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Babers to UCF from BGSU     Rumor is this will be a done deal soon. So the other local FBS school gets poached. UCF is still classified as a Mid Major in the Group of Five conferences (which includes the MAC). So this is mostly a lateral move except for pay. Worked for Urban I guess ... more>>
updated by JustaSooner on Nov 30, 2015     comments: 0

Campbell leaving UT for Iowa State     Can't say I didn't see it coming... article here.
created by valbee on Nov 29, 2015     comments: 20

Rocket Football Ticket Promo Code     Anybody know what the promo code is for tickets to tomorrow's game? I heard it was "Gobble" but that didn't work.
created by Molsonator on Nov 26, 2015     comments: 2

Happy Thanksgivng!     Happy Thanksgiving to all the Toledo Talk family! It's always a pleasure chatting back and forth with you on all those varied and fun threads!
created by shamrock44 on Nov 26, 2015     comments: 14

Another Booze Question ........     How long is opened and unopened booze good for ? I can't find a definite answer online. We have a fairly good sized liquor cabinet. I never really go in and clean it because, well, it's a closed cabinet and it doesn't get dusty inside. We got a lot of booze, ... more>>
created by foodie88 on Nov 24, 2015     comments: 15

Park Hotel     Today in the Blade there was an article about the revitalization of the area around the train station. The Park Inn was also mentioned. I am a history buff and an armchair architectural follower. The Park Inn is for sale actually: With the proximity to the warehouse district, what do you think? 1. Boutique ... more>>
created by Dappling2 on Nov 23, 2015     comments: 16

Booze Question     I'm not a drinker, so I only buy alcohol when I need it for a recipe. What is the pricing structure for alcohol in Ohio? Do I need to shop for a deal, or is the price going to be the same at Kroger as it is at, say, Josephs ... more>>
created by gamegrrl on Nov 22, 2015     comments: 31

Direct TV problems     Anyone else having problems with their direct tv being out due to the weather?
created by dino on Nov 21, 2015     comments: 3

Calpholon Outlet Sale for Christmas?     Last year there was a Calpholon Outlet Store set up on Central Avenue in a vacant store for the Christmas holiday season. We stopped in and they had some very nice deals. Does anyone know if they are doing this again this year and if so, where?
created by shamrock44 on Nov 21, 2015     comments: 14

Looking for something to watch on demand this weekend?     Hey guys... this has nothing to do with Toledo but I wanted to share a bit of news! A close friend of mine has been suffering from ALS for over a decade and made a documentary about his journey. It's pretty incredible and has racked up a bunch of awards this ... more>>
created by upso on Nov 20, 2015     comments: 2

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