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Need Advice About Post Office.     Three days ago the mail carrier from the Bancroft Post office marked an Amazon order as " Delivered" at 8:59 am. The problem is that it wasn't. In fact, at 8:59 am my Husband was about 25 feet from the mailbox in our driveway with Columbia Gas crews and ... more>>
updated by holland on Jun 15, 2018     comments: 30

Official BLADE thread     I thought it might be useful to have a thread where all the Blade-related items would be centralized. Like it or not, they still have a lot of influence around town and the "hands on" approach of the publisher make it a newsworthy item in itself. I'll start with this ... more>>
created by Ace_Face on Jun 15, 2018     comments: 9

Any stores in Toledo sell bulk spices     The thread on gazpacho had me thinking of this. I hate to pay for a whole jar of spice for a recipe I'll use one time that will sit in my cabinet and never get used again. Whole Foods in Ann Arbor sells bulk spices and it's great being able to ... more>>
created by jamesteroh on Jun 14, 2018     comments: 11

Recommendations for good gazpacho     Anyone have any recommendations for places to buy good gazpacho?
created by classylady on Jun 13, 2018     comments: 10

Franklin Park Mall Parking Lot     Looks like in front of JC Penny at the corner of Monroe and Royer they are beginning construction of a stand alone structure. Assuming its another restaurant. Anyone know what is going in?
created by Xbuckeyex on Jun 13, 2018     comments: 2

Crab Island     Crab Island at Hill/Reynolds. Anyone been there?,-5151-Hill-Ave,-103D-Toledo-,0hio,-43615-Toledo
created by gamegrrl on Jun 10, 2018     comments: 4

Expressway map     I have tried to google several times, but I get 1m articles. Can someone tell me where to find a map that shows what the new expressway interchanges will be? I used to get on 75s at haverhill and want to know when it will be open again!? Any help ... more>>
created by Novrain on Jun 09, 2018     comments: 11

Corso Sting     The recent actions by ICE federal authority sending illegally residing foreign nationals back to their country of origin has elicited strong reaction from local civic and religious leaders. The employer was discovered after the disclosure of the use of a false social security identification at our southern border leading to ... more>>
created by Mariner on Jun 08, 2018     comments: 24

Lift rental for DIY auto repair?     I suppose this type of activity has long been rendered impossible due to exposure to lawsuits, but are there any DIY garage/lift rentals still around? I need to perform some basic maintenance procedures on a vehicle and I've finally hit the age where crawling around on the ground has lost ... more>>
created by SavageFred on Jun 07, 2018     comments: 15

St. Anthony's     Like they always do when they take up a cause, the Blade is starting to get obnoxious with this St. Anthony's demolition case. Because the Bishop didn't just roll over and hand the church over to the city or the Land Bank, he is now "Bishop Tough Guy". I imagine ... more>>
created by Ace_Face on Jun 06, 2018     comments: 26

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