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Any train fans (or pros) in this group?     I live in the Old West End and just heard a really weird noise coming from the direction of the NS tracks that run parallel to Detroit Ave. Wondering if what I heard was a derailment. Didn't sound loud enough to qualify as a crash.
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WAKT 106.1 LPFM Toledo Community Radio Starts July 1     After nearly three years in the making, the Toledo Low Power FM Radio Project became Toledo Integrated Media Education, and on Friday, July 1, 2016, the group will launch its non-profit community radio station, WAKT 106.1. Station links: and point to the same location Facebook - WAKT Radio Facebook - Toledo Integrated Media ... more>>
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Gay Chat     I realise this is a confused and mix thread. If you can't handle it.. Pray, live your life, and well whatever because ALL Christian, Muslam, whatever.. ok to my point. I app-load Toledo and the Citizens there for PURE brute force VOTING to make IDEALS SOLID. Actually I less to say than ... more>>
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Proposed Bike Trail     As appeared in Today Toledo Blade, The Old CSX Railroad bridge to be demolished What a waste of Taxpayers dollars. The article does not quote the proper dollars for this project. According to TMACOG the total price is 20 /- million (8.6/_ million to buy the Bridge and associated ... more>>
created by whitehouse on Jun 20, 2016     comments: 56

Today     Thought this deserved it's own thread as opposed to tagging on to the Weather thread. Could we have asked for a more beautiful day? Sunny, blue skies with a wispy cloud here and there. A gentle, warm breeze, relatively low humidity. Just doesn't get much better than today.
created by Foodie on Jun 18, 2016     comments: 8

July 4th Fireworks Downtown     The 4th falls on a Monday this year, has anyone heard if they will have fireworks on Sat/Sun or Monday? Was planning a trip up that weekend for 2 days and wasn't sure when would be the best time to come. Sure do miss Toledo, hope you are all well.
created by INeedCoffee on Jun 17, 2016     comments: 12

Toll cost between Toledo and Chicago     I know this is a petty question but can anyone tell me the total cost of tolls between Toledo and downtown Chicago? Going to a work conference in a couple of weeks and I was just curious how much cash to have on hand since I rarely carry cash anymore.
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Regional Water System     Story from the Blade this morning: Quick snips from it, they come out with 3 scenarios... Scenario 1) Remain unchanged and suburbs leave Toledo's water system. Toledo citizen costs would go from $22.19/mo to $66.33/mo by 2024 Scenario 2) Suburban only water system would cost customers $41.31/mo and would need a 60 ... more>>
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Toledo water department     The worst customer service. First call for a temp. shut off for repair at 9am second call at 4:30 pm third call at 7 pm and still no one has shown up with a street valve wrench to perform a 30 second task. Wtf Toledo? I guess maintaining the treatment ... more>>
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Ed Harmon..who is this guy?     This man has become a hugely prominent figure in the present and future of Toledo......and I dont really know his backstory. All I know is....he started Spartan Distribution. I also heard whispers that he won major dollars in state lottery. Did that facilitate the creation of Spartan? Im curious what ... more>>
created by BulldogBuckeye on Jun 14, 2016     comments: 8

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