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Myles Pizza in Bowling Green     It was reported that they are closing for good. The site was sold to someone else, who is going to make it another restaurant (Insert Mexican restaurant jokes here). Sure am gonna miss that place !!! Good times in there over the years
created by Hoops on Sep 26, 2016     comments: 7

Toledo Blade to endorse Trump?     Wondering if John Block follow his twin's lead in supporting Trump.
created by toledolen_ on Sep 24, 2016     comments: 1

Piglets!     If you made it down to the Farmer's Market this morning did you happen to see the pair of Piglets one of the vendors brought along? They were so damned cute I think I want some. If only they didn't get to be 500 lbs................
created by Foodie on Sep 24, 2016     comments: 3

Beggars in West Toledo!     Over the past few years now, the population of people begging for money in the Old Orchard area has greatly increased. Has anyone else noticed, or is it just me?
created by BigChris on Sep 23, 2016     comments: 18

Good Night - 1470 am     1470 is shutting off this weekend for good. I think this was one of the oldest stations in town. I remember when it was WOHO.
created by Molsonator on Sep 23, 2016     comments: 17

New Cottage Food Restrictions     ODA has revised the cottage food regulations, which may affect some vendors at farmer's markets. There's a good explanation at the OSU website: From the state regulations: (A) The food items listed below are approved as cottage food products: (1) Non-potentially hazardous bakery products; (2) Jams; (3) Jellies; (4) Candy, not including fresh fruit dipped, covered, ... more>>
created by viola on Sep 22, 2016     comments: 2

Fort Industry Square buildings sold -     From the article- -------------------------- A large chunk of downtown Toledo’s Fort Industry Square office complex on North Summit Street, which has had lots of vacancies for some time, has a new owner. But the identity of the owner remains unknown. Fort Industry Square on Summit Street blends a historic facade with 89,000 ... more>>
created by endcycle on Sep 21, 2016     comments: 17

Good place to buy firewood?     I'm looking for a place to get a cord (4' by 4' by 8') of cut and split firewood delivered in Toledo... looking for mostly hardwood. Any recommendations?
created by Mike21 on Sep 20, 2016     comments: 1

Any area stores sell farm fresh eggs?     I normally buy farm fresh eggs from these ladies at the Farmers Market on Saturdays. Due to the rain I didn't go there this week and have obligations the next couple Saturdays and won't be able to make it. Are there any local stores that sell farm fresh eggs? The taste ... more>>
created by classylady on Sep 19, 2016     comments: 9

Who at Olander is getting fired?     Olander Park System commissioners today are expected to consider slashing their budget because park district officials failed to file necessary paperwork to put a levy on the November ballot. The looming cutbacks stem from a mistake over a missed deadline for filing a property tax levy proposal. The park board approved ... more>>
created by MsArcher on Sep 19, 2016     comments: 16

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