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91 yr old buys 13 apartment properties in Toledo     What could go wrong?
created by BulldogBuckeye on Aug 23, 2016     comments: 10

Park Hotel and ProMedica     We know ProMedica is buying the Park Hotel on Broadway, but does anyone know what they plan to do with it? Knock it down? Hostel? The thing is seriously wrecked and has been open to the weather for a few years. In a side note, I like to think that ... more>>
created by MaryCooksalot on Aug 22, 2016     comments: 2

Property Taxes - OH vs. MI     Considering a move across the border into Pure Michigan, however I can't seem to find much online regarding property taxes up there, without paying a "small fee". I'm not to the point of getting prequalified or calling a realtor, just getting my feet wet right now. Currently I pay just ... more>>
created by presbacon on Aug 22, 2016     comments: 21

Racial Dot Map     pretty interesting interactive map on Wired, recently. You can zoom in on Toledo, and make sure you turn on the map overlay in the top left. Also pretty fascinating, taking a look at the racial divides in Detroit. The long discussed-8 Mile Rd as the dividing line, is still the line ... more>>
created by ahmahler on Aug 22, 2016     comments: 11

Greyhound depot future?     David Balls father told me last week that he (David) is buying the Pythian Castle and Greyhound Station (buildings are directly across the street from each other on Jefferson) but wasn't sure what he was doing with them. I see there is a sold sign outside. What on earth could be done ... more>>
created by classylady on Aug 18, 2016     comments: 17

Toledo Deserves A Great Newspaper     Anyone else notice an increase in activity on that sight? I would notice it every now and then on Facebook, but recently, they seem to have a lot more to say. Worth a look.
created by Muddy on Aug 18, 2016     comments: 7

Diminished crime reporting?     So there was a murder in the OWE late Saturday night. Tragic for sure, but the lack of details is really puzzling as it seems to be a complete random act of violence in what is typically a very safe neighborhood. What is particularly troubling about this is that the ... more>>
created by upso on Aug 16, 2016     comments: 13

Jobs for Autistic Toledoans     Hey you guys. Does anyone know of anyplace in Toledo that specifically hires people with disabilities? I have autism and I just lost like my 6th job here. It seems like every time my bosses find out I have a disability I get fired within a week. Anyway... Any ideas ... more>>
created by KenDur on Aug 15, 2016     comments: 26

I witnessed a hit-and-run on Woodsdale 8/14     On the off-chance the owner of a red or maroon SUV/crossover whose vehicle was hit while parked southbound on Woodsdale between the Trail and Arlington on Sunday night is a Toledo Talk user, contact me if you want a statement: my Toledo Talk username "at" Unfortunately, I don't have a ... more>>
updated by jmleong on Aug 14, 2016     comments: 0

In the sky     This morning, I spotted someone flying in the sky. It sounded like a helicopter/lawn mower. I am not sure what made me look up. There was blue parachute trailing behind a thing that kinda looked like a recumbent bike. It flew circles a few times near me and I live ... more>>
created by estioney on Aug 14, 2016     comments: 6

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