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Carty wants to be mayor of Lucas County

The Suburban Cabal may want to keep an eye on Toledo's mayoral election.

Unigov reappears. The Blade promoted this idea last decade.

Aug 19, 2015 - Toledo Blade - Finkbeiner says merging governments makes sense

Potential Toledo mayoral candidate Carty Finkbeiner told a neighborhood group Tuesday that merging Toledo and Lucas County under a single government would bring economic growth to the region.

Speaking at the Toledo Warehouse District Association meeting, Mr. Finkbeiner, a former Toledo mayor, said adopting a consolidated city-county government could help redistribute suburban wealth and grow Toledo into the second largest city in Ohio.

My 2007 observation

"I believe that Toledo-based public officials view unigov or regionalism as how can other communities serve Toledo, instead of how all communities together can help the region."

More from the Aug 19, 2015 article:

“I personally think the time has come for one government over Lucas County" he said. "If the city and county merge, it would jump our population base from 280,000 to 425,000 or maybe a little higher. "

Mr. Finkbeiner, 76, cited Indianapolis as well as the communities of Louisville and Jacksonville, Fla., as examples of successful municipal-county mergers that resulted in cities expanding their population base.

He cited those cities because the Blade editorial board often cited those communities several years ago.

An increase in population from a merger, [Carty] said, would mean that Toledo could be eligible to receive more federal funds for the community and its residents.

”The city and county joined together at the hip, it gives more power, more stature, and more money to northwest Ohio and that is the direction visionaries should be focused on,“ he said.

Carty also proposed:

At Tuesday’s breakfast meeting, he proposed the “Finkbeiner Economic Stimulus Plan” for small business growth.

The plan includes a possible one-to-five-year suspension of the city income tax in the warehouse district and UpTown Association neighborhoods and other target districts and possible reduction in payroll taxes for existing business in target areas.

Yeah, that's nice for downtown or "target areas", but people need to remember that the land part of Toledo comprises 80 square miles.

March 2004 - Toledo Talk - First 'unigov' summit held that pointed to a Blade story:

The issues of trust and fear surfaced early in a two-hour summit held yesterday in Toledo to explore area interest in a regional government.

Almost all of the 23 political jurisdictions in Lucas County were represented at the meeting, which was requested by Toledo Mayor Jack Ford. And while the mood was polite, the response to Toledo’s invitation was wary.

"Our cities have long memories," said Maumee Mayor Tim Wagener. He pointed out that Maumee writes a $277,000 check to the city of Toledo every year "for nothing in return" because of a lawsuit over property Toledo owns in Maumee.

Oregon Mayor Marge Brown recalled that Oregon was converted from a township to a city in the 1950s "because Toledo wanted [to annex] us. They wanted our refineries. We have a history of not trusting Toledo."

Has this thinking changed much in 10-plus years?

February 2005 - Toledo Talk - Regionalism vs Unigov - explained by user lew:

There is confusion about what constitutes regionalism as opposed to Unigov. Unigov is easier to define: It is a combination of City/County Govt.. It has been sucessful in places like Indianapolis, which is located in the center of Indiana.

Regionalism, in most cases, involves more than one county. Silicon Valley is a region. New England is a region. The Research Triangle is a region, consisting of Raleigh, Durham and Chappel Hill.

In Ohio, Cincinnati has been a successful region that includes parts of Kentucky and southeast Indiana. Globally it identifies itself as Cincinnati,USA.

What's best for Toledo? Not Unigov. Lucas County has been losing population since 1982. The metro area,( Fulton, Lucas, Monroe and Wood) Have only grown by 5% in the last 30 years. Last year, we ranked as 195th out of 200 metro areas.

Our geography gives us several sustainable competitive advantages in the global environment. What's the best way to capitalize on them?

April 2006 Toledo Talk post by the great philosopher GuestZero:

Russ Lemmon sourly spanked Toledo for its "petty provincialism", and applauded Fort Wayne IN for embracing Unigov. Somebody's gotta tell Russ that what he thinks is provincialism is actually sound enforcement of government jurisdiction.

People are moving to the outside of Toledo to GET AWAY from the disgusting City of Toledo politician class, excessive taxation and all the problems that accompany deep poverty.

Effectively, they've voted with their feet, yet the "shock and awe" of that pedestrian election has still not impressed Toledo's politicians and columnists with the truth. Instead, the pols and cols have hammered upon the idea of Unigov.

Let's not export Toledo's political sicknesses to Lucas County at large. The large movements out of Toledo represent a just and necessary quarantine. If Toledo stops stealing money via the ballot box and bloated government, then it will find people returning.

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And GuestZero's words still ring true today.

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