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Had never heard of this show until a couple of weeks ago, when one of the stars, Melissa Joan Hart (Sabrina, the Teen Age Witch), was being interviewed on GMA. Since we are in the season of reruns, I thought I'd DVR a couple of episodes, as it looked like a cute comedy that a family could watch (it's on ABC Family). The very first episode I watched I heard them mention Toledo. Turns out, that is where the show is based. It's a pretty good show, and almost every episode I have watched they mention Toledo. One they showed her drivers license (from Toledo OH), and last night I saw an episode where they actually had two pics of Toledo (though they were digitally altered, removing the names of the buildings and showing a nonexistent fountain). The pics were of Portside/Imagination Station, Hotel Sofitel/Best Western, and One Seagate. The other main star of the show is Joey Lawrence (child star from Gimme A Break, Blossom). The Hart woman plays a Toledo city councilwoman. It is the #1 Cable Telecast at 8:00 pm for the target audience of 18-49. Anyone else ever heard anything about this show? The high school they show is not one of ours, nor are any of the other references I've seen. Would be nice if they had some GENUINE Toledo items, like the "Do better in Toledo" shirts or Mud Hens stuff, etc. Maybe this is old new, but like I said, I never heard of it until recently...

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I have never watched the show, but I've had friends post clips of the show on Facebook that show one of the characters wearing a Mud Hens shirt.

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The creators of the show have no ties to Toledo - they just wanted an average Midwestern city. Google "Melissa and Joey Toledo connection" and you will find a long blade article about it.

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It's struggled for a few years now. Not really sure how it's even still on the air. Not because it's a bad show or anything, but it's never had a stable slot, has had frequent hiatuses, etc. Storyline is more or less a cross between the Tom Noe scandal, and Seinfeld's show within a show premise of the butler.

Anyway, I always thought this would've been a cool thing to cross-promote. Since it takes place in Toledo, they could have regular events happening here. They'd get people in Toledo interested in the show (and it needs viewers. If everyone in the metro area watched an episode, it would practically double their normal viewership). But, it just seemed to me that a show struggling to make it would be willing to entertain ideas like that.

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And, about it being the #1 telecast... I believe that's for summer, so not competing against actual first-air primetime shows.

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No, it's not #1 just for summer. Just for the age demographic I posted above for the 8:00 pm time slot ON CABLE. It has actually been renewed again and has already had 100 episodes, which I guess means it's successful. I've only seen a few episodes, so I didn't know about the Mud Hens shirt. I'll have to google that Blade article. Thanks, Mike21.

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Before she was Sabrina... She was Clarissa :)

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I've watched it a few times. She plays a city council- person, but they stay away from any real local issues, that I have seen. Every episode has a Mud Hens pennant or generic outdoor Toledo shot. It's a cute, family-friendly show, with the romantic tension between the two stars as its ongoing plot.

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I don't have cable but I just checked and this show is available on Netflix, which I do have. I'll have to check it out. Thanks for the tip.

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We've watched it since it started. My kids enjoy it.

They usually mention something about Toledo at least once an episode. It's often a fictional reference (ex-- Melissa excited to go to "best restaurant in Toledo" or "best salon in Toledo")

And, the nice thing is that the references often make Toledo sound more cosmopolitan than most people probably perceive us to be. :)

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I don't understand why someone above said that it doesn't have a stable time slot and goes on long hiatuses?

It has been in the same time slot since the premiere, and it's on every summer.

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Because summer is viewed as a time for shows that are either on their last legs, or not quite good enough to get a fall-to-spring slot. It's more or less a proving ground. Also, it's been "on" since it premiered a few years back, but never for consistent runs. Aug-Oct 2010, then June-Sept 2011, then May-Aug 2012, then May-Sept, Dec-June for '13/'14. Same time slot, sure, but there hasn't been a single consistent season yet. That, mixed with it being very summer-heavy, is usually a strong indication that a network is having hard time justifying the show. It's like a player sitting in AAA for 4 years. He's still there, but he isn't getting the call to the big time.

Again, as I said in that original comment, I'm not saying it's a bad show by any means, just saying it has suffered from its inconsistent airings. If that weren't true, we wouldn't have a thread 4 years in about the fact that everyone just found out it existed.

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For those of you who have some must watch weekly show there is always
Not sure if it has every single show but it does have a lot, on top there are several link to different viewers for the same show / episode.

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Unless the rest of the episodes are better than the first one I just sat through, this show is nearly unwatchable.

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It must lose something without Joey's inflection. :D

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justread posted at 07:46:51 PM on Jul 10, 2014:


It must lose something without Joey's inflection. :D

I got it. :)

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