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Need Help with Goat Cheese

Received a very large log of goat cheese for Christmas. I only eat a dab of goat cheese every few years, so I'm not sure what to do with the bounty. Any suggestions from our TT foodies?

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Make sure it is really cold, slice it in to disks, dunk it in an egg wash, roll it in your favorite breading (I prefer panko) pan fry until golden. Serve with your favorite salad - I usually do a mix of romaine and arugula with a lemon/olive oil dressing. YUM!

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You can make a hell of a mac and cheese with goat cheese. I don't have a recipe, but you use a mixture of cheeses - parmesan being a great compliment.

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I second the salad with the breaded discs. Another fave-Roasted Veggie sandwich with goat cheese-I Like roasted red peppers, eggplant, zucchini, a little olive tapenade.

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You could also carve it into smaller pieces, wrap in plastic/place in freezer bags, and freeze the cheese until you need it. I have frozen cheeses many times in the past; in general they hold up well for many months. Be sure to mark the packages with a date.

Sometimes certain cheeses will lose a bit of its adhesive quality (i.e., will not stick together as well) but otherwise it is fine for cooking. This tends to be the case with cheses that have been shredded or ganulated and then frozen.

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The salad and fried cheese disks sound wonderful. I also like goat cheese crumbled into scrambled eggs then topped with snipped chives.

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Goat cheese goes great with cauliflower...

  • boil cauliflower until soft, drain, put in bowl and crumble goat cheese over it (be generous) and mash together until well-mixed and similar to lumpy potatoes ... salt and pepper to taste.
  • put cauliflower florets into baking dish and crumble generous amounts of goat cheese and add about 1 cup per cauliflower head of shredded parmesan cheese. Pour 1 cup of cream over and bake at 400 degrees for about 30-40 minutes. Can substitute low-fat milk, but might need to add a bit of corn starch to thicken. This is a great side or you can add chicken or a white fleshy fish, like grouoer, to the mix for a one-dish meal.

Other options...

  • spread on toast points and top with fig preserves or your favorite chutney....makes a great appetizer or snack.
  • add your favorite seasonings and cream together....stuff under the skin of a chicken breast or pound out a skinless breast and roll it in the center, then bake.
  • spread on bagel or englush muffin instead of butter or cream cheese... tangy but good.

We love goat cheese and get the double 10 oz. logs at Costco for about the same price as the little package at Krogers.


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Mix it in with spaghetti. It's scrumptious!

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Wonderful on home-made pizza.

Also can quickly make into a terrific pasta sauce: sautee a bit of fresh garlic in a splash of good olive oil, add some goat cheese and a bit of the pasta water to thin, then a good sprinkling of freshly ground pepper and a handful of freshly chopped parsely. Coat the hot pasta. (That's a base: You can get more creative with other ingredients, as you like....) Mmmmm.

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