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Well, so much for the potato salad........    
created by Foodie on Aug 22, 2014     comments: 11

Clothesline in front yard     Are there any regulations in Toledo about putting a clothesline in your front yard?
updated by stooks on Aug 20, 2014     comments: 12

New job openings in Lucas County     Lucas County is advertising for a Wastewater Treatment Plant Manager (pay range is from $71,000 to $88,000 plus benefits) as well as a Director of Human Resources (pay range from $86,900 to $108,600 plus benefits.) Check out their website for more information.
created by Mike21 on Aug 20, 2014     comments: 10

Generations Communications     I am mystified -- hope TTers can help me understand something. I work remotely with several others, and the younger coworkers leave voicemail messages always followed by "Call me when you get this message." Is it not understood that the message is sufficient -- am I rude to not call ... more>>
created by viola on Aug 20, 2014     comments: 11

75N Commute     What's it been like so far this week? (project between Dorr and the 475split). Friday late afternoon it looked horrendous.....backed up to Collingwood. I was off yesterday and played it safe and took Front to 280 to get around what I expected would be a clusterbleep on 75. If its ... more>>
created by BulldogBuckeye on Aug 19, 2014     comments: 12

Toledo's mayor compares city-caused water issue to 9/11 terrorist attack     Aug 19, 2014 - Toledo Blade - Mayor says water crisis is similar to 9/11 Mayor D. Michael Collins said on Monday that the water emergency that crippled Toledo’s water supply Aug. 2 was like the terrorist attack suffered by the United States on Sept. 11, 2001 — a wake-up call ... more>>
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Ohio's Looking Pretty Good in this Map    
created by viola on Aug 18, 2014     comments: 0

Private messages     Only took a decade or so, but finally got around to learning about PM's on here. To the dozen or so that were sent my way over the years without a response, the ignorance wasn't intentional. Carry on with all matters large and small and don't forget to pester madjack ... more>>
created by McCaskey on Aug 18, 2014     comments: 10

St Charles school     Did anyone attend St Charles school? I had great memories of that place.
created by tgarvin on Aug 18, 2014     comments: 1

Toledo Christmas Angels     Last year my friend Deana wanted to help three families who were struggling at Christmas. She was able to get friends and family to help with donations, buy gifts, donate food for both the party and for families to take home; all within a weeks notice. Estella, Rebecca, and I, ... more>>
created by ToledoLatina on Aug 18, 2014     comments: 2

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