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Lawn Restoration Suggestions

Hello all,

I am a resident of West Toledo, and I am looking to overhaul/restore my front lawn—tear-up, level, re-seed, etc. I was wondering if the community had any suggestions regarding lawn service companies with whom they have had good experiences.

Thanks for the input!

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We use Bill's Lawncare. He has done several jobs for us, including grading and restoring over land where a house was demolished, huge privacy fence and more. We trust him.

posted by gamegrrl on May 14, 2014 at 04:36:14 pm     #  

The best time to restore a lawn is in the fall. The ground needs to be 60 degrees for grass seed to germinate and early May will allow the grass to start, however it is also perfect time for weeds to germinate, so you end up with a grass and weed lawn. By starting in the fall ( Aug 15 and later) the seed will sprout quickly and since most weeds are warm season they will not compete with the grass. Grass is a cool season plant and has 2 growing seasons , spring and fall, Planting in the fall allows it goes thru 2 growing seasons without competition from the weeds. By them it will be so thick that the weeds will not be able to over take it.

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Hatfield Lawn and Landscape did exactly that to our front lawn last Fall. Grass is now beautiful. Al Hatfield has done a load of work for us a load of work for us, including weekly mowing. They do not do chemical applications though and suggest Land Art in Pburg.I

posted by RockChick on May 15, 2014 at 11:25:27 am     #  

We used Henry's Landscaping to bring in soil and hydroseed the half the lawn after the pool was put in a couple of years ago.

When the rain breaks again they're going to redo the rest of my front yard, scraping the old lawn off, droppping 7 yards of soil and hyroseeding.

I like Henry's because they hand seed the soil before they hydro seed. Henry's is who Black Diamond used to seed their lawn at their garden centers.

posted by SensorG on May 15, 2014 at 12:50:16 pm     #