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Live music @ Robinwood Concert House 1/27

Sweet Talk (NYC)

Sweet Talk is an exciting new trumpet, guitar and drums trio based in Brooklyn, New York. This trio utilizes their unique musical chemistry to explore new ground in the area between free jazz and sonic improvisation. Their sound is diverse, incorporating energetic improvisations, eerie melodies and beautiful lyricism into interpreting Jake Henry’s often sadistic, always intriguing compositions. The band is comprised of trumpeter Jake Henry (student of Tony Malaby, Ralph Alessi, leader: Jake Henry Quartet, Duo with Sean Ali), guitarist Dustin Carlson (student of Brad Shepik, Kermit Driscoll, member: Sunshine Soldier, Mutasm) and drummer Devin Drobka (student of Bob Moses, Nasheet Waits, member: Sons of Daughters, Jerry Bergonzi Quartet). Sweet Talk has been performing since the beginning of 2011 and has to date completed two tours of Canada and the United States to captivated audiences.

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