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Tomatoes     Is there a place around where you can pick your own tomatoes? Or even buy them in bulk for cheap? I want to can again this year and didn't get the greatest deal last year.
created by ajm00733 on Jul 24, 2014     comments: 1

Blackberry Corners     Even though I grew up out that way, I have never been to Blackberry Corners. I've always heard great things about it, especially the pizza. Is it still good? Worth a minor road trip?
created by gamegrrl on Jul 23, 2014     comments: 5

Burnt Orange Lamborghini     Yesterday, while leaving a meeting in Arrowhead Park, I saw a burnt orange Lamborghini and all I could think of was "what an awful color on a great car". So I wonder ('cause that's all I do): What car that has come out in the last 10 years is your ... more>>
created by Molsonator on Jul 23, 2014     comments: 12

ProMedica Parkway     I've enjoyed reading Toledo Talk and decided to create an account so that I might post. I was on the expressway and passed the ProMedica Parkway exit. It made me wonder how a company gets a street named after it. I guess if it were named "Toledo Hospital Parkway" it would ... more>>
created by Unclesam on Jul 23, 2014     comments: 9

Toledo Water Department video This is over a year old.
created by MIJeff on Jul 23, 2014     comments: 2

Greenhouse app for browsers     Pretty interesting a 16 year old kid designed an app for desktop / notebook browsers that will link campaign funding info for politicians on websites. I am fooling around with it now, seems it needs a proper format of name (R) state, for it to work, unsure about state part, ... more>>
created by MIJeff on Jul 22, 2014     comments: 2

Toledo videos     ok... what videos of toledo do we know exist that we can or might be able to get the owners of to post on youtube the recent promo channel 13 ?? of "this is home" is a good positive video the museums' promo for for the art of gaming exhibit is nice... ... more>>
created by enjoyeverysandwich on Jul 22, 2014     comments: 2

Pinkberry!     I went to the grand opening (I guess it was a re-opening as it was originally in BGSU's student union) of Pinkberry in BG today. Good stuff. I mean addictingly good Frozen yogurt. Smores one was killer. I think I heard its free until 8pm today. I took all ... more>>
created by Molsonator on Jul 21, 2014     comments: 3

Benny's pest products     Anyone familiar with Benny's pest control over on Sylvania Ave.? I bought insect spray there a few years ago and would like to get more but he doesn't seem to be open for business. I stopped there a few times last week and always a closed sign on the door. ... more>>
created by lynn on Jul 21, 2014     comments: 2

All Saints Festival in Rossford July 25 and 26     I know many of you appreciate a good old school festival in a clean and safe environment....well....they still do it that way in Rossford. Polka music, pierogies, kielbasa, cabbage rolls (hauwupshi), cold beer......good stuff. Some traditional rock and roll cover bands plus non-ethnic foods too (tacos are outstanding). Tons of ... more>>
created by BulldogBuckeye on Jul 21, 2014     comments: 8

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