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Promedica and UTMC

AFSCME Local 2415 sent a letter out today to the UTMC community basically saying that the affiliation betwen the 2 parties will spell the end for UTMC. As far as I know, this is the first time anyone has said it out loud. I retired from UTMC 9/15 and my first thought when I heard of the affiliation was, if they get all our residents, who will be working here for us? I guess I wasn't the only one who saw that possible end, but can it really happen?

My daughter and a whole lot of good friends still work there and I have been trying to reassure them, stiff upper lip and all that. Does anyone have any idea what really might come of this? Won't the state and the Feds have some say in what happens to UTMC? Is this a back door way for ProMedica to get around the rules that went against them with St Lukes? I really don't understand the whole thing.

There's a public informational meeting Friday...

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UTMC? I'm not familiar? Did it used to be called something else?

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Yes, it used to be called "MUOT."

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Keeping in mind the letter came from the union - who likely has their own motive for sending it out.

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Foodie posted at 03:38:38 PM on Jan 10, 2017:

Keeping in mind the letter came from the union - who likely has their own motive for sending it out.

Yeah, I know, I pointed this out to those I talked to as a thought to maybe calm them down a little. The fear of the unknown is really strong.

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I don't think it is any surprise that UT outsourced some of UTMC - Gaber does not have the medical school background that the prior guy did (Jacobs was it?). But I'm not quite following how this is supposed to lead the demise of UTMC. Not sure the feds have anything to say, it is a state entity.

I looked at the facebook page and saw this: It is unclear if UTMC will continue to provide services to South Toledo.

It's unclear? I haven't seen anything that says UTMC is in trouble financially or otherwise, so it seems more like fear mongering to me. Is Promedica unionized? Is that where the problem is? A non-union shop coming into a union shop makes the union worry if they can stay union?

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(this will be an intentionally opaque post)

Thou shalt not mention the u-word.

For additional input (stories, opinions), talk to the workers employed at a non-profit who perform patient care.

Vaguely speaking, it seems likely that a hospital will be given a green light necklace.

Step 1: partnership. Step 2: assimilation.

But don't overlook the possibility that this could all be a Macedonian-based fake news story. Therefore wait a while and see which version of reality occurs.

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I work at UTMC and from what I understand we have been having meetings about how to expand, Promedica not included. I think this is just the union trying to rile workers up.

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thx, vaguemeister. :)

No offense, ck, but I was in a shit-ton of meetings over 30 years that meant absolutely nothing. I also think it's the union trying to rile people up, but I also know things go on behind the scenes that we never, ever, hear about. I was one of the last people out after Parkview closed.

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Gee, could this be in response to the union's letter?

Was just released via email to UT community.

Touches on ...

- Serving south Toledo
- Clinical operations
- Promedica contract. (says UTMC is not part of the contract.)

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A study of international health care spending levels by the OECD found that the U S spends substantially more than any other country. The 19 next most wealthy countries by GDP all pay less than half what the U S does for health care, plus they have all gained about six years of life expectancy more than the U S since 1970.

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The Blade article today did NOT refer to UTMC as "formerly the Medical College of Ohio."

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I thought I felt a ripple in The Force.........

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