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What's Your Emergency Preparedness?

Seems like a good time to bring this up ... my friends in CA keep all kinds of earthquake supplies around (and they do things like putting one pair of shoes in a plastic bag under the bed, so they can walk out across yards of broken glass if necessary).

I have a 1-month supply of canned goods in the pantry, about 20 gallons of water in various bottle sizes, and a rain barrel that is useful for about 7 months per year. Candles, flashlights, kindling and wood for the firepit. Bleach and water filters. Extra blankets and a futon in case we need to take anyone into our home.

The Spouse has an emergency radio. I try to buy wine by the case so I can weather any storm in comfort. I don't want to get into any gasoline storage, so when the zombie apocalypse comes, I'll be riding my bicycle :-)

What else makes sense for us in NW Ohio?

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I don't have one, honestly. After this latest fiasco, however, I will put something together, probably water, canned goods, etc.. The stuff that will make you go crazy, in the event you would have to actually live off of it, for a time.

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We generally have a few weeks worth of food in the pantry and refrigerator/freezer. We tend to buy a lot of items in bulk at Costco, so we always have a lot of paper towels, toilet paper, soap/shampoo, and toothpaste on hand.

We normally have a couple of cases of bottled water in the house or cars; prior to this water crisis, we had about a case-and-a-half of 16-ounce bottles.

We have some firewood, and we purchased three rain barrels a few years ago (I only use for the gardens, but in a pinch this would be better than dehydration).

I keep flashlights ready and have backup batteries, and I generally have a few gallons of gas on hand.

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I'm just setting up a new residence after the spouse and I split, so my preparedness for food/supplies is zip; will have to work on getting a backstock.

But I have plenty of firearms and ammo (just depends what type of emergency we're having), and my parents live 15 minutes away and have a generator, freezer stocked with food and well water so that is my back-up plan.

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Only need two things: a fish hook and dry powder.

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I often come across fishing paraphernalia while hiking ... maybe I'll save some of it so I can catch myself a meal. If I am motivated enough, I can probably figure out how to catch a fish. Otherwise riverbank fishing seems a little boring to me :-)

Costco has played a big part in our preparedness, I have to admit. They have a multipack of flushable baby wipes which have become our hand-washing substitute during the current water crisis. We have a big box of wax paper food service sheets -- hence, no need to go out to buy paper plates -- and a few cases of their bottled water.

Even their giant fruit juice bottles get reused for additional water storage. It would appear that fruit juice bottles have a better quality of plastic content, so chemicals don't leach into the stored water long-term.

Sorry to hear about your current situation, MrsArcher. Or maybe it's an improvement, in which case, congratulations!

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I do not include firearms in the category of "emergency preparedness," and I would probably create the new category of "apocalypse preparedness" for the guns. :-)

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Mrs. Sohio takes care of our emergency preparedness from a practical standpoint, so I could even begin to tell you what she has in her bag of tricks. She nailed all that stuff down years ago, when we became foster was part of that deal.

Me? I curate our list of "desert-island" albums, so that, in case of emergency, we will not be without excellent tunes. I keep cassette copies of each one (more durable than CDs, and less likely to be stolen if we get looted; who wants cassettes???), along with two old cassette Walkmans, two pair of earbuds with a splitter-wire, about 100 batteries, and hand-written "liner notes" on each tape, to give us something to talk about to ward off boredom. We'll be rockin' through the crisis in style.

The list:


We're all set.

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*could NOT even begin to tell you...

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I like your choices, Sohio. I want to put together a playlist for autumn moods (I do a lot of highway driving). Do you have any suggestions? I like old rock, some country/bluegrass, singer-songwriter stuff, Motown, 70s-80s bands, old Top 40 ... thanks.

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As a matter of fact, I DO, viola. But, I don't want to take this thread too far off-topic...shall we continue this conversation in the entertainment forum?

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I'll leave this here:

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Sohio, I will meet you over there in a few ...

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