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Bikes and insurance question

I'm hoping someone can point me in the right direction. I have a son who lives in Philly. He has no car and relies on public transit or his bike to get everywhere he needs to go.

He has now been hit by a car while on his bike twice. The first time, a year or so ago, it was auto driver's fault. They were turning right on red and turned right into him. He wasn't seriously hurt.

The second time happened just a few weeks ago. He acknowledges it was his fault. He was in an unfamiliar area, it was raining and essentially, he ran into the side of an SUV. He took a side mirror to the chest and it knocked him off his bike which was totaled.

Fortunately, he wasn't seriously injured, although he did require a chest x-ray, and he was off work for a short time. In other words, he's taking a hit financially.

He's looking into insurance policies, but he's not really sure what he should be looking into. He wants something that will help cover his medical expenses if this happens again, but also prevent him from being liable if he's the one at fault. Is there such insurance for cyclists who don't own autos or other motor vehicles? He has renter's insurance, but that only covers his bike if it's stolen.

I am having him call my insurance agent with questions, but thought I'd ask here too, since I know we have both bike riders and insurance people posting here.

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Valbee - does he not have medical coverage and liability coverage under his renter's insurance policy? Typically, the liability and medical coverage for this would be found under the homeowner's policy and if there are these coverages on the renter's insurance policies. Should be able to endorse his current policy if they don't have liability and medical payments. An umbrella policy may be a good idea too because that would cover anything he's liable for.

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Thanks for the response, avinsurer. I honestly don't know what he has under his renter's insurance policy. Either he had it resolved or got the answers he was looking for, because I haven't heard back from him since I posted the question here. I thought he said that his policy only covered theft, but maybe I misunderstood. Thanks again!

posted by valbee on Jun 06, 2016 at 07:35:17 am     #  

The first time, a year or so ago, it was auto driver's fault. They were turning right on red and turned right into him. He wasn't seriously hurt.

Which is what happened to me. Her insurance paid off. If I were at fault, I think it's my homeowners insurance that would pay off.

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I've had a few close calls on my bike with drivers making right turns on red where the motorist didn't even make a full stop on the red light and I clearly had the right of way. Fortunately the motorist either stopped in time or I was able to stop my bike in time and not get hit.

If it's the motorist fault their insurance would cover it. I was told if I was at fault my homeowners (condo) liability would cover any damage and if it was a serious accident and over my coverage my umbrella policy would kick in for the excess. Not sure if renters policies cover liability or not, he should check with his agent and if it doesn't look at getting an umbrella policy and that should cover it.

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If he has a major medical policy that should cover any medical expenses related to the accident. One thing with homeowner's covering theft is it would be subject to your deductible which could be more than they bike is worth in a lot of cases unless you have replacement cost coverage

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