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Anyone know if the High Level Bridge will have a bike trail?     I know there are some other biking enthusiasts here. I live downtown and my boyfriend and I love to bike and while we love the Wabash/cannonball trail we would rather bike by my place. Right now we usually bike on the international park bike trail that loops around by Miami street ... more>>
created by classylady on Oct 13, 2015     comments: 4

Board games!     Board/card games are big in my family and we're looking for something new. I'd like to find a game: - 4 or more players - 30-60 minutes to play - some strategy - some luck (dice/cards) - ages 10 and up We love games like Risk, Life and Monopoly but they take too long for ... more>>
created by SensorG on Oct 12, 2015     comments: 17

The Bike Route Closing     Some things in life just ain't right, and this is one of them. After being in business for about eighty years, The Bike Route (5201 Monroe St #1, Toledo, OH 43623; (419) 885-3030) is closing for good. I'm told that the last day is October 30th, a Friday. I blogged about ... more>>
created by madjack on Oct 12, 2015     comments: 6

UT Bike Sharing program opens today!     Pretty cool stuff.
created by endcycle on Oct 12, 2015     comments: 6

Question for the board: Open container permits     My apologies for not getting the terminology accurate, but what is the status of the proposal that would allow outdoor open container "districts" in certain areas of the city? Any other new details?
created by BulldogBuckeye on Oct 08, 2015     comments: 9

A very dubious Mayoral Forum     "Equality" Toledo, representing the privileged special snowflakes of Toledo, are hosting a Mayoral Forum on LGBT Issues on Tuesday, Oct 13 at UT. What hubris. Toledo has some serious problems to overcome and issues to deal with--all of which are more important to the majority of Toledoans than advancing the political ... more>>
created by Bandito on Oct 07, 2015     comments: 31

Covered winter car storage?     Long story short, we have a convertible we don't drive in the winter and unfortunately we don't have a garage so the car sits out in the snow every winter. We're curios if anyone has any suggestions for long term parking to make it through the winter, ideally near the Old ... more>>
created by upso on Oct 06, 2015     comments: 6

Fiat Chrysler receives strike notification from UAW     Fiat Chrysler Automobiles confirms that they received a strike notification from the United Auto Workers Union. “The company will continue to work with the UAW in a constructive manner to reach a new agreement,” said officials with FCA in a statement. On the UAW Facebook page, a notice was posted that the ... more>>
created by justareviewer on Oct 06, 2015     comments: 20

Megatron why????     Oh Calvin, you are indeed one of the greatest Lions WRs but why did you have to do that? You had the ball, secure possession, go down, there was plenty of time, Stafford was hot, O line was fine, we could have run the ball in, it was just a ... more>>
created by LoveToledoAndImNotCrazy on Oct 06, 2015     comments: 25

Shooting at Spigot Bar     Did anyone else think it was odd that the shooters mother spoke of how well her 21 year old son was taking care of his family and 4 children in part because he was ACTUALLY going out and applying for jobs? I have to think that the mother set the ... more>>
created by bogeylola on Oct 04, 2015     comments: 11

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