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Downtown Warehouses (801 Wash. & Berdan)

Anyone know what might be in the works for the warehouse building at 801 Washington? All I can find is it was purchased for $1.03 million in July 2013.

I have also heard about the redevelopment of the Berdan building, but I am not finding much info about it since last December.

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Is 801 Washington the old Xerox building? If so, I'm not sure anything is taking place there at the moment. Across the street is the old East Street Cafe which is being turned into condos. They've been working on that for a while.

In other threads the Berdan building project has been mentioned many times. It's being rehabbed but some have said the developer is focusing on other projects at the moment. The developer is based out of Michigan and has projects here, but also in Detroit, Flint and elsewhere.

If you hit the Toledo Blade website and search for "berdan building" you'll get more info on the project. Good info starts on the second page of results.

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Now I'm interested to find out more about 801 Washington. I drive by it multiple times every day and there has definitely not been any movement inside that I've noticed for the last year.

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I was told a Chinese investor (different one then those who bought the marina) bought that one. No idea what they will do if anything. A lot of Chinese buy property in the US just as a hedge and do nothing with them.

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I've been told the same as ramblingman. Chinese investors buying it with intentions of it being renovated, but not necessarily doing it themselves. ie, holding it until an opportunity comes along.

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Also, I've heard it insinuated that the projected second half '14 start time for Berdan may be in jeopardy, but that the project is still a go.

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Drove past the Berdan building at lunch time today, and Waste Management was exchanging an full 20 yard dumpster for an empty one. So, they're definitely down there working on it!

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Just curious if these 2 locations downtown had any activity recently.

posted by thewebboy on Aug 05, 2015 at 02:16:24 pm     #  

Well noticeable construction has started on the Berdan building. Not sure why you would start outside construction at the end of October, but it's a step in a right direction.

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I believe they are shoring up the building for winter.

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Saw an article on FB yesterday (that i can't find now offhand) - they're starting development to have 150ish residential units ready to go by 2017. I might be off on details and don't have time to look it up today.

posted by endcycle on Oct 23, 2015 at 11:10:50 am     # Here you go. Thanks to nwood linking in another thread.

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