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New Youth Golf Complex at Inverness     Pretty cool - as an avid golfer (not good but love the sport) I am happy to see this. Our area is very affordable when it comes to golfing and has a wide selection of courses - we are fortunate. Looks like Inverness, Promedica and First Tee of Lake Erie will ... more>>
created by Xbuckeyex on May 31, 2016     comments: 2

2016 Indy 500 Winner     Composed and articulate after winning the 100th Indy 500 race it was refreshing to see a 24 year old native son from Nevada City California take the honors and win the race. Needing to be towed into the victory circle since the team had calculated the fuel consumption to the ... more>>
created by Mariner on May 29, 2016     comments: 2

Personal Watercraft repair recommendations?     I'm curious if anyone on here has a recommendation for jet ski repair locally? Im pretty sure it needs the carbs serviced. Cleaned and synced. Honda East is Backed up. Thanks
created by toddhuey on May 29, 2016     comments: 4

UT's First VP of Diversity and Inclusion     Link to Blade article: The University of Toledo associate professor of anthropology who created a plan to enhance campus diversity has been named the school’s first vice president for diversity and inclusion. Willie McKether, an associate dean in the College of Languages, Literature, and Social Sciences, will be promoted to the ... more>>
updated by Bandito on May 28, 2016     comments: 5

GE brand appliance repair?     Hey there! So weirdly our GE microwave, stove and fridge (all around 10 years old) are all having issues at the same time. Anyone have recommendations for service people to hit up? Thought I'd look local before we reached out to GE proper.
created by upso on May 26, 2016     comments: 12

Toledo and AirBnb     Has anyone used it or had friends come in from out of town? Hoping to come up to Toledo this weekend and get another load out of storage and spend some time in my favorite city. Was thinking about using airbnb, since I really don't care about the hotel. Just need a ... more>>
created by INeedCoffee on May 26, 2016     comments: 3

Southwyck     What in the actual F?!? "The city of Toledo was offered $2.8 million for its vacant property in South Toledo where Southwyck Shopping Center once stood, but let the deal expire, according to a purchase agreement obtained Wednesday by The Blade" "When asked about the purchase deal, Ms. Hicks-Hudson insisted that she ... more>>
created by ahmahler on May 26, 2016     comments: 41

Ever Have this Problem?     So we get our water bill today and it was a big surprise. According to the bill, we used over 5 times as much water as we typically do (we have a septic tank--so we don't pay for city sewers). It was an actual reading--not an estimate. There is no explanation ... more>>
created by Clancy on May 25, 2016     comments: 15

More water problems in the city     I'm surprised a thread hasn't been started about this yet: Pretty soon not only will we have some of the most expensive electric rates in the country, but also water rates. I hope the voters have enough brains not to reelect this idiot.
created by classylady on May 25, 2016     comments: 9

Need someone to paint a name on a boat     Can anyone recommend someone for this?
created by mailmanrandy on May 22, 2016     comments: 4

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