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Raw honey?

Aside from doing the beekeeping myself, where would I be able to get local organic raw honey?

I've been reading many reports about that helping with seasonal allergies, and since nothing else has worked, I'm hoping this will be my answer.


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My father in law might be able to help out. Not sure what qualifies as organic raw honey. Send me a pm

One other spot might be on Monclova road near corner of Jerome (south side). I believe I have seen honey and egg signs there.

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Hit the farmers market on Saturday. There are usually a few local honey purveyors.

Hit google too... seem to be a few links that pop up for Toledo Honey! :)

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Phoenix Co-Op if memory serves correctly...........

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Finding local sourced organic honey could be hard for it to be organic they must control that everything in the bees' flight range is organicly grown. Due to this you'll see most of your organic honey comeing from remote places.

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You might look here:

Some of these specifically say raw honey, some don't say whether it's raw or processed. The search area is somewhat small, so searching on different locations will yield different results. I didn't see any claiming their honey is organic but I didn't look long.

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Bench's on Route 2 might have it. Vaguely remember buying some there last summer. Not sure if organic, but it was local.

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We buy most of our honey from the Phoenix Earth Food Co-op, which sells at least two options, produced by local farmers who have their beehives in and around Toledo.

The product sold in the glass jar is relatively new at the co-op. I mainly buy what's sold in the generic plastic containers, which currently sells for six dollars per pound. The color varies. Sometimes the honey nearly has the color of maple syrup.

The 577 Foundation, located in Perrysburg, maintains beehives. They used to sell their honey. I assume they still have the building where you can walk inside to get a close-up view of working bees.

From their website:

Honey Bee Hives
Local beekeeper, Dan Bollett, takes care of 6-10 hives on The 577 Foundation property. These hives provide education on the life of the honey bee. The thousands of bees gather nectar from The 577 Foundation Gardens to produce honey. The bees also perform the vital function of pollination, helping the gardens to produce flowers & vegetables.

I've never attended a meeting, but I'm guessing these chaps have some info.

Facebook page : Maumee Valley Beekeepers Association

Founded by Dr. Mike Yanick, Maumee Valley Beekeepers meet at the 577 Foundation in Perrysburg, the third Tuesday of every month (except December) @ 7:00pm.

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try Worley's outpost up in Temperance

Address: 1671, Unit 3 W Sterns Rd, Temperance, MI 48182

Phone:(734) 224-7011

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