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Enjoy reading your forums,but what I would like to know is anyones experience with the "airplane" pyramid. I purchased "ticket" for 250.00 at large party to move up on the plane. As this party was winding down I needed to move up again with another ticket purchase but chickened out and lack of people.Any how the plane crashed and next person who was to benefit from my purchase is still to this day (30 years later) pissed at me.

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posted by Foodie on Feb 09, 2014 at 08:14:05 am     #   2 people liked this

Talking about this maybe?

The Airplane game was a pyramid scheme active in the late 1980s in North America and Europe. The nomenclature of the various levels of the game involve participatory levels such as 'passenger', 'flight attendant', 'co-pilot' and at the top, 'pilot'. Typically, one would pay up to US$1500 to enter at the level of passenger, in the hopes of receiving a US$10,000-plus payout when one 'piloted out' at the top of the scheme.

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My experience with pyramid schemes? I stay the f**k away from them and counsel anyone who approaches me to stay the f**k away from them.

Nothing good can come from pyramid schemes, and even if you are one of the lucky few who manages to cash out, you will have a gazillion people pissed at you for taking their money.

Bad karma all around.

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I remember them in the late 70's. There was a social gathering called the "Ski Club" which was a Singles group that I knew of, that had members involved in Airplane Rides. I was asked but declined. I'm still very happy I did as I also know of people who were friends but are enemies now...

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I missed my chance to become independently wealthy and retire at 32 years old back in 1981 when my brother, Shotgun Bob, was going to TU. A seat on the airplane was offered to all qualifying college students, but neither of us bought one. I've been kicking myself ever since.

One of the guys who sat through the original presentation at TU started his own unofficial airplane and did pretty well for himself for a while, but then the Libyans bombed the airport and all the profits got burned up. He tried again with a new college, a new plane and a brand new twist to the old game involving stewardesses and VIP seat service. Again, he did real well for a short time, but then it turned out he was in violation of some health code or something and had to close down. Oh well.

But that's my only experience with the airplane scam.

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