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Well Water Testing

We have lived at our house for 14 years, and our well water hasn't killed us yet. But, after all the hoopla last weekend, it has me curious about whether or not there might be something in it that is sloooowly killing us.

I'd like to get it tested, but I don't want to call the Health Dept, because if there is some kind of issue with it, I sure don't want to open a can of worms.

I've been told that since it is a deep well and not a point well, that's a plus as far as quality of water, but who knows. I'm not well-educated enough on this area to know for sure . ( See what I did there ? )

Anybody know of any reputable places to get it tested, that aren't crazy expensive ?

created by foodie88 on Aug 07, 2014 at 03:00:05 pm     Comments: 7

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Test it yourself. I have a well and use a kit like these.

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I have tried those kits a couple of times in the past, but the results were never even close to being consistent. I once tried three different kits at the same time, and all three were completely different results. But then again, maybe that was my fault.

Duh. I never even thought to call Culligan.

Thanks TT'ers !

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Culligan, well....(see what I did there), they'll just try to upsell you into something like a reverse osmosis system.

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From all the complaints I read on the web, I am not sure I would ever buy a Culligan system, we are thinking about something for the house since were on well water, anyone have a decent system, either water softener or just a drinking water system they absolutely just love, along with still liking the company that installed it?

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The only lab I could find that was certified to test water was Jones & Henry in Northwood. My son used them when he purchased a home with a well.

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