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Most beers on tap?

Which bar in the area has the most beers on tap? I know the Bier Stub has quite a list. I always like a good variety.

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Not sure who has the most beers on tap in town, and to be honest that number's usually misleading. I remember the beer bar/restaurant on Airport near Spring Meadows when it was open had a huge tap list which included Bud, Bud Light, Bud Ice, Bud Ice Light, Michelob, Michelob Ultra, Michelob Lite, Miller, Miller Lite, Miller Ice, Miller Ice Light, etc.... 3/4 of their taps were macro beers.

Best quality tap list which rotates frequently is Swig. You absolutely can never wrong going there for beer or food, and watch them on FB for tap takeovers or rare beer tappings like their annual pull of Founder's KBS.

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Yep, swig. You can't go wrong. If you sit at the bar for an hour, you'll likely see at least one or two taps rotate out as they blow.

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"You can't go wrong."

I can go wrong if they don't have a Belgian-style beer available.

Currently, The Attic offers La Trappe Dubbel on tap. That's a fine Trappist beer. We enjoyed a couple of those on Saturday night, during SoundTrek. Only 10 "official" Trappists breweries exist in the world.

Last Tuesday at Mutz, we liked the Maumee Bay Brewing Company's newly-released Red Saison.

I heard that Ye Olde Cock n' Bull has a large selection of beers on tap, but I have not surveyed the place.

Thank you for this thread. I need to pay closer attention to what's happening. Look at Swig for today.

This should be a national holiday in our country.

Chimay and Rochefort are Trappist breweries. I've enjoyed the Blue and Red labeled Chimays. I have not tried the Chimay Trippel, so hopefully Swig still has some left later this evening.

You can find bottled Rochefort at local stores like The Andersons, and both the 6 and 10 are excellent. The Rochefort 10 ABV is over 11 percent. It's a quad. Even the IPA-loving hopheads should try the Rochefort 10 at least once.

I have not tried Duvel. That's an old brewery. Framboise, not a fan of lambics. Ommegang is a New York state brewery that produces Belgian-style beers. The Bier Stube offers an Ommegang Abbey Ale (Dubbel) on tap.

At the moment, we definitely prefer Belgian style beers, although the imperial stout that we brewed back in March is aging well, and it tastes amazing. We brewed a Belgian Dubbel on Saturday. A few days ago, we opened the Belgian Trippel that we brewed last month. One evening this week, we need to bottle the Saison that we brewed on July 4. And this weekend, we'll brew a Belgian Wit, again, during a large group brewing day.

We brew one-gallon and five-gallon batches. The one-gallon batch is great for testing beers, and it can be done on the stove top, using a pasta pot and other kitchen equipment. It's easy. It takes about 3.5 hours to brew an all-grain one-gallon batch. An extract one-gallon batch takes a little over two hours. Most of the time is spent waiting around. Well, it's not wasted time since we're drinking beer and eating. Brewing beer, post-boil, requires a lot of attention to sanitizing.

Five-gallon batch brewing requires more and bigger equipment, so the initial cost is higher. I enjoy one-gallon batch brewing, and we like using the info from the two books produced by the Brooklyn Brew Shop.

Titgemeiers can get you hooked up on equipment and ingredients. And it's fun to visit homebrewing supply stores, such as Home Brew Ohio in Sandusky and the large store called Adventures in Homebrewing, located in Ann Arbor.

It was my wife's idea early this year to try homebrewing. I was reluctant because for some reason, I thought homebrewing beer was a complicated and difficult task. But after watching other homebrewers make wort, and after I tasted several home brews, I was interested.

If you are used to cooking or canning, then homebrewing beer should be no problem. It's fun, and the results are surprising. For my evening beverage of choice, our homebrews have replaced red wine. Our imperial stout was an attempt to clone the Maumee Bay Brewing Company's Total Eclipse Breakfast Stout. While obviously not at the level of the MBBC's fine beer, we'll definitely brew our stout again.

And brewing beer, like making naturally-leavened sourdough bread, contains a lot of science if you are interested in that kind of thing. You don't have to know the science. You can simply follow a recipe and be fine.

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Ahhhh... belgian beers. :) They often have at least one on draft, tho not always. they DO have a bunch of very nice belgian bottles (Rochefort for sure!) in the cooler by the bar itself. You can walk up and check them out.

I am not a huge belgian fan, but I used to be. Might have to show up tonight. If you're there at swig and see me (look for a bearded in a bright orange/red polo :)) say hi!

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I'm hoping to stop by tonight! I'm overdue for some hot feta dip and a Chimay.

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If they had Ulmer MeŁnster Hefe Weizen I would live there.

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great, now i want a beer. thanks guys

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We are always looking for good German beers on tap. We used to go to Doc Watson's when they had Warsteiner on tap. I am not of fan of the trendy overly hopped microbe era that are ubiquitous today.

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Jr, homebrewing is indeed fun. I do about a brew a month. Brews I like are 5 gallons, experimantal are usually 1 gallon. Have a one gallon vucumber ale bottle conditioning right now. Goal there is a fairly light body with a flavor sense of cucumber water.

AIH in Ann Arbor is a great resource, thanks to them I have 5 gallons of mead working and will be starting a hard lemonade this week.

To the original poster, I miss the selection that the Blarney used to have. Cock anc Bull is good when they actually have stuuf, more often than not I am told they are out of the taps I want to try.

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A fine night tonight. We visited Swig for Chimay Trippel, Rochefort 8, and the Duvel. I liked the Duvel a lot. Had the Chicao-style dog. Great weather for sitting outside. My Stepdaughter came along tonight, so we're educating her on brewskis. And now we're at The Attic for the LaTrappe Dubbel. Damn monks know what they're doing.

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Talk about a great monday!

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What is it with all the bitter beer these days??? You can drink Hemlock if you like it bitter, but give me a sweeter tasting beer.

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Belgian-style beers, the ones I like, are low in IBU. It's all about the funky Belgian yeast for me.

If it was socially acceptable, I would douse myself in Wyeast Trappist HG 3787 instead of velvet.

My Stepdaughter ordered a lambic at Swig, Frigging kids. I don't know how a lambic is a beer even if it's a Belgian.

At least she liked the LaTrappe. Small moves.

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I'm a huge fan of bitters and sour beers!

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sure wish i lived a lot closer to swig ... and VI for that matter ! i would certainly have been there.

i may have mentioned this before... denver has a new all sourmash taphouse sharing space with some restaurants in a warehouse just south of downtown. 10 or 12 different sours when i was there and a crowd who clearly was on board with their efforts.

bitters in the form of IPAs have over run the market... i love them but they have crowded out taps and shelf space for a broader range of beers in many places. similarly, some bars will carry shock top, blue moon, summer shanty at the same time ... all too sweet for me... but miss out on other style of beers completely.

to a certain extent i have stopped brewing just because there are so many great micros out there...

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Spring and Summer are always greatly overrun with IPA's and anything hopped up. You can have a beer with over 100 IBU and not be bitter (Sixpoint Hi-Res comes to mind). It's all about balancing the malt and hops.

I've only been into craft for about 2 years, and the beers that brought me into craft were Belgians. Stouts and Belgians are my favorite by far, but I appreciate roughly any style from flanders red to sour to hefeweizen to whatever. I currently trade beer with folks from Cali, Texas, Oklahoma, Virginia, Pennsylvania, and Maine just because I want to try as many different breweries beers that aren't available in our area.

If you ever get bored, swing by Marino's, Holloway Beverage Center, Anderon's (any), or Liquor Cabinet up in Temperance. All have great selections and a wide range of styles. Personally, Marino's has about the best consistent prices, and is my go-to shop for normal shopping.

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Oh and for drinks, well Swig is hard to beat.

The Local on Airport has all craft on tap, and a pretty good selection at that (check them out on Facebook).

If you ever pop into the casino, go into the Final Cut bar. They recently switched up to pretty much all craft taps, and they have bottles of Belgians and other beers available as well. If you get adventurous, their barrel aged manhattan (or take on one) is pretty stellar.

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Swig has a great quality selection with 19 taps. Cock n Bull is equally impressive in terms of quality, but with 35 taps. Cant go wrong with either.

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If up Ann Arbor way, check out World of Beer on South University about a block in from Washtenaw Ave. Its in the ground level of the fairly new residential/commercial tower on S. University.

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For the record, the Bier Stube has 74 taps with 64 different beers and ciders.

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