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Downtown Warehouses (801 Wash. & Berdan)     Anyone know what might be in the works for the warehouse building at 801 Washington? All I can find is it was purchased for $1.03 million in July 2013. I have also heard about the redevelopment of the Berdan building, but I am not finding much info about it since last ... more>>
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Mirror Shop     I'm in need of a 28 20 framless mirror for my bathroom. The big box stores dont have this size. Does any local shop do custom size mirrors for reasonable price?
created by presbacon on Jul 29, 2014     comments: 3

Monroga: Yoga at the TMA     Thought this might interest some of you. The Museum is trying out a new fun Yoga event. It's free and will offer a pretty unique setting for those interested in Yoga! Saturday, August 23 10:30 a.m. | Museum's Monroe St. Terrace From the FB page: *Registration You must register online by Friday, August ... more>>
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Appliance Parts in Maumee     Briefly - our timer on our washing machine busted Sunday morning. Real pain. After researching on line for a couple hours yesterday, I decided Appliance Parts (a 1st source Servall Company) in Maumee was the place to go. $104 is what the site said. I got there this morning and the ... more>>
created by Molsonator on Jul 28, 2014     comments: 10

Toledo Roll ~ Community Bike Ride     This is tonight! Sounds fun! They've been doing these in Detroit on a regular basis, and all of my friends that have attended have thoroughly enjoyed themselves. I know it's last minute, but the invite just popped up in my feed.
created by upso on Jul 28, 2014     comments: 5

Local custom plaque plate engravers?     Any local custom plaque plate engravers around here? Turn around time is a priority.
created by MrGlass419 on Jul 27, 2014     comments: 7

House hunters toledo     Anyone see the tv show on the 22nd featuring the Toledo couple? Viewable online?
created by MrGlass419 on Jul 26, 2014     comments: 19

Severe Weather - July 26th and 27th     Active severe weather weekend coming up. Today - Slight Risk in place for area from Defiance - Findlay - Marion and to the south. Also included is much of Northern Indiana. Then areas of Central & Southern IL and IN area in a moderate risk for those going into those ... more>>
created by JustaSooner on Jul 26, 2014     comments: 23

Office Space Development     Reviewing an article in the Blade tonight regarding available retail space. One of the parts mentioned the lack of needed Class A space. While it is great to see Class A space has a vacancy of only 2.6%, it also means the area doesn't have the room to attract the ... more>>
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A Li'l confrontation...     So...we're raising some puppies this summer (8!), and we go thru a lot of newspapers, for obvious reasons. I need more newspapers, so I swing by a recycle station, going to take some out of a recycle bin. The bin is a pretty large dumpster, and I can't reach the ... more>>
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