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Emergency Scanners in Ohio

So, this question has a couple facets. The simple one is, given the knowledge and topics I've seen on this site, I assume someone knows the legality of Emergency and Police scanners in Toledo. Further, with all Neighborhoods where current average yearly income is below 100k going straight to hell in a hand-basket, what is the practical use of Scanners like around Toledo?

I grew up in Las Vegas and moved up here a dozen years ago next week, and I know they were legal in Vegas and that you could get a good deal of info off them to answer questions like 'What happened at burnt out husk X?' or 'What the hell are the 8 sets of sirens that just passed about?' It is sad how some of the jokes that used to be told about Detroit being dangerous are now being applied to Toledo. Information is the first weapon of defense.

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Michigan and Indiana require permits from State Police or a valid ham license. Ohio doesn't.

Toledo is on digital trunking and I guess using encryption or wanting to use it, state is on digital trunking and I think using encryption.

Contact the area ham radio groups or fire up the Googles for more.

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If you want to listen in, there used to be a police only one but it got shut down.

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there are very few conversations that are encrypted.
the radioreference police feed went away when the person who provided it moved.
the lucas county countywide radio system can be tough for some people to scan. the system is a digital simulcast system which means 12 towers are transmitting the same signal and if the scanner hears 2 or more of the towers strongly it will be somewhat garbled. moving the scanner around and finding a "sweet spot" helps most of the time.

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Listening to TPD is pretty interesting and a bit sad. Constant domestic violence calls, threats of death and violence of all types. The naked city indeed.

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You can actually build a portable scanner with some speakers, a metal bowl, and a remote control. You can view a video on it at However it doesn't have a large range and is primarily only good for listening to your neighbors cell phone conversations.

Not that I've ever done such a thing.

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so there's not an online website or smartphone scanner app that can get TPD feeds?

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MikeyA that video is about the dumbest thing I ever saw, and its so fake its not funny, if you dont believe me look at his supposed high def speaker that he is using that he created in another video, I'm sorry but a paper plate, tin foil, and coax cable does not a speaker make.

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Kaj, no there are smart phone apps and websites you can listen on.

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nice police chase through the east side... anyone hear what it was ?

also, is there internet access to toledo fire and police scanners these days ?

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Most people just download apps, that let them listen to multiple jurisdictions. But if you actually want to have some fun with it check out SDR. Software defined radio. You can buy a very cheap receiver ($25) and use your computer and it's internal soundcard and a wire or magnetic base antenna (or your bedsprings) and presto----spy on the whole world. I have several of these dandy little setups. Add a Raspberry Pi to the setup and MMMMMM delicious. The software is free and really fun to tinker with and it opens up a whole new world beyond that electronic leash you carry and your cable TV. It's fun---try it. I'll post some links.

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