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Bassett's Drug Bust - for Spirituality?     OK, this is weird. The proprietor of the vaguely healthy store next to Bassett's Health Foods on Secor has been charged with selling marijuana and mushrooms to people who join her Native American church and pay a fee. Her name is Charmaine Bassett. Does anyone know the inside scoop on this? I'm ... more>>
created by viola on Mar 24, 2017     comments: 7

Local Merch Wanted at Elder-Beerman     There was a small mention of this in yesterday's Blade: Elder-Beerman on Secor and in Bowling Green want to open boutiques which feature local products. Locally-sourced, city and state-themed merchandise are wanted for their "Close to Home" store-within-a-store. Vendors should apply online through tomorrow, Mar. 24, at The parent company ... more>>
created by viola on Mar 23, 2017     comments: 6

False Speed Limits     Am I to understand that a posted speed may not actually be the legal limit? How does someone find out or know which speed limit signs they have to obey?
created by smbfc on Mar 22, 2017     comments: 10

2017 Toledo City Council Golf Cart Ordinance     The original Toledo City Council document exists at council's Google Drive account. That file is a Word docx. ORD. 483-16 / 100-17 Establishing a Pilot Program permitting the use of golf carts and low speed vehicles on public streets within designated areas of the City of Toledo; and declaring an emergency. Summary and ... more>>
created by jr on Mar 20, 2017     #

Perrysburg trash pickup question     I'm helping a family friend move out of their house this weekend. I suspect we're going to encounter a large amount of objects we will want to throw away. Furniture and other objects that might be too big for the trash can. Can anyone provide insight on how Perrysburg treats this ... more>>
created by upso on Mar 16, 2017     comments: 8

Another Neapolitan pizza place in town     Looks like Toledo has room for yet another Neapolitan pizza location. 5380 Monroe st. (Where Toppers and Crepe creations was located) now has a sign up for 1000 Degrees Neapolitan Pizza. Does not appear to be open yet, but I'll post when it is.
created by breeman on Mar 15, 2017     comments: 7

Southwyck....errrrrr Hawthorne Hills     Councilman Rob Ludeman said the city should “get away from calling that [area] Southwyck,” noting the neighborhood’s previous name. “The most important thing for me is to see Hawthorne Hills, not Southwyck,” he said. Councilman Sandy Spang also praised the idea to encourage a name change. yyyeeaaahhh.......a major problem has been the NAME ... more>>
created by BulldogBuckeye on Mar 15, 2017     comments: 11

Leave it to T-town     Toledo is the most dangerous place in the state. WooHoo! Yee Ha!
created by golddustwoman on Mar 14, 2017     comments: 12

Landlord/Tenant question     There is rental property next door to us. Our driveways are next to each other, with our chain link fence between them. Before Christmas, they had a sewer back-up, and their clean-out is next to the driveway. The plumber cleaned out the sewer, which was full of toilet paper and ... more>>
created by MsUnderstood on Mar 14, 2017     comments: 11

Telephone scammers are up to their old tricks again     Received a call today from 412-385-9058 from a lady asking me to tell her my blood pressure and heart rate. I responded "First you tell me yours and then I'll tell you mine." at that point she hung up. Checking that number online I learned the call came from McKeesport, ... more>>
created by flinty on Mar 14, 2017     comments: 5

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