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I am sick and tired of watching the news and finding out on Sunday what events TOOK place that weekend. Had I KNOWN, I would have participated! Well, next year is going to be different.

I am making a calendar of ALL the Annual Festivals / Events in the Greater Toledo Area which includes NW Ohio and SE Michigan. Could you please review and add to the list, and if possible add a website link. This info will be published on my website as well in a calendar type format.

Thank YOU for your help!


African American Festival
German-American Festival
Glass City Beer Fest
Greek festival
Irish festival
Latino Fest
Pizza Challenge
Polish Festival
Rib Off
Smoke on the Water
Strawberry Fest
Taste of Maumee
Taste of the Nation


Antique Machinery Show (Findlay Ohio)
Bowling Green Tractor Pull
Greater Toledo Auto Show
Greater Toledo Train and Toy Show
Hot Air Balloon (Findlay Ohio)
Home & Garden Show
House & Home Show
National Threshers Association (Wauseon, Ohio)
National Train Day (Toledo Ohio)
Weak Signals R/C Model Show

Bird watching and fishing events... (don't we have something like a salmon run in the spring in Perrysburg?)

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February 14-16, 2014: BASHCon XXIX! (University of Toledo Student Union, Toledo, OH)

Here at BASHCon, we're committed to serving the gaming community at our university, in our region, and across the country through our three main programs:

BASHCon, our annual convention,

BASHCon Jr., our annual charity fundraiser, and

The BASHCon Con Trade Program, in which we form trade agreements with other conventions to promote the convention scene nationwide

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Thank you for the input!

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Events scheduled for this Saturday, November 16, 2013. This is how my wife and I enjoy Christmas shopping.

  • Holiday Loop! - Bus Art Tour

Sites listing events:

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Don't forget, the Holiday Parade starts at 10 a.m. this Saturday as well. Come for the parade, stay to shop with jr and his missus!

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I agree with you too about this not knowing of events. There is a website that is hoping to be able to share events like this its

Maybe you could create a Toledo Events Calendar and sell it.

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"the Holiday Parade starts at 10 a.m. this Saturday as well."

Brutal weather is predicted for the parade start time with temps forecast to be only 35 to 40 degrees with breezy winds, and worst of all, it might be cloudy. Imagine, no sunshine in the Great Lakes Region in November. Hopefully, the parade is rescheduled for June to protect the rugrats and the rest of humanity.

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Pollyball -
Border Battle Bash -
Barefoot at the Beach -

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Web version will be free, but if you are thinking about a regular hard copy or paper calendar, not a bad idea. I always wanted to do something with the fire/police department to fund a teddy bear program for the kids of victims.

Thanks for the updates everyone!!!!

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