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Welltower "donation" to the University of Toledo     Heck of a gift, anyone have anymore on this?
created by Xbuckeyex on Sep 20, 2017     comments: 2

Toys     Sad, but not unexpected. They certainly didn't draw in any new customers in with their stylish and inviting architecture. The exterior of the store on Reynolds is testament to doing just enough to get by. It looks dated, sad, and desperate, and bums me out whenever I drive by it.
created by SavageFred on Sep 19, 2017     comments: 16

Pizza Cat/Pizza Lion Ripped Off     Pizza Cat, a relatively new entry into the pizza market in Toledo, is unfortunately being mauled by a business with which they had an agreement. I would like to know the whole story, if anyone has it. BLUE AGAVE Margarita & Tequila Bar had Pizza Cat selling their wares occasionally ... more>>
created by gamegrrl on Sep 12, 2017     comments: 33

Any word on when the Y at Promedica is opening?     Anyone know what that is going to open? I haven't heard anything in a while. Last I heard they were to open when the steam plant headquarters opened and that's been a couple weeks. It would be great to have a gym to go to downtown
created by classylady on Sep 12, 2017     comments: 18

Bronze Boar     Has anybody noticed that the Bronze Boar is now owned by Prater, who is developing the Berdan building across from the ball park? Looks like he may be expanding into that back patio.
created by pete on Sep 07, 2017     comments: 4

Amazon looking for city to build second headquarters City signup here: How cool would it be for our city leaders to get their collective act together and frame our region in the right way to attract this kind of investment?!
created by upso on Sep 07, 2017     comments: 22

2017 Toledo Politics     Dumping ground thread.
created by jr on Sep 05, 2017     comments: 74

Toledo Blade Editorials     First off, I am not a Blade Basher. I realize that the Blade has gotten thinner and offers less coverage than it did in the past, but that is not the Blade's fault, but rather the forces of the internet at work. Lately, I have noticed an editorial shift at ... more>>
created by Dappling2 on Sep 03, 2017     comments: 9

Utah Nurse Arrest - story is MUCH MUCH bigger     I'm procrastinating tonight so while texting my college son about the nurse who was arrested in Utah for stopping the police from illegally drawing blood, I decided to watch the whole video, not just the news snippets and I could not believe what I heard. At approximately 12:33 I heard ... more>>
created by not_me on Sep 02, 2017     comments: 8

Councilwoman Harper at it again     It seems Councilwoman Yvonne Harper -- who once told a critical supervisor she knew many "important people" -- is now bullying teenage fast food workers. This is a Facebook post from a teenage fast food worker who had an unfortunate encounter with the councilwoman. With the post was a picture ... more>>
created by MemyselfandI on Sep 02, 2017     comments: 53

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