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According to PC Magazine:

Jun 14, 2007 Politico story about a companion site for Hillary called

HillaryHub isn't a typical campaign site. With a simple, three-column look, occasionally edgy headlines and links to a blend of videos, reports from newspapers and blogs and campaign memos, it's a news aggregator on the model of the Drudge Report. The difference, of course, is that the stories are chosen to depict Clinton favorably and to tweak her critics.

With HillaryHub, the campaign is moving into an area typically occupied by old news organizations and their new media rivals, like Drudge, and it's competing on equal terms for the attention of voters. Though the site is in its infancy, its goals are ambitious -- and it is a model other campaigns could follow.

The site's values, however, are intended to come from the newspaper world, not from political campaigns -- and particularly, from the same edgy tabloid style on which the Drudge Report is based. And ultimately, the political reporters who cover campaigns may find themselves competing with the campaigns themselves for the attention and interest of readers and viewers.

HillaryHub, Clinton aides said, is the brainchild of Wolfson, her top communications consultant. The site -- which Clinton aides say will grow and improve with time, and which is often composed largely of anodyne reports from early primary states -- is run by Wolfson, his deputy Phil Singer and another press aide, Isaac Baker, Wolfson said.

"I grew up in New York reading tabloids; my dream job is to edit the New York Post," Wolfson said. "So we set up something that has a little of that flavor and feel to it."

"Campaigns are realizing that they're competing in a cacophony of media," said Andrew Rasiej, a tech entrepreneur who founded the website (and is a columnist for The Politico). "The only way for a campaign to compete in that environment is to become a fast-moving media operation."
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