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Toledo Zoo Aquarium

I know I won't get a chance to get out there and see it for a few weeks, but from what I've seen on the news, it looks incredible .

Aside from folks personal opinions about levies for the zoo, yay or nay, you cannot deny that we have an AWESOME ZOO !!!

Something we as citizens of Toledo can be really proud of.

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I'm not sold entirely on all the greatness that is said for keeping animals in a zoo. I'd feel better about it if I wasn't part of the investigation of the death of sloth bear many years ago and how ignorance caused it's death. Let's face it, zoos rarely get accused, or are found guilty of any wrong doing because of the politics involved. This doesn't mean I believe all zoos and all zoo personal are at fault. I think they need to be supervised just like any other animal facility, but that probably won't happen in my lifetime. All that being said, I will visit the zoo this year and yes, I hear the new aquarium is fantastic. Funny how one of the more recent levies led us to believe they needed money to keep exhibits like the baby elephant. Now there's a new aquarium that costs millions of dollars. How long before the next levy is needed to "Save Nemo"?

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did not expect this level of buzzkill so quickly

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And he thought it was so unique/smart/creative/whatever that he posted it in the Blade comments sections as well.

We were lucky to go to a one of the preview nights they had leading up to the opening.

It really is a cool experience. There is still one long wall of the old style aquariums but the rest is vastly different. My girls (1 and 3) loved it. Some of the tanks run all the way to the floor so they can walk right up to the glass and the fish swim right by their feet.

They had a diver in the tank feeding the fish and I thought that was a very cool experience for Toledo, Ohio.

The building still retains its charm (if you call it that) on the inside and outside.

Overall, I thought it was tastefully done with respect to the original architecture and the direction that animal care is moving with more open and natural type environments.

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How long before the next levy is needed to "Save Nemo"?

On the bright side, maybe improvements will eventually lead the zoo to be so good, that it can support itself with it's own memberships, ticket sales, sponsorships and private philanthropy.

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I have always felt badly for the animals in zoos, even as a kid.

Having said that, I am really excited to go check out the aquarium and my 3-year-old son is, too! I'm waiting for the weather to get a little warmer, though, so my family can comfortably walk around the entire zoo and enjoy it at its best. As for the levies that help fund the zoo, I am always happy to see money spent on improvements that enhance the quality of the lives of animals kept there and the educational aspects of viewing live animals in better re-creations of their natural environments.

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I saw it today and was very impressed. I really liked all the local art that was used. The aquariums and touch pond are really cool. I was surprised the place wasn't jam packed. Temperatures probably kept people away. I had fun checking out the rest of the nearly empty zoo.

I was there with my son for his Zoo Teen interview, so I'm looking forward to coming back with rest of my family.

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Hoping to go next weekend. If so will try and snag some pics for people here.

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