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What's the Lowdown on the Dew Point?

The spouse and I are late to the party because of our Luddite ways ... so we've only recently begun paying attention to the weather information as seen on TV. During most of the weather presentations, a dew point is specified, or a map of dew point temperatures across the region is shown. By looking online (and in a paper encyclopedia, lol) we can understand what a dew point is. But why does the average TV viewer need to know this? Is everyone (but me) making some mental calculation all the time and converting that dew point info to some practical, usable information? Thanks for any guesses and/or assistance.

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Dewpoint helps to represent how much moisture is in the air, which you know from your research. The bigger the spread in the dewpoint and temperature the more evaporation that will take place.

Why is it shared with the public? Some understand it and some don't. It has always just been there in most local weathercasts. Of course not every local weather broadcast is the same. Down here they are much more in depth and technical, but the local populace has been raised that way through the years and understands it. Go out to Southern California and its more about the on air personality getting face time so they can audition for that movie role they'll never get.

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