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Shockingly Great Dinner at Uncle John's

The young man who now owns the stodgy old pancake house is trying new things for supper. There is a special menu which you will be handed if you look like you're not there for the typical breakfast-at-suppertime pancake extravaganza.

There are several entrees served as a 2-for-$22 deal: one appetizer, two entrees (with salad and sides), one shared dessert. The entrees were really, really good, and the generous portions ensured that we had plenty of leftovers.

We ordered beef medallions with blue cheese, and baked chicken with a savory, creamy sauce. The spouse got a baked potato and I requested vegetable mix, which included yellow carrot coins, peapods, and broccoli. In fact, the chicken sauce mixed with the side veg would have been a mighty fine meal all by itself.

Bottled beer is now available, along with Woodbridge wines.

We are definitely going back soon. It was a pleasant, low-key surprise. You might have to ask for the special dinner menu.

created by viola on Aug 06, 2014 at 12:05:30 pm     Comments: 6

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This is great news! I have always loved Uncle John's anyway, and now I have a new reason to visit.

So what did you have for dessert?

posted by gamegrrl on Aug 06, 2014 at 12:56:17 pm     #  

Carrot cake :-)

posted by viola on Aug 06, 2014 at 01:58:13 pm     #   1 person liked this

Hey, is this a really new thing, this dinner service? Like really, really, new? Like so new, nobody knew what they were doing? We needed to make a trip to Costco, so I treated The Hub to dinner after reading your review and it was a fiasco.

We walked in at 5:45 and they were not busy, 18 people including us and 4 servers working, but the wait time for everything after we were seated was horrendous and the food iffy.

The app we chose was buffalo wings, the high-point of the evening as it turned out, even tho the waiter didn't bring any side plates and we used our only napkins to clean the table of our ranch drips. The app came out 15 minutes after the salad and we waited 25 minutes after that for the entrees. Two people who were seated after us got their food first (I had nothing else to do but look around and notice stuff). I also noticed 2 people walk out about 10 minutes after they were seated, a tad upset about something, and saw one of the older waitresses follow them into the parking lot.

The Hub got the beef medallions (3) and they, and the potatoes, were lukewarm. I got the ribs and they were so overdone I had to eat them with a fork. My fries were underdone and lukewarm. They were out of carrot cake so we got the turtle cheesecake...tasty but the texture of a Jello box mix.

The waiter kept coming over and apologizing for this and that, he's not the cook, ya know, giving us a story about his book fell in the water (he was using a piece of folded notebook paper and my husband found it laying in the foyer when we left and handed it to him) and what did we order again? and which potatoes? We told him he never asked us which potatoes the first time. Right before our food came out, The Hub asked him if we ordered the wrong thing, like a dish that took longer to cook or something, and he said that the ribs take 15 minutes and he couldn't tell them to start the ribs until we were half done with our other food. That was BS and we ALL knew it.

Maybe the kitchen guy was working alone, maybe out waiter was brand-spanking new, because the whole deal felt like the first night of a new opening with all new staff. We might go back and try it again, they were no more expensive or cheaper than other places we go, but I think I'll go back to breakfast for dinner.

posted by nana on Aug 07, 2014 at 11:48:14 pm     #  

The notion of getting any meal and it being good at Uncle John's makes my head spin. I wish them the best, but I have never had a decent meal at that establishment.

posted by upso on Aug 08, 2014 at 12:57:51 am     #  

Like I said, the wings were pretty damn good. We were wishing we had just ordered a big plate of those. We eat wings at lots of places and these were really different, more like the originals. No breading, very crispy, and the heat was just right and mostly hit you after you were done eating. We'll go back just for those. :)

posted by nana on Aug 08, 2014 at 07:58:37 am     #  

Do they still do all you can eat pancakes weekly?

posted by endcycle on Aug 08, 2014 at 09:32:45 am     #