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Has anyone tried Hot Pot & Asian Grill on Talmadge?

A friend of mine just tried this place today, and she couldn't say enough good things about it.

A terrible review was put forth in The Blade (but if you ask me, the reviewer was pretty darn clueless). I sort of recall a Toledo City Paper review, but don't remember specifics.

Heck, the dish loaded with spicy crayfish in The Blade article is enough to make me at least give the place a shot. I think it looks like a unique dining adventure!

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That Blade review was hilarious and the comments that followed on the Blade's website were priceless. The "critic" should be embarrassed! The City Paper's review is easy to find via Google.

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the blade review was a nightmare
we have visited once and it's definitely a work in progress
interest ingredient options for the adventurous eaters

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@upso: I am embarrassed by this review. I found the mall and NYC comments snarky.

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I really like the hot pot. I usually go every week.

My choice is the beef stir fry dish. I stay away from the hot pots. Cause I don't like to wait for boiled goose. Their sickness scale leans towards hot so be careful. The grill at the table is fun to watch and do.

We usually split the entrée, so dinner for two is just $8 each.
Staff is nice and it is very much like real food in china.

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^^ spiciness scale

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Do they have dry pot (ganguo) options? Not a big fan of hot pot food. Flavors get lost in the water but it is a fun dining experience with friends.

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Okay, here we go. I ate at the Hot Pot and wrote a review about it, which I partially reproduced here. You can read the full review (or not) as it amuses you to do so here:

Restaurant Review: Hot Pot & Asian Grill

For those of you who can't read, I've included a lot of pretty pictures, all of which are safe for the office.

The Toledo Blade did a review of the Hot Pot Grill, which I will not link to here. The restaurant reviewer didn't know what she was talking about, mainly because of her worldly experience (none), which was inversely proportional to her attitude - if the food doesn't look like a burger and fries, then what's it doing on my plate? I couldn't let that one slide, so this afternoon I went over to see for myself. Keep reading to get the straight money story on the Hot Pot and Asian Grill, and why people would want to eat there.

The trouble with this review is that I didn't have the hot pot for lunch. I saw that they had bibimbap on the menu, and I am here to tell you that bibimbap is some good eating. Plus I was by myself. I think if I'd had Main Lady with me, we'd have ordered the hot pot. Fortunately for me, I'm welcome back so I can get it next time. Plus, some people at the next table were having it and weren't a bit shy about sharing and telling me all about it.

The atmosphere at the Hot Pot is restful. The place has excellent acoustics, so if there are six drunks raucously celebrating a birthday at the next table they don't stand a chance of overwhelming the entire dining area. They have music playing softly in the background - smooth jazz classics, not elevator music - and the overall decor is tasteful without being pretentious. It's restful, and I enjoy that in a restaurant.

The service is well above average. I was greeted promptly and seated in some prime real estate next to the window. I mention this because the wait staff knows which are the most desirable tables and didn't make me ask for one. I was served promptly and my waitress was friendly. Contrary to popular belief, my waitress was fluent in English, and was quick to explain what a hot pot was and how to deal with it.

In summary:
Ambiance: 9
Service: 8
Food: 8

Overall Rating: 8 (out of 10)

I actually asked Kiki about The Blade review and she wouldn't talk about it at first. However, by applying my suave, charming personality, I got her to divulge that the Blade's reviewer started off by asking a bunch of questions that didn't make any sense. The reviewer was unhappy with everything, and "We tried really, really hard to please her, but she just didn't like anything."

I felt a little sorry about this. I said a little, guys; not a lot. These people are bringing a high quality restaurant to the area, they're doing a good job with it and through ignorance and a bully pulpit this overpaid reviewer cost them some business.

The staff, by the way, contrary to The Blade's review, are fluent in English.

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At least we know where we're going for the next meeting of the Toledo Talk Praetoriani.

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The fear of escalation and even violence should not be discounted and is another reason just to move. If people think I am jerk, I usually do not mind, for then I think they will not bother me. But when you register a polite complaint with neighbors they tend to go ballistic right away in their pride and arrogance, although what they have to be proud and arrogant about often escapes me. For example junior next door starts parking his monster truck in front of my house and I ask him to park it in front of his. Next thing I know mama comes over and starts cursing me out in an angry fit telling me in so many words what a terrible sob I am. I do not need that. Perhaps a lack of a sense of aesthetics go hand in hand with unstable personality disorders?

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lol, what?

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Pretty sure he meant to put this in the "neighbors parking on grass" thread. Either that or it's a restaurant I must visit immediately.

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The fear of escalation and even violence should not be discounted...

I concur. I officially request the Praetoriani Head of Security to arrive ahead of time and secure the area prior to the meeting.

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Okay you birds, let's have a little more respect around here. I, the illustrious, infamous and irascible Mad Jack, ruiner of reputations everywhere, I just got two (not just one, but two) email messages effusively thanking me for the excellent review I wrote about the Hot Pot & Asian Grill.

So for those of you who think I'm nothing more than an inebriated old tosspot curmudgeon who never said a nice thing about anyone without being compensated for it, well... all I have to say is this: Just who the hell do you think you are calling me old!


Take that, McCaskey!

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Dam Jack, have you ever had 50% of your blog readership email you on the same day before? :)

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justread posted at 07:53:44 PM on May 28, 2014:

Dam Jack, have you ever had 50% of your blog readership email you on the same day before? :)

Wise guy. Just for that, you're buying the first round.

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