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Ghost Hunting At Collingwood Arts Center     Seeing the post about the Food Truck Festival reminded me about the ghost hunt at the CAC. It sounds like fun! I'm just wondering how many people they will take each night.
created by Anniecski on Sep 16, 2014     comments: 0

Any TT'ers Into Hiking/Primative Camping/Bushcrafting     I was just wondering if any TT'ers was into Backpacking, Hiking, Primative Camping, and/or Bushcrafting. Due to current World, National, and Local (water) events, I guess I just want to become a bit more self reliant so I don't have to check myself in at a FEMA camp if/when a situation ... more>>
created by GTVT on Sep 13, 2014     comments: 17

New Mediterranean Restaurant Alert     Opening soon in the old Chinese restaurant north of the WalMart on Holland-Sylvania/Central: signs are up for a new place to be called Yo-La or some such. Yay, another place to get my grape leaves/gyros fix!
created by viola on Sep 13, 2014     comments: 8

Buckeye1 from Block Communications, Inc.     I've been a faithful Uverse user, but this may get me to finally switch. (That, and the atrociously high ATT prices.)
created by Anniecski on Sep 12, 2014     comments: 7

Rug Cleaning Bizness     Any TT'er recommends for a local rug cleaning company for an area 810 wool fairly higher end quality rug cleaning to be taken to them. See Stoll's in the adds and recognize the name as an established company but always like to compare. Thks in advance.
created by Mariner on Sep 12, 2014     comments: 6

CBS - NFL broadcast     Watching the Steelers - Ravens game right now and the HD picture on Buckeye is pretty choppy at times. Is anyone else experiencing this?
updated by wahhutch9 on Sep 11, 2014     comments: 3

The Youth of Today     With miscreants such as this running loose, I weep for the future... :-/
created by Dappling2 on Sep 10, 2014     comments: 23

Severe Weather - Sept 10th     Embedded areas of rotation in cells moving through along the front. Not a big hail threat today, but enough spin to cause some issues.
updated by JustaSooner on Sep 10, 2014     comments: 10

International Festival     Saw the ad for this weekend and it reminded me how much fun we used to have when it was at the Sweat Arena. Has anyone been in the last few years? Thinking about going...
created by nana on Sep 10, 2014     comments: 2

Modest Toledo perspective Post     I went home to Morgantown, WV for 3 weeks and just made it home. Granted I have a love/hate relationship w/ my home town/state (no jobs, desolate, coal mines or bust). Anyway, it is flipping BOOMING. I moved to Toledo, and LOVED the big city feel and the almost endless possibility. Maybe ... more>>
created by INeedCoffee on Sep 10, 2014     comments: 51

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