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Parking Ticket Question

I got a parking ticket while visiting Maddie & Bella downtown last month. I haven't been in a hurry to pay it as it's only ten dollars and just hasn't been a huge priority for me.

So I get a letter from the Toledo Parking Violations Bureau this week claiming if I have 3 or more unpaid tickets I can be placed on the Ohio D.E.T.E.R. list. This included a vehicle registration block and or towing & impoundment by Toledo City Ordinance.

I'm not too concerned because I only have the one ticket and this is the first notice I've ever received about D.E.T.E.R. but then I re-read the letter again and notice it starts with "You are hereby notified that payment for the parking violation(s) issued against your motor vehicle, as indicated by the list below, is now past due"

I skim down to the "list below" and notice FOUR violations?!

Two from 2004, one from 2006 and then this new one?! Why on earth is this the first notice I'm getting? I was legally already in the "3 or more" category. It's never come up on my annual visit to the BMV...

I'll call them on Tuesday but I feel like I'm being scammed here. Has anyone else experienced this? How have they been tracking these supposed un paid tickets for 12 years and this is the first notice I've gotten about anything?!

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I sure said SO a lot. haha

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edited! ignore above :D

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I looked up the DETER law, which is under ORC 4521.10, and at the bottom it notes this:

Effective Date: 06-30-1995; 03-23-2005

So it was amended in 2005; no idea what the amendments were, but my guess would be that your 2004 violations are still on record but don't count towards the three threshold, but that the three that count have to be after 2005, which means you are at two presently, which is why they are warning you that if you get one more ...

This is just a guess and is not intended to be legal advice.

posted by MsArcher on Sep 03, 2016 at 06:15:52 pm     #  

Hmm. Good call. The only reason it feels particularly strange to me is that in 2004 I lived downtown and got a BOATLOAD of tickets. I either paid or contested all of them. So for 2 to randomly be included just seems off.

posted by upso on Sep 04, 2016 at 04:04:54 pm     #  

How did the tickets that you contested turn out?

posted by madjack on Sep 05, 2016 at 02:27:20 pm     #  

I was able to get a lot of tickets removed or the fines lessened. I would get notifications for tickets that never actually appeared on my car. When I would show up and complain they would often remove them. I assume this happens a lot or at least did at the time. The key was to actually show up.

posted by upso on Sep 05, 2016 at 03:20:00 pm     #  

Different money grab but same theme. Had a red light citation in April and successfully contested it. Typical geeky fashion got on the net and did what research was there in terms of success in doing so. It was helpful and and also provided history and facts on muni use of the devices. Appx 30=35 people showed to contest @ 1st floor gov center and without question almost all did not prepare their positions with any homework or arguments with substance. They seemed to just show up and hope for the best by simply being there to ask for the fine to be removed. Was left with the impression that many would have been given a break if they had been able to show simple cause to have the ticket lifted. The hearing administrated by a TPD Lt. and a civilian attorney appeared to be strictly fact based but got the impression they would go in the motorists' favor willingly if given the opportunity.

posted by Mariner on Sep 05, 2016 at 05:35:14 pm     #  

So how did you disprove its validity?

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