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In October 2012, I created a new theme or look that should display Toledo Talk better on tablets and smartphones.

Users can access the new theme by going to to the bottom of the site and clicking on the 'themes' link and then clicking on new default view.

To revert back to the old default look of Toledo Talk, users can click on previous default view.

In November and December 2012, I continued to make small changes to this display, and I made it my default view when accessing Toledo Talk on a desktop/laptop. Starting in November 2012, I have used only the new default view of Toledo Talk on all devices.*

So even though the new view was meant to display Toledo Talk better on small devices, I decided to make this view the new default view for Toledo Talk. But users will always be able to switch back to the old default view.

If it's not a jarring change for users, I'll probably switch the default view of Toledo Talk to this new look in January 2013.

Some changes with this new view include:

  • text width narrowed
  • text centered
  • larger default font size
  • a bit more line spacing
  • larger text box area on desktops, laptops, and tablets for posting a comment
  • - this image is displayed next to threads created or updated within past 24 hours
  • thread author and creation date are no longer displayed
  • if, however, the thread creation date is greater than three months, then small text showing the month and year the thread was created will be displayed
  • small, narrow column on the right side of the home page will go away
  • users will have to click the "login" link to log into the site
  • max-width enforced for very large images
  • the tiny breadcrumb links that show recent pages visited will no longer be displayed
  • at the bottom of the post that starts a thread, the "flag" and "like" links have been replaced with "HoS" and "HoF" respectively. These links still operate the same as "flag" and "like," but they are more noticeable. HoS means Hall of Shame. HoF means Hall of Fame. Per this request.

The site still adjusts well when resizing the browser on a desktop or laptop. In other words, the horizontal bar for the browser should not appear, unless a large image or long URL is posted.

In this new view, a user can switch to a smaller or larger font size by clicking on one of the 'As' at the bottom of the home page. The smaller 'A' will display the site in the font size that is currently used in the default view of Toledo Talk.

In recent years, I've gradually reduced the font size at Toledo Talk, and now I'm going back the other way and increasing the font size a little. I'm partially influenced by the new publishing platform Medium.

I'll continue to make small typography changes to this new view for all devices. Right now, it displays well on my 9.7-inch HP tablet and on my wife's iPhone. It seemed okay on the new iPad Mini when I tested it in a store. It works fine on the old Kindle with its experimental Web browser.

In this new view, non-local political threads will continue to be left off of the front page. In the upper right hand corner of the site, a user can click on /p/ to access the non-local political threads. Or, a user can click on the /a/ at the bottom of the home page to display ALL threads.

Example home page of the new view, showing all threads, using the smaller font size, and the browser resized smaller - (The locations of /a/ and /p/ have been switched)

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