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Best area(s) in the Old West End?

I've started looking at some houses in the Old West End. I know certain areas are considered pretty sketchy, while others seem much more safe and family friendly. I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions on specific streets and/or blocks I should either look at or avoid.

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I would definitely get a place with a garage. There is no way I would park on the street in the OWE.

I would recommend staying as close to Bancroft as possible. Also check AREIS on properties nearby and see if they are owner occupied or not and if the homeowners are current on their taxes or it looks like they are so far behind they will go into foreclosure soon.

I would also recommend doing a driveby at night time and get a sense of if the houses are occupied or vacant nearby.

And the utility bills on some of those homes are very high due to all the windows and poor insulation due to the age so be sure to check with Columbia gas over how much their utilities were averaging.

Not sure of your age, but if you have kids or planning on having kids, something else to take into consideration is the schools if you are planning on using TPS.

I like the old west end and would considering buying there if I could find a loft with a garage and that has been renovated and doesn't need a lot of repairs. There is no way you can duplicate the charm and layout of those homes and I like how the neighbors seem to all know each other, reminds me of a small town friendliness.

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I've been in the OWE for close to 10 years without a garage. It's manageable as long as you don't have a large yard and need a lawnmower etc...

Our neighborhood website has a lot of information:

Take a look at the historic map:

And then compare it to the Toledo Blade's crime map:

You'll notice that for the most part, as long as you plan to live within the historic boundaries you'll find yourself pretty safe. Contact if you have any specific questions about security.

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We live in the OWE, and have heard a lot of residents talking about car break-ins to the south of us, down near Virginia. We are just outside the bone fide historic boundaries, but are within the expansion zone. Our block is quiet, friendly, fairly crime-free and everyone knows everyone.

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Garages are great to have in OWE. But off-street parking without a garage works - we have parking behind our home. The issue most neighbors will have is kids walking down the street trying door handles... so don't park your car on the street with valuables in plain sight! Common sense is sadly not very common.

Agreed with the above in keeping within the historic district. I'd gather the guidelines/restrictions themselves do a great job keeping slum lords or those that are not willing to maintain their homes properly out of the area.

There are a lot of families in the neighborhood and parents on our private Facebook group plan play dates and kid events.

Upso posted some good links above.

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best areas in OWE - my rear view mirror

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Yes, keep out. :)

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