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Comparing Utility Rates - Toledo area vs. Monroe

The thread about Toledo water rates prompts me to post this question here.

I'm seriously considering moving to Monroe County (to a smaller township, not any of the cities). I know I can save money on income tax and property tax, car insurance is higher, but does anyone have experience with comparing the water, gas, and electric rates for Monroe to the Toledo area?

I'm assuming the rates would be about the same but wasn't sure so I thought I'd ask the collective wisdom and experience here.

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My sister had significantly cheaper water bills in Dundee than I did in Sylvania. I'd have to ask what her current bill is, but a few years ago I assumed her quarterly bill was a monthly statement because it seemed so low to me.

My dad is also in Dundee, but doesn't live in the village limits so no water bill at all.

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I currently live in South Rockwood, MI (Monroe County) in a 1100 square foot apartment with just my wife and I. My water bill averages $76 a month and my electric/gas bill averages $114 a month. My electric/gas bill has fluctuated between $70 to $162 with summer being the highest due to us having the AC on.

Not sure how helpful this information is but I thought I would chime in for what it's worth.

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Thanks. Stuff to think about.

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Can you post your rates per kilowatt hour (kWh) for electricity and per hundred cubic feet (ccf) for natural gas (note your natural gas bill might also be listed in therms which is the same as a ccf)?

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Please see below for the rates:

Power Supply Charges:
kWh @ 0.07888 for the first 17 kWh per day
kWh @ 0.09423 for any excess over 17 kWh per day

Delivery Charges:
Distribution kWH @ 0.05666
Energy Optimization kWh @ 0.003344

Gas Distribution Charge CCF @ 0.24942
Energy Optimization CCF @ 0.01367
Gas Cost Recovery CCF @ 0.344
Reservation Charge CCF @ 0.028

Water Usage (WA) rate $3.20 per 1000 gallons
Sewer Usage (SW) rate $4.62 per 1000 gallons
Water Debt Service (WD) $10.75 flat fee per month
Water Maintenance (WM) $16.12 flat fee per month
Sewer Debt (SD) $9.57 flat fee per month
Sewer Maintenance (SC) $12.38 flat fee per month
Rubbish (RU) $11.35 flat fee per month

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