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Weather Discussion - May 2016     Current Weather Streaming Radar (during severe weather only) Current Surface Maps North Webster AdvisoriesCleveland Advisories Visible Satellite North Webster, INPontiac, MICleveland, OH Severe Weather Information Day 1 (Today)Day 2 (Tomorrow)Day 3Days 4 through 8 SPC Mesoscale Discussions & SPC Watches SPC Mesoscale Analysis - SBCAPE & Moisture Convergence ODOT Cameras I-280 & I-75I-475 & US 23I-475 & US 24I-280 & ... more>>
created by JustaSooner on May 04, 2016     comments: 1

Remote IT Jobs     Anyone know of any places that offer remote IT jobs, pending they move within x time? Good grief I considered 40k low. But I recently received an IT job interview for a job at the WV capital for 30k!!!@ for a Sys Admin IT manager position. Easily 80k in Toledo. Honestly if ... more>>
created by INeedCoffee on May 03, 2016     comments: 2

Food Kitchen     Big news in Toledo today, old Macomber site will be open as a large restaurant for the poor. I would expect those headlines in 1933, not today. State grants, yes your money. No indication if employment services will be at the door to guide the people toward a job. Between ... more>>
created by Nyse on May 03, 2016     comments: 8

Front Street and such     I've been thinking of Front Street from Consul out to the Port after seeing some pictures on line of the area. I wonder how many people worked along that street back in the day. I worked at the AMSHIP twice. There was so much activity with the flour mills, shipyard, ... more>>
created by rch101 on May 03, 2016     comments: 5

Seagate Center.     The Harry Kessler Convention Center : too big for small conventions , too small for big conventions. We knew that from the "git go". If I recall correctly we were backdoored on that white elephant. I think it was on the ballot and voted down , but our elected officials ... more>>
created by marving on May 03, 2016     comments: 10

Local Piano questions     I'm in the market for a piano. Probably going to buy a digital but looking for full size. I have a full size digital right now and it's about shot and I'd like something a little more modern with a UBS port. Any recommendations on local retailers? I know Sam's and ... more>>
created by jamesteroh on May 02, 2016     comments: 4

NW Ohio BBQ spots - any recommendations?     With nice weather around the corner for the season my thoughts have turned to good barbecue. I LOVE barbecue! We have a number of good ones locally. I am sure that there are many more that I need to try - for scientific purposes of course! What are your pros and cons ... more>>
created by shamrock44 on May 02, 2016     comments: 10

Cars for Work and Taxes     Hi, I accepted a new job offer and one of the requirements is that I have a car. What can I take off from my taxes of the expenses of gas, insurance, car payments, etc? How much would I be allowed to use it for personal use?
created by ilovetoledo on Apr 29, 2016     comments: 3

Pete Culp threatens to beat up Port Authority Chair     This is really unbelievable. Bernard "Pete" Culp threatened to beat up Port Authority chairman James Tuschman as a result of an incident between Tuschman and another board member. Culp's threat: If you ever talk to a black woman like that Ill beat your ass, Mr. Culp, a retired administrator, said Thursday. ... more>>
created by Ace_Face on Apr 29, 2016     comments: 37

Best place for a quality elliptical machine or treadmill     My boyfriend is looking for a good quality elliptical machine treadmill. Any suggestions for a local place that will deliver? Doesn't have to be top of the line but he isn't looking for a junky one either. They will get used, he uses them at his gym a lot but ... more>>
created by classylady on Apr 28, 2016     comments: 10

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