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Missing Person - Trenton Suzor

I have a Toledo's Missing - Lets Bring them Home Facebook page to help families post/share information about their loved ones children/teens/adults or senior citizens, either runaway, abducted or missing. Back in July, there was a news clip about this young man, Trenton Suzor, who was missing. Not much else was mentioned. And I never heard anything more about him.

A few days ago I decided to look back at past cases and see if I could find anything, this young mans information was never resolved. I asked for help from a Jerrie Dean, who is the chief blogger for Missing Persons of America. Within seconds she was able to give me Trenton's sisters name. I contacted her and she told me that he was still missing.
The person that was last with Trenton was a William(Billy) Wainscott Sr, the boyfriend of Tenton's mother. His sister Danelle says that he left everything, car, home, belongings, her and his dog. She states that he would never have left his dog.

I hope that you TTer's could help share this a story on your Facebook/instagram/twitter/social media.

Right now with the weather, I would not be able to put together a search team of the area that he was last seen at, Matzinger and Detroit Ave. But I will try to get it together as soon as there is a thaw.
Trenton would have celebrated his 21st birthday New Years Eve. Please help Danelle Schwerin get her brothers information out there and help bring him home.

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His mom Deb, has his car, his cell phone and his dog. The family (his dad's side, of course) searched the area, including the former enchanted forest last summer, within two weeks of his disappearance. Nothing was found.

He was not near Matzinger and Detroit.
He was with Billy Wainscott Sr. at Zinger's doing the kind of things that William Wainscott Sr. has been arrested for over the years. (Or in the parking lot.) So, the search last summer focused more on the area behind Zinger's and the former Enchanted Forest amusement park. There was nothing found.

Arrested for various types of theft over and over, Wainscott was arrested (again) in December 2013 on a charge of aggravated robbery with a deadly weapon. Maybe he is in prison now.

Where is Trenton's body Billy?

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Thank you for posting Justread. I was just relaying what I read on the news station and from conversations with his sister. Now that it is warmer I would like to try to gather a search party. But I am not sure how I would go about doing this.

Any TTer's have an idea or would like me to help the family search for Trent?

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justread, I sent you a prvt message

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