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Another street-flooding rainstorm on June 25

First, the snark, since this is the Internet:

Blade - Fight against blight needs fresh ideas - "City's abandonment, ugliness must be reversed"

Fresh idea: Toledo should transition toward being the Venice of the Midwest.

Douglas Rd near Laskey on June 25, 2014

2.20 inches of rain fell in 90-minutes over West Toledo this afternoon, swamping some roads, during rush hour traffic. With that much rain falling in a short period of time, some street flooding is expected, I guess. Toledo Express Airport averages 3.57 inches of rainfall for the entire month of June.

This area must be a swamp because the anti-mosquito truck sprayed our neighborhood last weekend.

For some reason, the above stretch of Douglas Rd typically floods when we get a toad-strangler. The Douglas Rd flood zone is located by the Douglas Square Apartments, north of Gracewood, and just south of Laskey. I heard that Sylvania Ave flooded by the Family Dollar store near Drummond, and that's also a usual flooded spot.

Today is June 25. Same thing happened six years ago today.

Toledo Talk - June 25, 2008 - Heavy rain and the usual street flooding

Douglas Rd near Laskey on June 25, 2008

Toledo experienced a rough stretch of several torrential rainstorms during the June-July period from 2006 through 2008. I assumed it was some kind of Opal Covey curse because we chose Uncle Carty in 2005.

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The next time that little bar/restaurant along Douglas near Laskey changes ownership, it should have a nautical theme.

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Thanks for sharing previous posts and photos, jr. I don't recall this much rain at this time in the past, but obviously there was. My flowers and vegetables are getting a bit waterlogged. I can't remember the last time I had to water them.

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Have they considered storm water canals at all or do they try to just rely on storm sewers to get the water evacuated? Where I'm at down here use to be all swamp and lays pretty low. Flooding after any quick down pour use to be a huge issue. They've been working on redoing all the storm sewers in the city and also installing more drainage canals to get the water to the lake or river as quickly as possible.

This is an example from OKC, but ours down here aren't as sloped and wider.

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That spot on Douglas Road has always flooded. Long before the apartments were there, when it was just a field there. When Kwon's was a Red and White grocery store in the late 60s and Dominic's and Carlita's was the Gracewood Grill, it flooded.

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From my understanding the neighborhood (happens to be the one I live in) has some of the oldest, and smallest, sewer lines in the city. 3600 block of Garrison is currently closed because a sink hole opened up, and yesterdays rain made it much worse (to the point that they did close it over night, was closed before).

I'm not even sure how fixable the infrastructure is.

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Nothing like a good rain to clean the blight off the streets

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Nah. It's just wet blight.

posted by justread on Jun 26, 2014 at 10:30:30 am     #  

Wet blight.
Good one, justread !

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The city should change the name from Douglas Road
to Douglas Slosh.

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