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NW Ohio Industries: Furniture!

I never thought about this before, even though I was aware of some furniture production in Norwalk, and Sauder in Archbold. Now it seems that Allermuir (office furniture) is expanding in Monclova. Is a furniture industry one of the region's strengths?

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Not especially. I'm in the furniture industry and the only other ones I know of are Biofit in Bowling Green, LaZBoy (residential) in Monroe and MTS in Temperance. Sauder actually has two separate divisions in Archbold - one is the inexpensive particle board stuff you find at big box stores and they other is a manufacturing side with commercial grade products for healthcare, worship facilities and offices.

In my conversations with Allermuir I've been told that the main reason they picked this area is the 75/80 intersection - it just makes sense from a distribution standpoint. It would be great if other manufacturers also saw that benefit.

The two main manufacturing hubs for commercial furniture are Grand Rapids, MI and High Point, NC.

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Let's not forget the guys who produce "genuine Amish furniture" throughout the state :-)

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