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Snow Removal     It's that time of year! Looking for a snow removal company that is reliable. I've been fine with hiring random people with shovels in the past, but I'd like to up our game and get someone out whenever it's needed without having to track them down or worry about it ... more>>
updated by toledolen_ on Dec 08, 2016     comments: 0

Delivered boxed meals     Does anyone here have the boxed meals delivered like Blue Apron, or Home Chef? And if you do what has the experience been like?
created by trixanne on Dec 08, 2016     comments: 1

ProMedica's new parking lot     Why couldn't they just have built a gigantic parking garage on this site? Why build a garage on Promenade Park and keep this ugly expanse of asphalt?
created by JohnnyMac on Dec 08, 2016     comments: 9

Negotiating a medical bill     Does anyone have any advice on negotiating a medical bill that insurance will not pay? This summer I had to go to a local in-patient rehab hospital. At the time I was transferred to the rehab unit, they had not heard from the insurance company about coverage. However, the rehab hospital ... more>>
created by surfer341 on Dec 07, 2016     comments: 16

Dryer Problem     So, something has nicked up the inside of my dryer. I remember finding my pocket knife in the dryer a few weeks ago, open, and didn't think anything of it at the time (other than is the blade okay). I just pulled out the third blouse that was ruined from ... more>>
created by MsArcher on Dec 04, 2016     comments: 9

Toledo area Diabetics     weird premise for a thread... I know there are a handful of type #1 and type #2 diabetics on Toledo. I'm curious how many of you are on an insulin pump, specifically a medtronic model. I normally wouldn't post personal stuff like this online, but due to me traveling non stop for ... more>>
created by upso on Dec 02, 2016     comments: 6

Flower Hospital Christmas Tree Lights     I've noticed that Flower Hospital has not lit up their Christmas tree lights on top of the hospital. I was by there during the day last week, and the lights are still there, but not lit up. Any one know whats up with that? They usually have them on by ... more>>
created by MsArcher on Nov 30, 2016     comments: 1

Regional Water     The City of Toledo's water system has been owned and maintained for decades by the people in the City of Toledo. Is there anyone who can explain to me how the County Commissioners have commandeered that real personal property to suite their own visions of the future? Is there anyone ... more>>
created by Mariner on Nov 30, 2016     comments: 15

City Forestry Department     How long has Lisa Ward held her position there and who appointed her?
created by holland on Nov 29, 2016     comments: 24

Toledo Internet Chat Rooms and Forums     I come here frequently and plan to continue to do what am I missing? I dont want to offend anyone, because I like Toledo Talk and its format, but Im expecting more daily traffic....more "action". It appears to me that there is a very limited number of people who ... more>>
created by BulldogBuckeye on Nov 29, 2016     comments: 5

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