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Is search feature still available?     Is the search feature of Toledo Talk still available? I thought there was google and yahoo search widget when you click search. Now it is only keyword. I was looking for old threads on a topic and had to use google and the specific site search command. . When I ... more>>
created by Spaceace on Apr 20, 2018     comments: 6

Any TTer's doing bike to the bay?     Boyfriend and I are considering this year. I know there are some TTer's that love to bike.
created by classylady on Apr 20, 2018     comments: 5

Swastika and racial slur found in city vehicle     Just got this press release. Looks like they are getting ahead of the news cycle as it's not on the blade yet: MEDIA ADVISORY April 19, 2018 Ignazio Messina, Communications Director 419-389-2260, cell 419-245-1520, office The city of Toledo is investigating the discovery of a swastika and racial slur written on a notepad that was in ... more>>
updated by upso on Apr 19, 2018     comments: 10

Elder Beerman closing     Entire chain is shutting down. Westgate lost two big retailers in a year This could make the old Sears site more valuable if a big investor wants to buy both buildings and demo and develop the site
created by classylady on Apr 17, 2018     comments: 30

Breaking News - Tax Filing extended 1 day !     Per The Wall Street Journal IRS Extends Tax Filing for a Day After Computer Problems The IRS issued a one-day, penalty-free extension for tax filers after suffering an all-day computer breakdown on Tuesday that prevented taxpayers from filing returns electronically on the day 2017 payments were due.
created by shamrock44 on Apr 17, 2018     comments: 0

No calculators at Tarta??     So, Last year UT spent $1 million running their little campus shuttle. Now UT contracts Tarta to do the same thing for the next 3 years at $1 million a year. That seemed like a break-even dear for Tarta. Then I read that as a bonus, all UT students and ... more>>
created by jimavolt on Apr 17, 2018     comments: 16

First Artloop is 419 day     First Art Loop is Thursday which is also 419 day. I'm hoping the weather becomes a little more tolerable and we see a lot of people out
created by classylady on Apr 16, 2018     comments: 5

Which places in the Toledo area sell pizza by the slice?     This is critiical to my quality of life. :^)
created by BulldogBuckeye on Apr 15, 2018     comments: 16

Promenade Park work     What are they still working on (in the green fenced off area) closer to Summit St? Theyve been working on it forever, it seems. Is there a problem ?
created by BulldogBuckeye on Apr 14, 2018     comments: 4

AW Bridge Lighting     Looks stunning and I cannot wait for this to come to fruition. Its small details like this which can really elevate how a city looks. And Im a strong believer in "look good, play (perform/work) good"
created by BulldogBuckeye on Apr 13, 2018     comments: 2

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