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Blade not publishing today     Thought I got skipped for the newspaper this morning but when I got to the office the security guard informed me the Blade isn't publishing today due it being a holiday. I thought they were only going to skip publishing on the major holidays except Thanksgiving. Does this mean no paper in ... more>>
created by classylady on Jan 16, 2017     comments: 2

Ringling Brothers Circus Closing     According to Fox News : "Ringling Brothers circus is closing down 'The Greatest Show on Earth,' after a 146-year run. The show, which is closing down permanently because of declining ticket sales, has its roots in a spectacle that began two decades before the U.S. Civil War -- equal parts zoo, ... more>>
created by shamrock44 on Jan 15, 2017     comments: 7

The Andersons retail stores     There is an all employee meeting tomorrow night after store closing. Both stores, mandatory, and security has been brought in. Big announcement. Doesn't sound optimistic from the employees. Ugh.
created by ahmahler on Jan 14, 2017     comments: 78

Congratulations Solleks!     A few weeks back I learned that Toledo Talk's very own Solleks, the chief protagonist of Cops: My Ride Along as published on Mad Jack's Shack ( ex luce ad tenebras ) has been promoted. Being much to chary (some might say discreet or demure) to mention this triumph of ... more>>
created by madjack on Jan 13, 2017     comments: 0

Cooking Question     Given that there are any number of culinary experts here on Toledo Talk, I was wondering if someone in the know would take a few minutes to enlighten me. I can cook well enough to feed myself and, given time, impress a lady friend. I have good quality stainless steel cookware ... more>>
created by madjack on Jan 12, 2017     comments: 22

More Telephone Scam Attemps     We get a few calls a day from 877-313-3730. Upon answering, there is nobody at the other end. Investigating online we learned it's for Allied Interstate {a Cable TV firm in Palatine, Illinois} trying to collect a so-called bill from Dish Network, LLC Dept. 0063, according to many other complaints ... more>>
created by flinty on Jan 12, 2017     comments: 11

Mayoral Race 2017     Woke up this morning to this article: and it took me at least a few moments to try to remember why we have another mayoral race...This would be the end of Collins' term, had he survived and not needed a subsequent runoff. Which leads to another interesting development-the Dems aren't automatically ... more>>
created by ahmahler on Jan 12, 2017     comments: 4

New pet clinic     A new pet care clinic is opening at South Detroit Avenue and the Anthony Wayne Trail. The building, where an insurance company was located, has been undergoing renovation over the last few months. Sign is up now, but I don't think it's open yet. Wondering if anyone knows any details.
created by bikerdude on Jan 11, 2017     comments: 1

Frontier landline phone     My Frontier landline phone has been out since Saturday, Jan. 7. I reported it to Frontier repair on the 8th and was told someone would be out on the 12th. Today I get an automated call saying repair is delayed until the 19th. I couldn't believe what I was hearing. Last time we ... more>>
created by CatLady on Jan 11, 2017     comments: 17

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