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Basic cable or antennae?

I know this has been touched on in other threads, but I'd like to get recent experience.

Right now we have Roku's in our house and stream 99% of everything we watch. We have expanded cable, but never watch it.

We're going to get rid of expanded and go to basic cable just for the major networks, but could I get everything in basic with an over the air antennae?
Is it worth paying the $17/month for basic cable?

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Unfortunately our cable is our internet service, their is no option where I live for anything else but Charter cable, unless they still have satellite like directpc, but i heard that was gone.

posted by MIJeff on Feb 21, 2014 at 03:23:31 pm     #  

The only think basic cable will get you is QVC, CNBC, and BCSN. I get everything else from my antenna. Although, if you only have internet, like I do, Buckeye charges an extra $10/month for internet.

posted by jbtaurus98 on Feb 21, 2014 at 03:40:04 pm     #  

We have internet service from Buckeye and no cable. Our $65 tabletop antenna (bought from Radio Shack back when broadcasting was about to go digital) captures 5 local channels: ABC, CBS, NBC, PBS, Fox.

All of those channels have digital subchannels, mostly showing antique series like M*A*S*H and cooking shows and chat/informercials. There is a dedicated weather subchannel we've been watching a lot lately :-)

We only watch TV shows twice a week (except for Olympics and Super Bowl seasons). All the rest of our screen time is Netflix and free DVDs from the library.

posted by viola on Feb 21, 2014 at 05:54:56 pm     #  

With basic cable we can also see hallmark, CBC, wgn, and in a little lower quality discovery and bravo. I would have gone just antennae coupled with boxee, but someone else would die without one of those channels. I still use the antennae as it's hd.

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