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Lake Erie West, a regional organization, is a catalyst for both the public and private sectors to assist in sponsoring, promoting, and implementing a myriad of projects and events that promote the region. What for years we have laboriously been calling Northwest Ohio and Southeast has an identity Lake Erie West!

Lake Erie West Projects???

LEW boundary Definition

A time-based strategy, the epicenter of Lake Erie West is the crossroads of America - the intersection of I-75 and I-80/90 (the nation's busiest), and the region includes everything within a one-hour drive from that center.1

This unified regional identity transcends all geographical boundaries, uniting communities within the region in a way not otherwise possible. It allows the best in strategic public/private partnerships by encouraging a joint effort, free to operate across political and geographic boundaries.

Lake Erie West does not compete with any local economic interest in the region. Rather, it supports those efforts and serves as a liaison and an umbrella marketing tool to heighten and enhance the visibility, both directly and indirectly, of the cultural, education, economic, and recreational activities of all communities.2


Sustainable competitive features of the Lake Erie West region :

  • Time - At the crossroads of the two most heavily traveled roads in North America: I-80/90 and I-75.
  • Education - 33 colleges and universities within a one-hour drive.
  • Fresh Water - 18% of the world's fresh water supply.
  • Transportation - Four international airports within a one-hour drive.
  • Market Access - The center of a one-day drive, which reaches 50% of the population of both the U.S. and Canada.

Long Term Goals

  • Reinforcing and promoting an effective global identity for our region.
  • Producing regional marketing umbrella programs recognizing the cultural, educational, and business assets and resources of the region.
  • Build a positive attitude among Lake Erie West residents and encourage them to adopt the regional identity.2

Short Term Goals

  • Creating and launching a global marketing strategy.
  • Expanding our existing Sister Region relationship and developing new ones.
  • Encouraging businesses with global markets to become members.
  • Establishing a clearing house for information for business and tourism.
  • Implementing an umbrella marketing strategy to create more materials and events.
  • Promoting and supporting the arts and culture.
  • Encouraging a synergy and partnership between businesses and the region.2

LEW Articles

Dan Johnson Thoughts

Toledo Free Press opinions by Dan Johnson president emeritus and university professor of Public Policy and Economic Development at the University of Toledo :









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Regionalism vs Unigov

There is confusion about what constitutes regionalism as opposed to unigov. Unigov is easier to define: It is a combination of City/County Govt. It has been successful in places like Indianapolis, which is located in the center of Indiana.

Regionalism, in most cases, involves more than one county. Silicon Valley is a region. New England is a region. The Research Triangle is a region, consisting of Raleigh, Durham and Chapel Hill. In Ohio, Cincinnati has been a successful region that includes parts of Kentucky and southeast Indiana. Globally it identifies itself as Cincinnati,USA.4


Lake Erie West Meeting Notes 28-Apr-2008
Lake Erie West Planning Session Agenda 6-Jun-2008


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Formula for Change

The Formula for Change was created by Richard Beckhard and David Gleicher and is sometimes called Gleicher's Formula. This formula provides a model to assess the relative strengths affecting the likely success or otherwise of organisational change programs.

D x V x F > R

Three factors must be present for meaningful organisational change to take place. These factors are:

D = Dissatisfaction with how things are now;
V = Vision of what is possible;
F = First, concrete steps that can be taken towards the vision.

If the product of these three factors is greater than R = Resistance, then change is possible. Because of the multiplication of D, V and F, if any one is absent or low, then the product will be low and therefore not capable of overcoming the resistance.

To ensure a successful change it is necessary to use influence and strategic thinking in order to create vision and identify those crucial, early steps towards it. In addition, the organisation must recognise and accept the dissatisfaction that exists by communicating industry trends, leadership ideas, best practice and competitive analysis to identify the necessity for change.

Some documentation also refers to the resistance to change as the cost of change. It is then subdivided into the economic cost of change (monetary cost) and the psychological cost of change. What this tries to demonstrate is that even if the monetary cost of change is low, the change will still not occur should the psychological resistance of employees be at a high level and vice versa. In this case the formula for change is represented as:

D x V x F > C(e+p)

What this allows managers to do is to isolate the actual problem areas of change and develop unique strategies specifically designed to resolve the correct form of resistance.3

Report Card

Lake Erie West Economic Development Report Card5


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2 Lake Erie West brochure

3 Formula for Change article included into this page.

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5 Mar 5, 2008 Toledo City Paper article

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