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Early Black Friday.

Every year I go and have a wonderful time (though Walmart can get a little chaotic). I'm already done and home at 1:45 normally we'd still be outside waiting to get into the first place. Was really nice how the various places had different and much earlier times this year; 8pm, 9pm, 10pm and midnight. Was even in line early enough at Best Buy to snag 2 door buster sell laptops for work. Would still like to go to Menards but they don't open till 5am and I have to work tomorrow, but know my boss is going to be happy with the $199 laptops I grabbed.

Anyone else venture out this evening?

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This is the first black Friday that I will miss in more than a decade because I'm recovering from surgery. I remember bundling my daughter up and taking her as a baby. Now its become a tradition.

Got some great deals last year at Michael's on thanksgiving, and two years ago we made the trip to Birch Run which was the first Thanksgiving evening shopping we had experienced. This is the third year in a row that we've bought a new laptop before daylight on Thanksgiving morning.

For me, shopping is bonding with my family - at least my mom and my daughter. I'll miss going shopping today, but my mom is still taking my daughter.

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Hope you are doing well after your surgery. As I always had to work on Black Friday I have never been shopping that day. Guess I have missed out on all the great bargains.

posted by jackie on Nov 23, 2012 at 11:08:16 pm     #  

Ditto on the get well wishes Mrs. A. I went once years ago to the Lion Store ( yeah, long time ago ) on Black Friday and got elbowed over a cashmere sweater. I didn't buy the sweater and I never went shopping on Black Friday again either.

I mostly point and click shop now. I spend very little time in brick and morter stores - only when absolutely necessary. Anderson's is the only place I always make a point to shop. I can hit the Salvantion Army Red Kettle there too, which for me is a seasonal must.

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