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Joe Rychnovsky     Nice article on Joe Rychnovsky by Matt Markey. RIP Joe.
created by Molsonator on Jul 23, 2017     comments: 1

Where can you buy a warehouse district and/or 419 shirt at     I've seen several people wearing Toledo warehouse district and 419 shirts recently. Would really like to get one. Especially a TWD one. Anyone know where you can buy them at?
created by classylady on Jul 22, 2017     comments: 4

Downtown Toledo Master Plan     If you havent already....this is worth reviewing and should spur a lengthy thread. Lots to talk about. I certainly hope, out of all of this, the city addresses street lighting (which currently is awful) and rejuvenate International Park and support the Docks. I think the Docks is critical to the success ... more>>
created by BulldogBuckeye on Jul 21, 2017     comments: 1

Blade finally doing its job     Crazy that City Council didn't even interview Singh. I know ppl can change and I personally like him, but I've known him since his ownership/manager days of Ale House and of course Arnies. Knowing how he conducted himself, it's shocked me when he landed the gig as consultant for ... more>>
created by Xbuckeyex on Jul 21, 2017     comments: 1

Very impressed with Promenade Park     Glad the rain didn't happen tonight. Beautiful night for the Art Loop. Boyfriend and I took a long walk tonight and walk by Promenade Park. Very impressed. I don't understand why people complained about the change a few years ago. Huge improvement and concerts are coming back. I hope they are free ... more>>
created by classylady on Jul 20, 2017     comments: 18

Need Help with Diabetic Neuropathy     We are in dire need of advice and/or recommendations to treat diabetic neuropathy. Husband is in constant and severe pain around the clock and we canít take it anymore. Current neurologist continues to treat with medications that have absolutely no effect on the intense pain. Lack of sleep, depression and ... more>>
created by pnjperr on Jul 19, 2017     comments: 9

Anderson's Maumee     The Andersons sell Mower Center in Maumee What will become of the site?
created by gunz1 on Jul 17, 2017     comments: 2

New Restaurants Next To Maumee Meijer     Article in paper says two more restaurants are moving in next to the new Packo's. Anyone know what?
created by mixman on Jul 16, 2017     comments: 23

I-75/ I-280 split. Heads up     What they are calling a "lane shift" is also a "lane switch." Yesterday I went through there and the lanes were the same but the overhead signs had reversed the lane assignments. I-280 was no longer to the left, and I-75 was no longer to the right. That was just ... more>>
created by justread on Jul 16, 2017     comments: 23

Fall softball?     I have 2 daughters 8u and 10u that want to play softball. I see the wizards but nothing else. Anyone know of any other local leagues?
updated by Novrain on Jul 15, 2017     comments: 11

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