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weird premise for a thread...

I know there are a handful of type #1 and type #2 diabetics on Toledo. I'm curious how many of you are on an insulin pump, specifically a medtronic model.

I normally wouldn't post personal stuff like this online, but due to me traveling non stop for work, and a hiccup in a UPS delivery, I am out of infusion sets for my pump. ( I use these: )

Anyone on here have access to something like this? I'm happy to pay cash for a couple of them. I should get my shipment on Monday but unfortunately, I need to hit the road Sunday for work.

JR, feel free to delete the thread if you don't feel like it follows the TT guidelines! :)

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I'm having trouble with the private message feature. I wear an omnipod but there is a faceboook pay it forward page and there may be some area users on that

Another recommendation is to try calling your pump rep and he may be able to get you in contact with a local pump user who could give ou an infusion set until yours comes in.

Worst case scenario would be to have a pharmacy contact your doctor for a vial of lantus

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Also check you facebook private messages upso

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posted by upso on Dec 03, 2016 at 01:23:38 pm     #  

I have a box of Quick-set for Paradigm pumps I could help you with (I dont use mio sites). Email me at my username at if interested.

posted by apophistoledo on Dec 03, 2016 at 04:25:11 pm     #  

Thanks, TT hooked me up. :)

posted by upso on Dec 03, 2016 at 06:51:21 pm     #   5 people liked this

Glad this worked out, upso. It sucks when you get into one of those unfortunate delays for necessary medical supplies.

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