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Ozone Action Day

From a Letter to the Editor about the Nexus pipeline:

Currently all residents of Lucas County are asked to voluntarily restrict emissions on Ozone Action Days. If the Waterville compressor station is built, will it be required to shut down on Ozone Action Days?

When's the last time we had an Ozone Action Day? I was thinking about this last summer and realized I had not heard about one in years. This Letter to the Editor made me question if I was missing something. I googled it for Lucas County, and the most recent article that comes up is from August 2007.

Are we still doing Ozone Action Days? Am I missing the news on it? Granted, I don't watch network TV, but I would have thought the Blade would have it on their website, and I get news texts from WTOL, and they've never announced one.

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Now that you mention it, I don't remember hearing about them recently either.

Maybe they aren't a thing anymore?

I also get news texts from WTOL, and both WTOL and WTVG's posts frequently show up in my Facebook feed. If there had been any recently, it seems like I'd notice.

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Ozone Action DAYS aren't a thing anymore. Now it's Ozone Action Season, May thru October. To get forecasts of ozone levels send an email to:
and ask to be put on the mailing list.

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I don't know if I can wait until October to fill up. :(

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I've seen these normally combined with air quality alerts, which still happen. Conditions just haven't been setup here in awhile to trap ozone to prompt air quality alerts.

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"I've seen these normally combined with air quality alerts, which still happen."

Currently in Oklahoma City:

Air Quality Alert

Issued: 2:26 PM CDT Jun. 6, 2016 National Weather Service

... Air quality alert in effect for Tuesday...

The following statement was issued by the Oklahoma department of environmental quality.

An air quality alert for ozone has been issued for Tuesday...
June 7... for the Oklahoma City metropolitan area due to expected
high concentrations of ozone.

Persons with existing heart or respiratory ailments should reduce
physical exertion and outdoor activity.

The general public is encouraged to help alleviate the problem by
reducing vehicle miles traveled by riding the bus... carpooling... or
avoiding unnecessary trips. The public is also asked to avoid
refueling during the morning and early afternoon hours... and to
avoid the use of two cycle engines such as lawn mowers...
motorcycles... weedeaters... and outboard engines. It is also advised
to limit outdoor burning.

Tomorrow in the Dallas area.

Air Quality Alert
Issued: 1:56 PM CDT Jun. 7, 2016 National Weather Service

... Ozone action day ...

The Texas commission on environmental quality (tceq) has issued
an ozone action day for the Dallas-Fort Worth area for Wednesday,
June 8, 2016.

Atmospheric conditions are expected to be favorable for producing
high levels of ozone air pollution in the Dallas-Fort Worth area
on Wednesday. You can help prevent ozone pollution by sharing a
ride, walking, riding a bicycle, taking your lunch to work,
avoiding drive-through lanes, conserving energy, and keeping your
vehicle properly tuned.

An Ozone Action Day, which can be declared by a local municipality, county or state ...

Maybe the Ohio EPA or the City of Toledo's Division of Environmental Services would issue Air Quality Alerts or Ozone Action Days.

"Ozone Action DAYS aren't a thing anymore. Now it's Ozone Action Season, May thru October. To get forecasts of ozone levels send an email to:"

Thank you to the City of Toledo Division of Environmental Services staff for distributing forecasts throughout the ozone season ...

Ozone Forecast:
Monday, June 6, 2016 Good
Tuesday, June 7, 2016 Good
Wednesday, June 8, 2016 Good
Thursday, June 9, 2016 Satisfactory

Does the air quality index contain a color-coded "dashboard" like the water index?

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(For Monroe County on Saturday)

Air Quality Alert
Issued: 11:11 PM EDT Jun. 10, 2016 National Weather Service

Air quality alert in effect until midnight EDT Saturday night

The Michigan department of environmental quality has declared Saturday June 11th to be an action day for elevated levels of ozone. Pollutants are expected to be in the unhealthy for sensitive groups range.

People and businesses are urged to avoid activities which lead to ozone formation. These activities include... refueling vehicles or topping off when refueling... using gasoline powered lawn equipment... and using charcoal lighter fluid. Positive activities include... car pooling... biking to work... delaying or combining errands and using water based paints.

It is recommended that active children and adults... and people with respiratory diseases such as asthma... limit prolonged outdoor exertion.

For further information... please see the Michigan department of environmental quality Page at...

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It's an Ozone action day and you should care about the environment, unless you're a politician or celebrity and have to fly and drive all over to promote yourself.

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