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This is my first time pimping a place :) but I love this place so much, and more importantly respect the owner so much!

Sean's Anime and Comics. Greatest place in Toledo to get comics, figurines, anime. Heck anything in that social area. If he doesn't have it he can get it (aside from Vampire Hunter Z lol, long story). Anyway he is a young guy perhaps even younger than myself.

He opened a little store on North Monroe street, almost near Sylvania with a big heart, and most important 100% driven passion. As a customer, every time I go there he greets me with a smile and knows my name (despite only going once a month). He just comes across as loving what he does, and what he sells. He is VERY knowledgeable. For those interested in Japanese culture he is well versed. I always dig going there for my monthly The Walking Dead comic, perhaps picking up a Domo and talking with him. He's been to Japan several times and truly loves the culture.

Aside from the various food stores.. this is our local Japanese Gem :) Aside from Comic/Anime stuff.

Before I digress will leave it there. If you are into this stuff check it out. If you have loved ones interested in this, forward this. From what I hear he is expanding and will be moving. Which I am happy to hear. Being a customer from near day one, and seeing how he has expanded his modest space. I joked a couple times "he needed a bigger place". So glad he's getting that, and not far from where he is!.

Keep $$ local, and this is just one small reason why I love Toledo. Great service, great place, and among the myriad of places that Toledo offers another spot that let's me say "If I need it, I can get it local".


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I support and love this place as well. The stock is great, the store is growing, and the owner is VERY personal.

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"and the owner is VERY personal"... ok, I'm creeped out now

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