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Sleepy Jack to worm his way into council

The dead have been resurrected in the guise of Jack Ford, who is now trying to get appointed to Toledo City Council. “There are some things in my background that would be a value to council, particularly the mess that the housing stock is in, especially in the central city,” Mr. Ford said.

To his credit, Ford did balance the city budget, as I recall, when he was mayor. But his neglect of anything other than the central city did him no credit. Downtown didn't come alive due to his efforts. The Erie Street Market failed under his watch and other downtown projects moldered while he watched over his pet projects.

The revolving door on current and ex-politicians should end. Let them get real jobs like the rest of us.

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He was also the mayor under a completely different economic market.

His contributions as mayor were forgettable.

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I wonder if Ford will bring Mr. X?

Mayor Jack Ford said black businessmen should remember that smiling faces sometimes pretend to be their friends. Mayor Ford, addressing about 35 members of the Minority Contractors Group on Saturday morning, March 19, pledged that he will continue to insist on diversity in the awarding of government contracts.

He said some white business people smile and say they also embrace diversity, but really are upset that they’re not raking in as much government money as they used to.

[Ford] said that no matter which part of town he’s in, he always reminds groups that minorities strongly support public works and other levies, and that they should have a fair chance to compete for contracts.

[Ford said,] "Some of the school levies would never pass if it wasn’t for the black and Latino vote. I point that out all over town. Folks nod their heads in the majority community but I have the sense sometimes when I walk out the door that they say ‘Yeah, that’s true, but we want it all.’ Affirmative action really has no teeth to it anymore. So the only teeth you can put into it is what the mayor and the council say that they want to see happen."

The mayor also got laughs when he talked about some white businessmen’s reactions to artwork in his office on the 22nd floor of Government Center. One is a picture of Muhammad Ali. The other is of Malcolm X, the more militant Civil Rights Movement peer of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

"That’s so when folks come in there, I want them to see instantly what time of day it is. Literally, business guys have come in there and their legs buckle. They come in and say ‘Oh my gosh, the mayor’s got Malcolm X on his wall.’ That means we’re going to do the right thing; that’s why that picture’s up there," Mayor Ford said.

Jack Ford has ideas for improving Toledo.

Ford on reducing Toledo's "brain drain:"

We might look to Boston where the city fathers have increased part of their population by catering to immigrants from South America. Columbus is growing because of its aggressive annexation policy – and it caters to Somalians.

As soon as Mayor Bell returns from his current trip to China, we should send Bell to Somalia. Maybe Toledo can get hooked up in the diamond trade. Then we will attack and annex Perrysburg.

Ford's idea on increasing Toledo's population:

Recently a report made it appear as if housing in Toledo is on the increase. No, no, no. Figures lie and liars can figure. The increase in housing inside of Toledo is almost totally in black and low-income neighborhoods. We need more white folks with middle-class paychecks.

Maybe it’s time to stop [funding] only in the inner city and start building upscale housing on the west side of the Maumee by Riverside Park and east of Detwiler Park and north of Alexis. Maybe we should take part of the parks north of Alexis and turn it into middle class housing for both whites and blacks.

Ford dislikes the outlying communities, so that makes him an instant hit for Toledo government.

We have seen several stories on population decline. Again our die was cast in the 1960’s when we sold Toledo water too cheaply to points north, west and south of Toledo. Nor did we engage in a program of aggressive annexation. And, why are there two separate public school systems in Toledo?

More from JaFo:

Current office holders say it is the loss of jobs and poor schools that drive folks away from Toledo. I disagree. I say the main culprit is H2O. These [water] agreements allowed areas to take virgin farmland, water it and transform it into retail and residential centers.

Ford knows why a Toledoan would move to an outlying community:

It's greener, it appears newer and we think it is safer. And, for those of us who really are honest, it's whiter!

If we can get Carty on city clowncil at the same time, that will be a hoot.

posted by jr on Nov 09, 2012 at 10:01:42 pm     #  

No way... he would serve one term and then we would temporarily remember Carty as a vibrant and energetic councilman and vote Ford out and re-elect Carty, only to remember why we voted Carty out and brought Ford in....

It's an endless cycle. Stop the insanity.

Retire Jack. Take the PERS package and relax for a few years.

posted by justread on Nov 09, 2012 at 10:06:25 pm     #  

The city is required to balance the budget EVERY year.

Whether you like Jack or not, that wasn't (and still isn't) a special accomplishment.

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^^^ My mistake, but he made great headway in reducing the deficit. I think the city was in the hole when he came in and he made up those losses. I forget exactly the details.

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The real insanity here behind Ford is the assumption he has some solution to the "mess that the housing stock is in". Building more housing? We already have a glut. Do I need to define what a 'glut' is?

What he's after is the old model of working men taking on mortgages, and where those mortgages are above $100K each. He can't be ignorant that signing up for debt creates money. That's the basis of our fiat currency. Debt creates money. But... that assumes these working men can pay off those mortgages. In the mid to latter half of the 20th Century, that worked. It no longer does. Employers and businessmen have defaulted on their side of the social contract.

Need I mention that $100K houses bring in more tax revenue for Ford to play with?

The solution that Ford et al can't accept is that the housing stock must continue to fall in price, and the tax and regulatory load upon citizens must fall also, so that the newly poor people can truly fend for themselves. Alas, the city government always assumes it's still 1985. Every year when they pass out new city calenders, it must say "1985" on them or something.

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I think we need a young new person, of any political party, to put some life into the old school council. Recycling old politicians should not be on the table.

posted by jackie on Nov 10, 2012 at 12:51:49 pm     #  

Ford helped bury Toledo, so no surprise he wants to return to council to help fix messes he created.

posted by 6th_Floor on Nov 10, 2012 at 02:21:35 pm     #  

"I think we need a young new person, of any political party, to put some life into the old school council. Recycling old politicians should not be on the table."

Yet I wonder how many Toledoans would support and vote for someone young & new? Few, I think. :/

posted by toledolen_ on Nov 10, 2012 at 04:11:01 pm     #  

I would because I think change has to happen in Toledo. The status quo is not good for our city or our people.

posted by jackie on Nov 10, 2012 at 04:36:51 pm     #  

Deep down inside, we all know how this situation will play out . . . and it won't be in the best interest of Toledo.

While I admit that my keenest memory of JFo is his poorly executed quest to make Toledo an "elegant city" that was kicked off with his/JRB's smoking ban, my opinion is that on his best day, he is is lackluster and ineffective.

posted by jimavolt on Nov 10, 2012 at 10:47:25 pm     #  

Between a stellar term as mayor (completed with a bang-up, old fashioned race riot) and a fine, fine effort on the Toledo Board of Education (academic emergency), now he wants to be on City Council?

In all seriousness, what the f@#k kind of record do you have to have to be disqualified from being considered by voters for public office in this town? Holy shitballs...

Obviously, "gigantic failure at every turn" isn't a negative.

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"... , what the f@#k kind of record do you have to have to be disqualified from being considered by voters for public office in this town? ..."

This issue is not open to a vote by the public. Ford wants to be appointed to Copeland's seat, which should soon be vacated because Phil got elected to county recorder. Copeland and Sarantou are term-limited out after next year. That's why both have tried to get elected to other local positions in recent years.

If appointed, I assume Ford would begin his city council duties in December or January. Ford will not have to worry about the voters deciding his city council position until the September primary and the November general.

But even if Ford does not get appointed, it seems that he will still be on the September primary ballot for city council.

Nov 9, 2012 Toledo Free Press story :

Ford said he has heard that other people are also interested in the Council spot and that if he is not appointed, he plans to run for the position in the election.

Ford also said that fellow former mayor Carty Finkbeiner is supporting his run.

“We talked and he said he would like to see that happen. We’ll wait and see how that goes,” Ford said.

Toledo's September 2013 primary will reduce the number of candidates for mayor and at-large city council. The top two vote-getters for mayor and the top 12 for at-large city council will make it to the November ballot.

Based upon the previous two September primaries, voter turnout for Toledo's September 2013 primary will be only approximately 20 percent.

posted by jr on Nov 11, 2012 at 07:08:25 am     #  

jackie... no offense but i hate the call for a "young person..." they have tried that and they almost always fail because of inexperience and naivity. those that survive are most often on the lifer bandwagon looking for that early defined benefit retirement. i would much rather have a near retirement smart non-encumbered person... i would prefer a progressive but one not tied to existing power structures.

as stated in previous posts, this is an example of where i think a "good governance" group of progressives needs to get together.

jack is barely able to get around and he lacks a will to communicate much... his health has deteriorated pretty far. i can't see why he would go back and i can't see why we would want him at this time.

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You might be right on the young politician but we have to stop recycling the same good old boys/girls.

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