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Tool at the HC... was good. ;p

kinda short. They had an opener from LA that they are grooming, kinda like them but more prog, didn't catch the name. Tool did maybe 8-9 songs (anybody have an actual setlist?)...great lights, good sound...then brought that band's drummer out to do a solo with Danny, then they went off for what we thought was the intermission, about 10 minutes, awesome light show during, then came back and did Aenima and left the stage. I was like, o that's Tool goofing, they'll come back out and do more, but no. Everyone around us was like, WHAT????! when the lights came up, but I was still waiting for them to go back down and the band to come back out, but no, lol. A tad disappointing for me as I had some people with me who are huge fans, but had never seen them live, and I wanted them to have a great experience. They said they weren't disappointed, so.... The Kid was there and he said that Tool did that when we saw them before, but I didn't remember. o well, glad they came, always a good time! :)

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Found the setlist, we got 9 songs:
Hooker With A Penis
Ticks & Leeches
Forty Six & 2
(Lateralus, The Pot)
noooooooooo!!! this list is from Texas and I really wanted to hear these 2 songs but they cut them for us! :(:(:(

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My son and I were at Mud Hens stadium for a session with his batting coach. There was quite a mix of people walking over to Huntington. Never heard of Tool but when we got home last night we looked up a few songs on youtube. Not bad. Very visual in their music.

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Thanks for the post, nana. I was thinking about this concert last night. Tool is probably my favorite band. I saw Tool at the sports aroma in the fall of 2002, which was during the second leg of their Lateralus tour. That was an excellent show. I was on the floor (standing) for that show, which made it even more interesting. But Tool is more than concerts. They produce great songs and music.

I didn't go last night because I first heard about this Tool concert in December, and we had already bought tickets to see the Jersey Boys at the Stranahan Theatre next month. Music by The Four Seasons won out over Tool, and I didn't feel like spending more money. (BTW, it was my idea to see the Jersey Boys and invite my parents to go too.)

I would have been somewhat disappointed with a Tool set of only eight to nine songs. They played more than that in 2002. Maybe Maynard is getting too old. Last night, did he sing from the back of the stage in the dark, mostly with his back to the crowd? Did they show a lot of bizarre and mesmerizing imagery on big screens? I've seen concert videos of their Vicarious tour back in 2007, and the lasers or whatever lights were new then for their act.

Tool has only produced a handful of albums/CDs in 20 years. But still, boiling all their work down to a set of eight or nine songs is tough, although several of their songs are long, in the 7 to 10 minute range. I think Lateralus is their best album, and that album alone should produce at least five or six songs for a concert.

Here's a YouTube video, 92 minutes long, supposedly of the entire Tool concert from Toledo, Ohio in 1998. It's interesting how Maynard is out front on the stage in '98. I though he had some kind of stage fright thing or is that just a shtick?

nana, no Lateralus, Sober, Eulogy, and Vicarious last night? I think Maynard, however, is the type of odd bird to drop those songs from a set because too many people would expect them. But the other songs like Stinkfist, Ænema, Schism, and Ticks and Leeches are great songs too. Tough to go wrong with any subset of Tool songs.

I've posted this video before here. It's the Tool song "Lateralus" explained. Heavy metal, mathematics, and philosophy. Maynard is not a shallow thinker when it comes to song writing.

Tool is probably best known for their song "Sober". Here is that song played at a 1993 concert. Maynard, the lead singer, now runs a winery in Arizona.

The bass player in the above video was probably bounced from the band because he moved around too much. Joking of course. But normally, the guitar player and the bass player in Tool stand in one spot and simply play their instruments with no running and jumping and no making faces like they're working hard and trying to be cool.

Tool used a lot of visuals in their 2002 concert.

Here's the song Sober played at a concert in the summer of 2002, and in this video, this is pretty much how the band was a couple months later when I saw them in Toledo. For some reason, Maynard liked to hide at the back of the stage.

August 2002 concert, the song Parabol/Parabola along with some more of the interesting imagery on the big screens, located high up at both ends of the stage.

"Never heard of Tool ..."

I recommend starting with the song Ænema. Warning: this is not exactly a cheerful song. Lyrics.

The Jersey Boys better be good.

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Wow, jr, awesome collection of videos! Sober is one of my all-time favorite songs and to see it live would be a dream come true. Too bad it's not a guarantee. Just wish they'd put their stuff on ITunes.

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I went and thought the concert was awesome. It might have only been nine songs long, but it was nine songs of rocking the fuck out. Probably one of the best concerts I've been too.

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Pretty good show. The openers were Knife and Intronaut. My only complaint is that too many people were moving around during their set. How some people can't concentrate or refrain from texting for 90 minutes to watch a band like Tool amazes me.

Plenty of info here:

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Ha! Brainswell - my wife and I were at Sting up at the Fox in Detroit and everyone was texting and taking pictures/ was quite distracting.

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Videos from this week's Tool concert in Toledo are up at YouTube.

I should have attended, dammit.

This is the song "Pushit," which is another great tune. Typical Tool fashion, the song is 10 minutes long. This song is off the album Ænima, which along with Lateralus are the two Tool CDs that I listen to the most.

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The following has nothing to do with my employer - The Blade, OBVIOUSLY.


jr. I had not seen Tool live until this concert. Frankly, I did like it, but the shows you put up look better. And, yes, I think that Maynard plays exactly what he feels we should hear. I don't think focus groups are his forte. When you think about the other two bands he's in, especially Prefect Circle, it's obvious that he likes some different melodies,

While I did think the show was short, I have seen many bands over the years perform the same way. Maynard didn't have his back to the crowd, but he was in the back - not bright lights, but one could see him.

Ran into people who drove for 6 hours to see Tool. They were happy. The folks at Pizza Papalis pointed out that the hotels downtown were busy. They determined that because the curtains were drawn in the windows of the closest one to the place. When my sons and I stepped out, instead of seeing people stream out of town, we saw after hours activity. Kinda cool for Toledo...

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jr, you do that stuff so well, thank you.

Maynard's thing is that it's the music and the band, not him, that should be upfront. Plus, it's Tool, they've never done things the way others do them. HE did not come front stage after Aenima with the rest of the band, waving and throwing pics and sticks, I've never seen him to do that. He was gone from his riser when the other guys moved forward. I can't quite remember, but I think he did the same thing in APC when I saw them. It's just him. Maybe he never liked it and exercised his right to not do it as they got bigger, I don't know. Yeah, I thought they would open with Vicarious, shows how much I know, lol. It's like Rush, no matter how long they play (3 hours!), you're never going to hear everything you want to hear. Even tho Tool only has 5 albums, it's got to be hard to pick what to play, so, in the end, just doing what they want is the most important thing.

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Thanks for the names of the openers, brainswell, I like Intronaut more than Knife, but I'm a progbaby. :)

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Excerpts from a Jan 22, 2012 Toledo Blade story titled Tool is odd, complex, and adored by fans

Tuesday’s concert at the Huntington Center sold out in less than 24 hours so this isn’t a band that has to play the usual promotion game to sell tickets.

Tool is just about the weirdest, creepiest, most difficult-to-define rock band ever.

Tool combines pseudo-intellectual lyrics and concepts with bone-crushing alternative metal. The term "thinking man’s metal" gets tossed at them frequently, but the band can also be scatological to the point of blatant obscenity and there’s a feeling that sometimes the uber-serious nature of their act is a bit of a put-on.

Their shows are marked by an intense light show, disturbing video images that accent the songs, and a truly unique stage set-up. Lead singer Maynard James Keenan generally stands in back with drummer Danny Carey while bassist Justin Chancellor and lead guitarist Adam Jones stand up front.

It’s all packaged in songs that can stretch up to 15 minutes long, requiring listeners to wait for the musical pay-offs, which come in the form of extended, hypnotic catharsis and release. Tool’s music is complex and multi-layered, all atmosphere and dynamics with a minimum of cheap hooks.

Obviously, with only four albums in 18 years, the band isn’t in the record/tour/record/tour cycle, and reports that they’re working on a fifth album are sketchy.

Keenan, by virtue of his status as lead singer and lyricist, is generally the face of the band, but his interests extend far beyond Tool. He owns a winery in Arizona and is as likely to turn up in a story about vintners as he is in a story about rock stars.

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so, did anyone write an after-review? :)

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Wed, Jan 25, 2012 post at the Art Supply Depot Facebook page :

TOOL just had to have black deco markers last night -- so they sent someone in to get them some. inspired us to give y'all 20 percent off decos today. come on in.

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