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Reporting Crimes in Toledo

I had my deadbolt to the service door of my garage broken. Someone tried to break-in but did not succeed. But I could not get in my garage so my brother busted the frame of the door so that we could get in. I had to replace the whole door but the garage itself was secure. My next door neighbor (who had a less secure door) had his lawnmower, weedeater, and other tools stolen. I called the police that afternoon (this was last Sunday), and the officer asked if I wanted to come to the station, or wait for them to call. I opted for the call (for which I am still waiting). Too bad TPD has not opted for an on-line reporting system. This might actually make me think they want to "take a bite" out of crime.

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I called the non-emergency number this afternoon. After cycling through the recording that someone would get to me three times I checked the police website. Not much help there. I like the police cameras but so much more could be done to make it easier to contact police without going through the emergency system. I wonder what the crime stats would be if it was easy to report all crime.

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I had a similar crime and stopped by the police station to make a report. Was done in 10 minutes. The NW station I believe is open until 4 pm and Scott Park is open 24 hours. I do agree that online would be easier. I wonder how underreported these types of crimes are.

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Does anyone know of any cities that are successfully using online crime reporting? I was thinking about it this morning, and while it could be a totally useful tool, it could also open up the flood gates in a way that might be hard to prioritize response.

I would love to see successful examples of this being done.

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The neighbor who had his lawnmower stolen did not realize until yesterday that the hand tools he was not using were only handles now. Apparently, they took the metal part to the scrap yards.

I will probably go over to the police station tomorrow to report. My brother told me that that report might cause the police to patrol more around here. He said that if he had stayed in this neighborhood he would have killed someone by now. It has been a while since something like this has happened to me. I just count myself lucky.

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Upso, I just checked and it is being done in Sacremento, CA. Also, Orange County, FL is using a system. Though the percentage of total reports seems low (<4%) there were significant savings from the process. I

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A neighbor told me about a deal at Harbor Freight before I had my stuff stolen. I went there the day I replaced my service door. It is a small sensor (about the size of pint jar of pickles) with a receiver of similar size. It goes off with motion (when a person enters the garage). My neighbor and I now both have them. They must be on the same frequency because my receiver goes off when he enters the garage. That might be a good thing because I am aware when he comes home from work at night, and check to make sure it is him and not some stranger in the garage. Anyone observing might note that there are two pairs of eyes and ears watching now. It cost me $16.00 plus $9.00 for a two year warranty.

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