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Curiosity question about cable regulations

My research of why we couldn't watch an nbc affilate during the feud between Buckeye and WNWO indicates that WNWO requested an exclusive agreement and was granted one by the FCC. There is no other NBC affiliate now on Buckeye's system. I would have liked to watch the golf tournament over the weekend but couldn't because of the water crisis on all local stations. My question is why don't channels 13 and 11 also request this same agreement? Not a matter of importance just one of curiosity.

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We have noticed that it is becoming common practice for all major networks to determine which local affiliate you can watch based on your geographic location. This is happening as local retrans agreements expire and that is what happened with NBC and also Fox last year with us. We still have existing contracts with 11 and 13 but when those contracts expire, we can expect the same exclusive agreements.

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My parents live in Temperance and since Buckeye negotiated with Sinclair, they no longer receive 24. Fox 36 isn't available in Bedford after Buckeye restored it to their Toledo viewers. And, I believe, Channel 4 (NBC) from Detroit will show infomercials if 24 is showing the same program. Weird to watch Channel 4 news and programming and at 8:00 pm, it's literally like someone flips a switch and NBC programming is replaced with Vince Shlomi and his Sham Wow.

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