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Where to stay in Detroit - going to see the Tigers

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Hubby and I are going to a Tigers game soon and want to stay a couple of days in the Detroit area. Is it better to pay a little more for a downtown hotel or stay somewhere like Dearborn instead? We like the idea of being able to walk to the game and such. Any suggestions?

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Greektown Casino is about one mile from Comerica, if that's your thing.

My wife has to go to Detroit overnight every few months for work. The last few times we went, we stayed at the Westin Book-Cadillac and the Doubletree Fort Shelby. Both are historic hotels that those companies spent a lot of money to resurrect from the ashes, so we wanted to support that effort. We were not disappointed at either one. I think the Book has a slightly better location, but at both, the prices and service were very good. One or both of them may even run a shuttle to Comerica, I'm not sure. They both get pretty good reviews online.

Just my two cents.

posted by Sohio on Aug 09, 2014 at 06:43:01 pm #

Westin is great-one of the best restaurant sin Detroit is in that hotel-Michael Symon-Roast-plus-good proximity to corktown as well (Slows, Sugar house)

posted by ahmahler on Aug 09, 2014 at 06:48:14 pm #

Motor City Casino and hotel has a shuttle to Comerica. Heard from a few friends who stayed there and liked it. If you stay at the Book there is a bar around the corner that also runs a shuttle.

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posted by Molsonator on Aug 09, 2014 at 07:47:55 pm #

I like the Doubletree fort Shelby or the Hilton Garden Inn, but I am a Hilton diamond and try to stay at only diamonds. The HGI is less than a block from Greektown casino and a couple good places to eat. I love the sportsbar Pappy's across the street from the casino, great bar food and fun bar.

You can also use the people mover to travel around downtown. I would not recommend using the people mover or walking around downtown Detroit after dark but during the day is fine.

If you have passports and have never been to Windsor definitely do a trip there. A couple good places to eat and a great bakery in the Italian village and I like their casino.

posted by jamesteroh on Aug 09, 2014 at 11:18:43 pm #

mjcozy: I mentioned it before, but if casinos are your thing, the nice thing about Greektown is that you can walk out into Greektown itself, where there are several nice restaurants and taverns. The area is fairly gentrified and safe, as Detroit goes. A casino is a casino as far as I'm concerned, so I can't say if Greektown is the "best" one of the three, but I do like the surroundings there the best.

You mentioned you'd be there a few is a link to the tripadvisor list of Detroit attractions:

Don't listen to the negativity. Detroit is a city with a lot of problems, but there IS still a lot of interesting things to do and see there. I always look forward to our occasional trips there. I can personally recommend the Motown museum, if you're into that music. On that tour, you actually stand in the same room where a lot of famous songs were recorded.

If you do happen to stay at the Book, and you get bored with Detroit, you can go out to the street, get in your car, head west on US 12 (the street the Book is on) and in about 2,500 miles, you'll be in Aberdeen, Washington (I'm only half-kidding--that's a road trip I have wanted to do for years.)

posted by Sohio on Aug 10, 2014 at 03:31:36 pm #

mjcozy, my family and I always stay at the Atheneum Suite Hotel on 1001 Brush Avenue. Wonderful staff!

posted by MrsPhoenix on Aug 10, 2014 at 04:09:53 pm #

No better place to stay for a tigers game than the Detroit athletic club. Overlooks the field too, if you know someone that can get you in.

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