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Pub Ride Saturday 7/12/14

This pub ride benefits kindergarteners. (yes, seriously)

Last pubride had about 85 or 90 people, aged from 21 to 80. It's a great way to meet new people and see parts of Toledo you might never otherwise see. Very fun, very easy riding (no speed involved at all). Bring a bike, a helmet if you want, and a lock if you have one (if not you can always find someone who will share).

Link @ FB:

If you donít have Facebook - from the event invite:

Time to ride the side which is best. And officially start our 2014 crayon drive.

The official cause for these rides is to collect crayons to give to local Kindergartners. Art is essential to quality of life and we hope to spark excitement in the future of our town by giving a small colorful gift to kids who could use an upgrade in the quality of their life.

Last year we were able to give away over 300 boxes of these wonderful little wax snacks and I hope to at least double that this year.

Meet at Wersells @7:30 for we roll at 8.

If you are bringing parking lot beers please bring cans. Last ride we had a broken bottle in the parking lot and we ended up with 5 flats on the way to the first bar. And I got a call from my boss in the AM and had to go sweep the lot. I would figure this would go without saying but if you break a bottle...PICK IT UP!

Lastly, for any PubRiders who MTB, we will be having a HangOver ride at the Poto on Sunday, time TBD.

Bring a Lock Bring a Blinkey Bring 24ct Crayola Crayons

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What about the bike less? Would like to join in. Got no bike.

posted by TrilbyGuy on Jul 12, 2014 at 01:58:54 am     #  

Next Pub Ride is this Saturday-too fun to miss-From The guy that organizes these things:
Meet at The Ottawa Tavern at 7:30, we roll at 8. I expect the last stop to be at Mutz. Plan accordingly.

We're continuing the crayon drive so please bring 24ct Crayolas. We have donated almost 100 boxes so far and can always use more as school starts soon.

I'm looking for some new ideas for this ride, send'um if ya got'um.

Details are subject to change please check this post before heading out.

Please take a moment to go over our new "code of conduct"

1. HAVE FUN (easy)
3. OBEY TRAFFIC SIGNALS ( what i do)
4. STAY TIGHT (cross intersections as efficiently as possible)
5. STAY RIGHT (leave room for cars to pass the group)
6. DON'T DRINK TOO MUCH (i ain't yo mamma, ask her what she thinks)
7. BRING 24CT CRAYOLAS (we donate hundreds of boxes of crayons to local kindergartners to help bring color to small lives)
8. NO OPEN CONTAINERS (this causes undue attention and real legal issues for the places we visit)
9. DON'T BE A DICK (see #'s 1-8)
10. GET HOME SAFE (paramount)

This event can/will only continue with your support. It is an amazing time with amazing people, please help keep it all going.

-the management

If you join-bring a blinky (light) and a lock-also consider a helmet.

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I feel like so many of life's problems could be solved if people would just adhere to bullet nine more often.

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I would like to point out that while the light and lock are a good idea, they're not mandatory. You're gonna be in a pretty big group and can likely find strangers who are willing to lock up with you.

I won't be able to make this one, but they are a total blast.

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