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No word yet on whether any OSU band members were involved Democratic gubernatorial nominee Ed FitzGerald has canceled two campaign events for today and called a press conference for 2:30 this afternoon, likely to discuss a suburban Cleveland police record from two years ago that said police happened upon him and another person in a car in an otherwise a vacant parking lot at about 4:30 a.m.

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"A caller who reported the car to police said that it had been parked in the lot for about a half hour."

Man... who is that person? Who is so mad at the world that they see a car parked in a parking lot with people in it in the middle of the night, and says "I better get the cops involved!"

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It's called block watch in some areas. Car with two people at 4:30a in a place where cars aren't usually seen.

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Block watches are great when it's 4:30am and there's a group of kids in the neighbor's hard that look like they're up to something. A car in an empty parking lot? Who cares?

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*neighbor's yard


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well it appears that someone did hence the late night call. not knowing anything about the area if it is a more affluent area maybe the caller was worried about break ins, a less affluent area maybe drugs or something else. the caller has retained a lawyer to avoid the annoying press inquisition

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Johio83 posted at 04:43:54 PM on Aug 01, 2014:

*neighbor's yard


This has been suggested for years, and my answer has been the same: No.

The edit function exists for the post that starts a thread, but I will not enable the edit function for comments because its misuse could foul a thread.

The best edit feature for comments is proofreading and being careful with autocorrect.

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10 years with no driver's license? That I don't get.

Not wanting a date with Joanne Grehan to end, I understand.

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