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Old West End Festival 2017     GREETINGS! Warm weather is (almost?) here, and festival season is upon us! I'm going to (as usual) paraphrase myself from previous year's festival posts: The biggest (and in my opinion best) neighborhood festival is coming! June 2nd, 3rd & 4th... Here is a FB page, to keep tabs on: We also have all of ... more>>
created by upso on May 26, 2017     comments: 7

Lawn Care/Elders Question     There's a bit of a dilemma brewing in our 'hood: some fiercely independent elderly folks who are not keeping up with the lawn care (recent illness, never was a problem before). They believe they are still capable of doing yard work, but they never quite get around to it anymore. ... more>>
created by viola on May 25, 2017     comments: 8

Calls from Republic     Today, I received an automated call from Republic reminding me that my trash should be set out by 5 am Thursday------- At work. the heck?
created by estioney on May 24, 2017     comments: 7

Lucas Metropolitan Housing Authority LaMar     Why are we even talking about paying a person severance pay who quit? Does the county realize this is not their money it's the taxpayers? An audit of this department should be in order quickly. In the Blade today it says he requests to use the county car another 6 weeks ... more>>
created by Nyse on May 24, 2017     comments: 18

Texting while driving to be a primary offense     Texting while driving is now a primary offense in Toledo I totally support bans on texting while driving and requiring hands free phone use while driving but how can the city enforce this if it isn't a state wide law? If someone is a resident of another large city and texting while ... more>>
created by classylady on May 24, 2017     comments: 30

Be tripping to D.C.     Going to the District the middle of June. Where is a good place to stay maybe a half hour or so outside the District? Coming from the south , would like to be on the water or with a view. $100 - $150 per night tops.
created by marving on May 21, 2017     comments: 14

Airplane Overhead Like Roaring Sound     We live in Point Place. Last night about 2 AM, we were awakened by a loud, roaring sound outside. Disarmed the security system, went outside and tried to determine the direction of the noise. It sounds like jet airplanes overhead. Heard it again around 6 AM this morning. And again ... more>>
created by Foodie on May 20, 2017     comments: 12

Car tires/rim/speedometer question.     I'm in the market for a new-to-me used car. Due to Michigan road work, my son hit a cement block on I-94 and insurance totaled my Prius. So I'm out looking. Loved my Prius, so I want to replace it with the same. I've come across one that has a ... more>>
created by MsArcher on May 20, 2017     comments: 8

What UT wants UT gets.     Can we agree that the only reason the city wants to transform Secor Road into a tree lined boulevard is not for safety but for UT? When visitors come to games, etc. 90% probably exit I-475 at Secor. I'm sure UT complained that the section of Secor between Central and ... more>>
created by kritter on May 19, 2017     comments: 45

13 abc On Air Staff Change     I've been told on pretty good authority that Kelly Heidbreder is no longer with 13 abc. She is said to continue writing for the Blade. The word "fired" was used to describe her departure.
created by holland on May 19, 2017     comments: 9

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