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TV News coverage of unsolved murder tonight?

I've been seeing "teasers" I think on Channel 11 that they'll be looking into an old unsolved murder during the 6:00 news broadcast but I can't find anything promoting it on their website. Do I have the wrong channel or have I dreamed it up entirely? I haven't heard a name mentioned but it looks to be an older woman. Friends think it may be about an elderly woman who was killed in Bryan several years ago. Does anyone know anything about this?


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channel 13 just mentioned they are covering it at 6 pm

posted by maumee on Jul 24, 2014 at 05:25:19 pm     #  

I believe it was about the elderly woman killed in beau a few years ago.

Did anyone see it? I wasn't home to watch the news.

Hopefully the renewed the attention helps bring tips to solve the case.

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This month, Blade writer Taylor Dungjen began making blog posts about unsolved Toledo murders.

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