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The Fox on the Fairway at the Toledo Rep

Last Saturday night I went to the Toledo Rep and saw The Fox on the Fairway. I wrote about it here - The Fox on the Fairway, which you may read as it amuses you to do so.

Cutting right to the chase, The Fox on the Fairway is a comedy with a degree of farce sprinkled on top. The good news is that it's a funny comedy, with plenty of one-liners including some ad-lib about local politicians. It's an active play, with a lot of running around and a pratfall or two. The bad news is - well, there isn't any, although I suppose if you were not in the mood for a comedy you'd be unhappy for a while. Eventually you'd be cheered up.

I'm giving the play an 8 out of 10 stars on the scale of theater excellence. This one of the good ones, and if you haven't seen it yet, by all means break loose with a double sawbuck and go. It's likely the smartest money you'll spend this month.

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I'm an avid reader of and rare commenter on TT. I appreciate the wide variety if opinions I find here on TT, in particular when it comes to things that tend to be of higher culture. So I took MJ's opinion of The Fox on the Fairwaiy to heart along with several others regarding Registry Bistro. I scrubbed myself up and my better half and I made a date night of it.

In short, a great night. And one that stayed in downtown. The Registry was great. A very diferent type of feel and one that we appreciated. We started with two apps, stuffed olives and a bruschetta type pizza. For dinner, she had then meat loaf burger and I opted for the osso bucco. Not too much exciting about beef or veal, but they did each one up with great presentation and flair. Each was excellent, in particular, hers. As mentioned in some other posts, the timeline was drawn out, but our service was not slow. Our server was very attentive and we appreciated the opportunity to enjoy our drinks, our food and our company.

We skipped what looked to be some incredible desserts and headed over to the Toledo Rep for the play. MJ's review was spot on and we really enjoyed ourselves. I think we would have enjoyed a nightcap or two at anyone of the bars downtown, but the kids and an early Saturday alarm were calling.

All and all, a great night brought about by some positive spin from this board. And one that we will very likely repeat.

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