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Any outdoorsmen out there?

I have a bunch of buddies wanting to go to a wild game dinner. In looking around I see they kind of pop up all over, but generally the going rate is about $30, so we want to make sure to get the most bang for the buck (no pun intended)

does anyone know who has the best game dinner around?

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We normally attend one at St. Clements Hall at 3030 Tremainsville Road. For $30 you get to try unique food items, lots of door prizes and all you can drink pop and beer. Bring a pitcher for the beer so that way you can just take it to your table and not have to worry about waiting in line for everytime you need a refill. They also have take home boxes as there is normally too much food for everybody to eat.

My father purchases the tickets so I don't remember which hunt club puts the event on as several clubs do it at St. Clements but I can get you the time and date and which hunt club is when I get home.

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thanks! do they have decent raffles and drawings and what not?

posted by billy on Jan 13, 2014 at 11:21:22 am     #  

The Wolf Creek Sportsman Club puts it on.
Saturday February 15th starting at 5:30pm.

From what I can remember they served up deer, elk, elk sausage w/sweet cabbage, raccoon, muskrat, pheasant paprikash, walleye, goose gumbo, turtle soup, bear, and of course lots of desserts.

There were a lot of door prizes which range in a variety of smaller items. Several different games to play that you can either win guns, hunting trips, spa trips for the female companion, fishing trips etc. They also have 50/50 raffles and gun raffles.

This will be my third time going and there always seems to be something new and exciting happening.

However they do sell out quickly so you would need to purchase tickets asap. I found a phone number that they used to use but not sure if it is the same number: 419-691-2016

posted by justphillips on Jan 13, 2014 at 01:16:45 pm     #  

Have attended the Mujaw Bowman wild game dinner in the past, and survived. Benore Road.

The February 15th Wild Game Dinner tickets are on sale now on Wednesday nights at the club beginning in January. You can also purchase them by leaving a message at 734-848-4097.

Also $30

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I don't know where the "D" went. ^ "Mudjaw," of course.

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I use to go to one in Millbury every year but since I'm no longer dating the girl who got me tickets via her father I'm looking for an open one as well.

Seems these tend to be open only to members of the hunting lodge or friends of said member.

Good food, and good times :)

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The Blade did a story today about wild game dinners and listed all of them.

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