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Facebook v Instagram: Break it down for me

I don't get is posting a picture to Instagram different than posting a picture to Facebook? Seems like Instagram is a "picture only" version of FB. Why would you do the limiting version of the two? Am I missing something? Where is the appeal? Or is that precisely only. No bs status updates, rants, brags, etc.

Then again....I never got the point of Twitter, until I realized it could be used as an awesome new aggregator. I rarely tweet....and my friends rarely do as well...but its a great source for news.

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It's partly that it's picture only. The filters to edit pictures is probably the big draw for Instagram.

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Facebook is for me. Instagram is for my kids and their friends.

At least, that's how it happens to break down around here. LOL

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Instagram is designed to take advantage of smart phones. That's what younger folks have. Facebook started with a desktop experience and is doing fairly well with trying to be "mobile-first."

One thing that I find interesting. More parents are on Facebook than there are on Instagram. Probably just a correlation and not a causation, eh?

Frankly, I find Yo to be really interesting. The Yo API allows some fairly easy tweaks that let you do some hilarious and serious things. And if you're really chatty, you can double-tap your contact and send, "YoYo."

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instagram to me is a peek into people's lives and personal timelines. twitter is a short outburst of topical timely updates. facebook is a big hot mess of everything and is more like a message board than anything else. a message board with highly targeted ads and general marketing.

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But wouldn't a YoYo comeback to you after it reaches the end of the string?

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My thoughts, exactly...

Fun to watch this stuff develop. Actually it's like a sitcom.

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I use Instagram nearly every day. I like its simplicity. I use the photos as a record. And I mainly access it from the phone.

I occasionally check Facebook. Read only. I don't post to Facebook. It's not my thing.

But I definitely like Yo.

Aug 12 Yo blog post about their new app and other changes.

I like Yo because it enables websites to send notifications to phones.

Here are instructions that allow any site with an RSS feed to send Yo notifications. You don't need to access the command line on a server. You don't need to write code.

And with this week's changes, when you swipe the Yo to the right on your phone, the Yo app will display the latest post from the site's RSS feed.

I use both the Yo API and the RSS method for sending notifications.

You should see more Yo-based URLs popping up, such as:

Those only make sense if you access those URLs from a smartphone with the Yo app installed. Clicking such links makes you a subscriber to those services.

Every time a new post or comment is made at Toledo Talk, I receive a Yo from TOLEDOTALK.

When a new alert message appears at such as the always dangerous Rip Current Statement, then I receive a Yo from TOLEDOWEATHER.

For that kind of weather info, I access an XML file and/or a JSON file that the National Weather Service creates for Lucas County. If alerts exist, I create a simple RSS file that the Yo service reads. And when I receive a Yo, I swipe right to read the message. I could use the feeds produced at but I want the hazardous outlook messages and the SPC's mesoscale discussions.

This page
contains minute-by-minute forecasts based upon data from

I use the simple API to access their JSON-based weather data. And if the 60-minute forecast for either Sylvania or Central Toledo contains at least one minute where the chance for heavy rain is at least 50 percent, then a Yo is sent to HEAVYRAINTOLEDO. Since I access the Forecast.IO data every five minutes, I could receive a good number of Yos on days like this past Monday, although that was an abnormal weather event.

It's fun to mashup programs with Yo. It's a solution that needs a problem or a usage.

Since it's possible to send Yo's to server programs, I could enable Yo to be my login method for my other web apps.

I could send a Yo to something like MYOTHERWEBSITE, and my endpoint program on that server would receive the Yo, see the username that sent the Yo, and then read from the database the email address associated with that Yo username, and then send a unique login link to that email account.

So to login, I would not enter a username, email address, nor a password on a web form. I would send a Yo, check email, and click link, which automatically logs me into the site.

Short hackathons of two to three hours long have been held where programmers build small tools that use the Yo API.

Example Yo uses at

From one hackathon write-up

The winner was YoAuth and it was one of four security apps. Several leveraged the notion of two factor authentication, specifically that access to your phone (and requisite thumbprint/pass code security) means that if you have a phone with your Yo account on it, you’re probably you.

YoAuth lets websites set up a login process where users register their Yo name with the site and can then “yo us to log in”. The surprising experience is that without touching the computer, the screen automatically changes to being logged in when you tap Yo on your phone.

Good one: YO FLY IS DOWN

Want to save someone an embarrassing moment? Send them a YO to lift their spirits and their zipper!

YO CitiBike

Find out if your local CitiBike station has available bikes with a simple YO!

I need to figure out if Yo could be used for home automation functions.

YOASTER  -  Yo your Toaster to start toasting, get a Yo from it when it’s done. Seriously. Might seem funny but Internet of Things is a thing.

Okay, that might be over doing it.

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Okay, that might be over doing it.

Beauty is in tj eye of the beholder.

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tj is a Jeep model.

I meant "the."

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Rather have a CJ

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