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Apple Store coming to Franklin Park

Nice to see this finally happening. Higher end store and definitely nice to see Apple have confidence in the Toledo market. Been a long time in the waiting.

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This may put a hurting to the longstanding business of MacCafe, which is right across the street.

But I do agree, it's nice to see a large tech company have the confidence to open a retail store in Toledo.

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^^^ @webrioter

Also, Cnet reports that the iPhone 6 will be release in the fall, as well. Also, a rumored phablet (phone & tablet combo) will either follow or be released at the same time. WooHoo!

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Great news indeed! An Apple store and a (strongly rumored) Whole Foods. Damn! Toledo finally gets on the map. Unless, of course, our mayor and city council find a way to screw it up - food truck style.

I recently read that Apple had told it's suppliers to gear up for the larger screen iPhones. I'll be looking forward to the 5.5 inch model - and, hopefully, something faster than the snail like speed of my current 4S with 3G.

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Unless, of course, our mayor and city council find a way to screw it up - food truck style.

LOL! food-truck style... Very amusing, indeed!

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Great news. I'm tired of having to visit apple stores when I travel or drive to ann arbor for support. Will be nice to have a local store.

I read the article in the Blade on the Apple Store and can't believe the whining by the owner of Mac Café. Maccafe provides no support at all on Iphones, the apple store will provide free support at the Tech Bar for apple products for free even if they weren't purchased there. And the hours-MacCafe closes at 6, apple store is open mall hours.

If the MacCafe wanted to compete they should have been open better hours

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I don't know about the retail locations in other cities, but the Apple Store that I go to in my city has service that's second to none. It really shocked me in a very good way.

The last time I went, it was packed and right before closing (my phone froze during a software upgrade and I was scrambling to get it fixed after work), but somebody greeted me at the door, typed my info into her iPad, directed me to the person who would help me, and they fixed the issue even though it required them to stay about 20 minutes after closing.

I'm glad Toledo is getting a store and hopefully the service is as good as what I've experienced.

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@clt212 - Almost identical experience in the stores I am visited.

posted by paulhem on Jul 31, 2014 at 03:12:20 pm     #  

"hopefully, something faster than the snail like speed of my current 4S with 3G"

A fun conspiracy theory from a Jul 27, 2014 NY Times story

I often grumble to my graduate students that every time a new iPhone comes out, my existing iPhone seems to slow down.

Laura Trucco, a Ph.D. student in economics at Harvard, followed a hunch. She wanted to see whether my experience was unique.

When people become frustrated with a slow phone, she reasoned, they search Google to figure out what to do about it. So, in theory, data on how often people search for “iPhone slow,” as provided by Google Trends, can measure the frustration globally.

The charts show the results, which are, to say the least, striking. In the top chart, there are six distinct spikes, and they correspond to releases of new iPhones.

At a minimum, this shows that my experience is not unique. Yet that’s all it shows: People suddenly feel that their phone is slowing down. It doesn’t show that our iPhones actually became slower.

Wouldn’t many business owners love to make their old product less useful whenever they released a newer one? When you sell the device and control the operating system, that’s an option [through software updates].

"Unless, of course, our mayor and city council find a way to screw it up - food truck style."

No problems will occur unless the mayor and city council learn that iPhones are assembled in China.

Jul 31, 2014 MacRumors story :

Apple may be planning to launch the iPhone 6 on Tuesday, October 14.

Apple is also said to planning a media event for Tuesday, September 16.

... a report last week claimed that Apple is planning a mid-September event for the iPhone 6 and iOS 8, which would be followed by an October event showcasing the iWatch, OS X Yosemite, new iPads, and new Macs.

It is unknown if an October release for the iPhone 6 would include both the 4.7-inch and 5.5-inch version, as recent rumors have pointed toward several production issues plaguing the larger model.

It is possible that the 5.5-inch may launch later in the year or in 2015 after Apple can produce enough devices.

In addition to a larger screen, both versions of the iPhone 6 are expected to feature a thinner profile, a faster A8 processor, and an improved camera.

"4.7 and 5.5-inch iPhone 6 mockups compared to iPhone 5s"

What will the iWatch look like? People enjoy designing concept images.

"iWatch concept by Todd Hamilton"

"Traditional watch-style iWatch concept by Gábor Balogh"

My main news app on the iPhone is Circa, and it should transition well to the iWatch.

But really, as long as Yo works on the iWatch, that's all that matters.

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upso posted at 05:39:24 PM on Jul 31, 2014:


Let's try that again.

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I receive a Yo on my iPhone every time a new comment or thread post is made at ToledoTalk. It's not quite the same as warning people of incoming missiles. Those wacky kids, creating fun stuff. Yo API.

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ma bell had it right...without an app...or a "café"

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