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2 Men Missing in the Alexis Area

There are 2 men, neither related nor from the same area that are missing and have been spotted in the Alexis Rd area. If you have Facebook, please click on the links and share. Thank you, Angie


Reports of someone fitting Daryl's description in Sylvania Ohio looking rough, shirt out and kicking stones near Whiteford Rd and Alexis.

Daryl was last seen by his family at 8am Saturday. He left his house wearing his security guard uniform from work at Campbell's Soup. He was seen on surveillance at the bank withdrawing money. He was next seen Saturday 7/23 around 9pm at a Speedway in Plymouth Michigan where he was confused and unsure of himself. Stated he was going to Missouri to visit his brother Ron, who does not exist. 10:30pm Saturday there is a report of a knock on the door at a resident in which no one was there by the time they answered the door. Daryl's wallet was found at the end of the driveway. His license, credit card and debit card was in the wallet. Daryl's car was found in a ditch, near Goll woods, a half mile from the house on Sunday morning. There is a long scratch on the passenger side. They think he went in the ditch and maybe walked to the house for help. 40 firefighters and police searched for him Sunday with no luck. .
Daryl has a tattoo inside right arm below elbow of a red and black rose.
As of today 07/29/2016 at Daryl is still missing. Defiance Police Department is handling the case, any information please call 419-784-5050.

MISSING 39yr old Male - Scott Mowka Please share!!!
Scott has been missing as of 6/16/16 @ 8:00pm from the Kingsbury/Sylvania area. He was last seen wearing black t-shirt, blue basketball shorts, blue/black Nike Airs. Last seen 6/8/16. His family is concerned for his health due to the fact that Scott may be in need of medication.
Hair: Bald
Weight: 190
Tattoo of last name "Mowka" on his stomach
Please contact: Dana (sister) 419-377-1307 or Crime Stopper 419-255-1111

****SIGHTING**** a very nice woman who went to school w/Scottie says she has spotted him. His hair has grown in a bit & now he has a red shirt on, his black shorts & black Nike's... Corner or Jackman & Alexis @ gas stations (@ night) begging for change. She swears it's him, & says he looks scared... PLEASE BE ON THE LOOKOUT!!! If you see him call 911 b4 family... Thank you so much for your continued searching, support & care.

There are several others missing in the Toledo area. Please join the page and you can view and share the missing persons. Thank you for your time.

Missing -

Trent Suzor
Tina Williamson
Kori Glossett
Bethany Conrad
Roy Thomas Moy
Jayme Bowen
Destiny Fonseca
Nicole Darke
Joseph Stormbringer

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