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Dishwashing Machines - local purchasing & installation

After 4 or 5 years since we had the kitchen redone I am finally coming to the realization that not having a dishwasher was a baaaaaaad mistake. In my naivety I thought washing dishes by hand would use less energy & water (WRONG!) and that we would do a good job of using and then washing each dish (WRONG AGAIN!).

The lady who did the initial design/layout of our cabinetry and appliances thoughtfully made sure there was a 24" wide cabinet that could be replaced with a dishwasher in the future. Well, the future is now.

I am looking at prices and styles online. All of our appliances now are GE Profile stainless steel. I am fine with going off-brand and even would consider a black dishwasher... but not white/cream.

Would like to go local, with the Anderson's or any other local place. And we would need installation included.

Suggestions? Stories? Any places we should steer clear of????

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Make sure all plumbing, electrical and cabinet removal are finished before you get the dishwasher. I have found since appliances come in other colors than white that to stick to the same brand is a good idea.

I've bought my last few appliances at Appliance Center. No problems at all and their delivery is quick. Unless someone is handy you will need to have the dishwasher installed by professional.

I've had a dishwasher since 1959, the first year a portable one came out. It is now up in Greenfield Village as an antique.

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That is an old dishwasher! I second Appliance Center as they have many choices.

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Do Appliance Center or the Andersons do installation? I need to get a new dishwasher as well, and would love the advice.

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If you use Sears, Lowes, Home Depot, Menards, etc. you are still using local employees. Believe it or not, these evil national chains still manage to give back to their communities as much if not more than "local" stores do.

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Bought a Kitchen Aid dishwasher at Lowes in Sylvania Twp. We'd had a Kitchen Aid before and it had served us well for many years. Lowes did the installation. Great service and the men who did the install were extremely nice and professional. I'd recommend Lowes or Sears.

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dell_diva, my only issue with the big boxes is quality control. we had our kitchen done by home depot, and it was an absolute nightmare. I want to keep it local, so I have more accountability from the people in charge.

catlady, do you recall how much Lowes charged for installation?

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The appliance center may have a good selection, but do not use them for installation.
The "assembled" a propane grill for my elderly neighbor over the summer. She asked me to look it over once it was delivered. Not only did they leave off a safetly clip on the propane supply line, but they also put the thing together backward so the supply hose could not even reach the propane tank. It was hideous. They had to come back out, pick that one up and deliver a new one (or the same one ) the next day.
This may not be the case all the time, but be careful. Ask them for references.

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We used Sears for a new dishwasher when we moved in 10 years ago. What a nightmare! They did use local employees to install...but they delivered a broken unit. They installed a second one but didn't install it correctly. We had quite an ordeal getting the situation settled. It took several calls & emails up the chain of command to make things right.

One thing to check, regardless of the retailer or the brand...make sure the water line comes up out of the floor or wall in a position that works for your new unit. One of our challenges was a poorly positioned water line that made installing the new unit a challenge. Good luck!

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I've installed a dishwasher before and it was no big deal. You just change the water supply to go 2 places. The kitchen faucet and the dishwasher. Then, you put a new drain piece in that includes an opening for the dishwasher. Other than that, it's a simple electical hook-up and level the machine.
Make sure the installers have done it before. Ask them about it. If they look confused or lost, throw them out.

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We have a tall Bosch and we love it. Quiet, stainless inside, does a great job.

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To Upso, I don't remember exactly, but I thought it was very reasonable. My memory says around $65, but it was about 6-8 years ago, so I am a little foggy on exact price. You could call Lowes and they'd probably quote you a price over the phone. They had to do a little rearrangement on the plumbing, as the connection for the new was somewhat different than the old dishwasher.

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A lesson I've learned... whatever dishwasher you buy make sure it has a water sprayer that spins on the top as well.... otherwise your top rack never comes out as clean as it should. I hear KitchenAid is the best (I have a GE... don't recommend it tho)

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I wouldn't use home cheapo's or blowes crews if you paid me a million dollars. We actually had both do some work on a house we were building at the homeowners request to lay vinyl flooring and then the other to actually install a dishwasher.

What a huge fricking mistake. When the flooring guys actually showed up they screwed the walls up so badly with glue and dig marks we had to have the drywaller come back in and patch, and then I had to repaint the whole kitchen.

Then the guys that did the dishwasher didn't do something right and we came back the next day and had water sitting all over the floor from a leak.

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I use Tom LaVoy, he's in the phone book, and all he does is repairs and installation. Top notch work but he's very busy most of the time. Worth the wait!

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I know that you're not planning on a big box store but I still feel the need to reiterate my horrible experiences with Best Buy. Even if they have the best deal don't use them!

That being said, I did tons of research when I got our dishwasher. If you're not familiar with Consumer Reports online content you should check it out - they charge $6 a month to use the online tools. Whenever I'm planning on a larger purchase I pay the $6 and then just cancel it the next month. You'd be surprised by the reliability/repair info on some of the major brands that have good reputations.

We went with a Samsung based on reviews and aesthetics. While overall I'm happy with it, there are some things that I would look for:

-our previous dishwasher didn't have a separate spin jet for the top rack like the new one. While this helps get the glasses cleaner you have to be very aware of how you stack the lower rack - any plates off kilter or knives sticking up and it starts the top jet from spinning and the entire load needs to be redone
-stainless steel interior. It's supposed to allow for less spots (I guess I notice a difference) but the side effect appears to be trapping smell. If the dishes sit for more than two days between loads it smells awful whenever you open the door.

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Find a new or used one on Craigslist...install it yourself. It's not hard. I do know that Appliance Center posts some of their open items things on Craigslist.

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I'm not interested in installing myself. It's being put into a place that has not had a dishwasher before, so a bunch of plumbing needs to be added.

Any suggestions for independent contractors? I think we need to get a quote! :)

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It may not be as difficult as you think to install a dishwasher where none has been before, assuming it will be located next to the sink. My husband put ours in when we bought the house and the previous owners had never had a dishwasher installed. Do a little research.

I love, love, love my hub , but he isn't what you would call a household repair Einstein. If he can do it............................

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Just one of many how to's.,,20076102,00.html

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Holland, unfortunately it needs to go a cabinet away from the sink, so there will be a bit of plumbing and electrical work needed. :(

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I've been happy with Pipe Solutions LTD out of Rossford. My mom has used them a couple times and has been very pleased. I've also used them a few times being very pleased also.

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Good Morning fellow Toledo Talk members! I am a manager at the Appliance Center. I have been reading through this thread and wanted to use this as an opportunity to thank Toledo Talk members who have supported Appliance Center through the years and continue to recommend us on this forum! In regards to the dishwasher issues that are described in this thread I want to offer FREE Dishwasher installation to the first five people who email me at I will reply to your email and you can bring the email it to the store to receive FREE dishwasher installation with the purchase of a dishwasher. This is a great opportunity to buy local. Thank you again for your continued support! Contact me with any questions!

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wow, that's awesome! email coming your way!

posted by upso on Jan 18, 2012 at 09:32:36 am     #  

hey everyone! life kind of flew by, and it's now 8 months later
I emailed the above manager at appliance center with no response

we want to get a dishwasher installed and are looking for the best rates & options

my preference is to stay 100% local with installation but if big box chains are the only place offering deals, I'm going to go that route

any updated suggestions?

posted by upso on Aug 06, 2012 at 10:19:09 pm     #  

We used the Andersons for the appliances in our new kitchen. They had local guys do the install, and we were pleased with service and price.

posted by historymike on Aug 06, 2012 at 10:28:05 pm     #  

Appliance Center was the #1 worse place that I dealt with. Their prices were not well done.

Additionally, nothing comes for free. If they are offering a free install, that means their prices have a pretty high over head.

when shopping, don't be afraid to price check and compare deals against one another. We got ours from the Andersons. At the time they were not offering free delivery, but Lowe's was. I mentioned the Lowe's deal and got our shipping free.

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can you give me more info on your issues with appliance center? i was planning on going with them but now i'm second guessing!

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If the plumbing and electrical are already there, I would recommend doing it yourself. It's just a matter of hooking up the hoses and wiring white to white and black to black.

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the electric and plumbing are close, but nothing is there. our kitchen has never had a dishwasher

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upso, you might want to have someone (an electrician and/or plumber) come out and look if you've never had one before. The installation from appliance stores is likely not going to cover tapping into your water line and running power. Is there currently an outlet under your cabinets?

Also, when considering big box stores leave Best Buy out. Refer to my post above from 6 months ago.

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Ttalkers.. My deepest apologies. My former email address was attacked by virus and shutdown. My new email address is Additionally you can feel free to reach me at 419-779-0408 which is my cell phone. Appliance Center cares more about obtaining your business and keeping it than any other store in the area. With over 75 dishwashers on display, our experts will be able to help you find exactly what you are looking for at a price that can't be beat. Now is a great time to buy a dishwasher as we are offering free installation on Kitchenaid and Bosch dishwashers on top of our already low prices. As always we offer free delivery, seven days a week. Please contact me at your convenience. Again, please accept my apology for the incorrect email address.


Ken Wanemacher
Store Manager
Appliance Center

posted by acmanager on Aug 08, 2012 at 03:49:41 pm     #  

hey there!

does the free installation cover new installation? as mentioned above, i want to put a dishwasher into a place that does not have plumbing or electric... though it's very close to both.

posted by upso on Aug 08, 2012 at 07:38:23 pm     #  

Just saw this in blade. Some GE dishwashers are being recalled.

posted by hockeyfan on Aug 09, 2012 at 02:10:55 pm     #  

Great question! The FREE installation is a Bosch and Kitchenaid factory promotion. The promotion applies only to re-installations and it is a $100 rebate from either Bosch or Kitchenaid. However, we understand your circumstance and we would be willing to offer a $100 in-store credit from Appliance Center towards either a Bosch or Kitchenaid dishwasher. The cost of a new installation can vary based on supplies needed and the circumstances of your current setup. Appliance Center works with the areas best installers and we would be happy to refer them to you for consultation on fair install pricing. Contact me at and I can send you a confirmation for the $100 credit. THANKS!

posted by acmanager on Aug 09, 2012 at 03:22:39 pm     #  

I hope they don't have any of their assemblers work on your dishwasher or use the same "strict" supervision for their installers.
Last summer my former elderly neighbor bought a gas grill from them. They paid for assembly. It was delivered soon there after. She asked me to check it out before she used it that day. The bottom tray that holds the gas cylinder was backwards so where the bottle sat you couldn't reach it with the gas line to the grill. Then, the kicker was the little safety clip that holds the burner inlet in place so that it doesn't turn into a flame thrower wasn't even put on. Guess it was left in the box at the store. Several bolts were actually missing too.
She called and complained to a manager. They sent out dufus #1 and dufus #2 to fix it on the spot. These two knew less about the grill than I did. Since they didn't have the missing safety clip, they took the entire thing back and days later returned a new one. Apparently this one was assembled using all the parts and instructions. No fee was waived on assembly, no discount, no nothing. Just a "Sorry".
Might not be your department, but the store sure didn't win any new customers with me. I wouldn't call that working hard to gain anyone's business or keep it.

Be careful upso. As with many places, the salesmen will promise you the world, but the actual delivery and set-up guys can't give that to you.

posted by hockeyfan on Aug 09, 2012 at 07:15:03 pm     #  

So sorry to hear of your bad experience. We absolutely work harder than anybody at maintaining a great relationship and excellent customer service with our customers. We also understand that we are not perfect either, and when mistakes like this happen, we WANT to hear about them. Please contact me ASAP so I can address this issue for you and your neighbor. I have included my contact information again below. I hope to hear from you soon. Thank you for the input.


Ken Wanemacher
Store Manager
Appliance Center

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