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Shedding cat

My 7-year-old short hair cat has been shedding to the point that he has very thinning fur on both of his sides and back, causing some bald patches. I made an appointment with the vet for next week. My neighbor has suggested feline leukemia, which has me very worried. He is a little overweight, but otherwise very healthy, good appetite, plays with our younger cat, etc. He is up to date on vaccinations, including feline leukemia. He has been an indoor cat since I adopted him from the shelter. He got out once five and a half years ago chasing a stray into my neighbor's yard, where he got bitten before I could catch him a few minutes later. He was checked out by the vet the next day. He is my first cat and he has been such a great pet, very loving. I'm going to be so worried until his vet can see him. Just wondering if any cat owners have had similar experiences with their cats losing their hair. Thanks.

created by renegade on Jun 05, 2014 at 05:12:48 pm     Comments: 2

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If it just started, it could be seasonal and sounds like an allergy. I wouldn't think it was something as serious as feline leukemia. He would have very serious symtoms making him very ill. Another possibility is he might have fleas, which could make his fur thin. Changing his food, or introducing a stressor into his environment, i.e., a new pet, could also cause it. Your vet will probably take a blood test to rule out other issues. Good luck.

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Alopecia is also a possibility. Not just a human issue, happens to pets too.

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