo City Council approves sewer rate increase... $78 more every quarter!?!?     Toledo City Council today voted 11-1 to approve new sewer rate increases for those in the city. The new rate plan calls for 7.1 percent annual increases through 2019 and a 7.9 percent increase in 2020. By 2020, average homeowners in the city defined as those who produce 3,000 cubic feet ... more>>
created by Walleye419 on Aug 26, 2014     comments: 15

Luca County Job & Family Services     Have any of you been stuck on Monroe Street about 4:30pm when one of the Sheriffs pulls out and stops all the traffic to allow every one of the cars in the Luca County Job & Family Services parking lot to leave? It took 7 minutes yesterday! I feel this ... more>>
created by LoveToledo on Aug 26, 2014     comments: 5

Legal escrow refund question     I have a question about how to deal with an attorney who is giving me issues. I have just wrapped up a divorce that there is about $4500 in escrow that is owned to me. My attorney is refusing to send me the cash because he claims that there may be ... more>>
created by bobo on Aug 26, 2014     comments: 21

Why does it bother me?     I brought this up on my Facebook page after reading it on one of the news sites and I got some answers that really didn't mesh with why it was so bothersome to me. "Does anyone else find it odd that TPS would host a welcome back to school party ... more>>
created by ToledoLatina on Aug 26, 2014     comments: 12

IPhone wet inside     Crap. Had my iPhone sitting on the counter. Mr Gamegrrl put the bottle of Windex on the counter. Apparently bottle of Windex has a pinhole leak or something, because there's Windex all over the counter AND inside my iPhone. WTH do I do?
created by gamegrrl on Aug 25, 2014     comments: 16

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