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Attention Flint Residents     Instead of collecting cases of water, what if the City of Toledo (or surrounding 'burbs) collected money (or came up with money) to offer housing subsidies as incentive for Flint residents to move? They will do better in Toledo right? I'm actually being serious here.
created by presbacon on Feb 11, 2016     comments: 5

WTF TPD?     A friend shared this today. Does this feel excessive?
created by ahmahler on Feb 11, 2016     comments: 10

Whitmer/Hickey Billboards     Hey spend your money however you want to spend it.....but wouldnt money be far better spent on supporting educational and extra curricular programs ......than purchasing PRIME billboard space (I can only assume this didnt come cheaply) in support of a scandalous ex superintendent? I dont get it. Then again, Wash ... more>>
updated by BulldogBuckeye on Feb 11, 2016     comments: 10

Is there a market for a small concert hall in downtown?     I know there is the quasi public project that Napoli working on near the Huntington Center.......but Im thinking of a place that would hold 1000sd-2000 (??) or so people where up and coming bands, tribute bands, etc might play. Think Newport Music Hall in Columbus. Im not aware of anyplace ... more>>
created by BulldogBuckeye on Feb 10, 2016     comments: 5

Costco switch fro AMEX: sorry to be knucklehead but.....     how is this supposed to work? My Costco AMEX card expires this month. Is Costco sending out new credit cards (MC or Visa) to replace them?
created by BulldogBuckeye on Feb 10, 2016     comments: 10

Bally's Total Fitness Airport Hwy.     The For Sale sign is down, and dumpsters for renovation are there. Any hope that a fitness center will re-open? I need it.
created by decent28 on Feb 10, 2016     comments: 8

Toledo Fifth most Sinful City     Toledo is in national news, thought I'd pass along. So where are the Mardis Gras parties? :)
created by INeedCoffee on Feb 09, 2016     comments: 8

Drain clogged... Who to call?     My bathtib is clogged. Anyone have any recommendations to call that won't break the bank? Thanks
created by Walleye419 on Feb 08, 2016     comments: 11

Former TT poster GuestZero has passed     Chris Myers broke the news on swamp bubbles. My first interaction with GZ was here. Even though he hasn't been here for some time at one time he was a frequent poster here. I thought many of you would want to know if you hadn't heard.
created by MikeyA on Feb 06, 2016     comments: 20

Fence Installation Company & Utility Shed     I need 476' of 6' privacy fence installed plus one double wide gate. I also need a 10 16 utility shed. Any recommendations or recent experiences you folks can share? Has to be privacy fence to keep deer out. They wont jump over if they cant see what they are jumping ... more>>
created by holland on Feb 06, 2016     comments: 24

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