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Toledo Water Department video
This is over a year old.

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Just found this on a search for past Toledo water rates, it is from April 2013, I don't know where they found the shills at the end of the video to five the correct answers to the videos proposed questions. My only question is if most of the equipment is from 1941, what did they do will all the money they have collected for the last 73 years?

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I would imagine most of that money was spent on labor costs, and the ever-increasing cost of treating Lake Erie water. When that plant was built, some cities and towns were still pumping raw lake water into their distribution system, and pumping raw sewage back into the lake...and it was perfectly legal. A lot has changed since then, and it is not at all uncommon for an instituton of that type to hold off on of replacements or upgrades until the existing equipment is nearing the end of its useful life.

That's just a most recent snapshot, but it gives some idea of what goes in to water treatment. Those are good paying jobs, so labor costs are high...and since I know this is coming: if you do some research, you'll see this is generally true whether a particular municipality is unionized or not. Water treatment is no joke...wages are high because it is a job that requires skills and attention, and there can be serious consequences for screwing up (don't believe me? read this:

That's not the whole picture, though. Look in that budget report, and you'll see that they set aside $11,000,000 for lime disposal alone. To see where all the money went over the past 73 years, of course, we would have to look at some historical budgets, which I was not able to find online. Even so, it's not hard for me to believe that the water department wouldn't have a cash surplus on hand. Water treatment has steadily grown in costliness over the past several decades, and charging up front in order to build a nestegg is about as popular as rates hikes are.

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